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Doctrinal Imaginations Substitution for God

From: Tom
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2016 7:12 AM
Subject: The Worthingtons use the term “accessing grace”

You are reading into this the classical Calvinist tropes of Unconditional
Election and Irresistible Grace– does the concept of Free Will ring in your
When I find the access to an opening in a building- A door, or a window– I
don’t credit myself with “works”.

And to call this a sign that the Worthingtons are controlled by Satan is
ridiculous. You come off as totally arrogant and self-righteous.

How can we fathom the complexities of an infinite God? We can argue among
ourselves – but these are not salvation issues.

I pray that you will come to see others views with a greater degree of
charity- as John Wesley cautioned.

Sincerely Yours,


From: The Path of Truth
To: Tom
Sent: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 10:20 AM
Subject: The Worthingtons use the term “accessing grace”

I pray that you will come to see others views with a greater degree of charity- as John Wesley cautioned.

You could use a healthy dose of what you’re peddling, Tom.

Matthew 7:3-5 MKJV
(3)  And why do you look on the splinter that is in your brother’s eye, but
do not consider the beam that is in your own eye?
(4)  Or how will you say to your brother, Let me pull the splinter out of
your eye; and, behold, a beam is in your own eye?
(5)  Hypocrite! First cast the beam out of your own eye, and then you shall
see clearly to cast the splinter out of your brother’s eye.

And in our case, there isn’t even a splinter. The Worthingtons are
anti-Christ, deniers of the efficacy of His blood and Resurrection Life.


Victor Hafichuk

From: Tom
To: The Path of Truth
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2016 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: The Worthingtons use the term “accessing grace”

I am open to all views of those who can make a coherent argument about doctrine without attacking the salvation of a fellow Christ follower.  As much as I dislike doctrinal certitudes the central arguments that you raise have been debated for hundreds if not thousands of years.  The central claims you appear to dislike regarding the Worthingtons (whom I only read about for the first time yesterday) are:
 1) Eschatological ie- amillenialism vs preterist or dispensationalist— not sure where you fall.  Obviously the Worthingtons are amillennial.

  1. predestination or foreknowledge vs free-will   

If I have read your website correctly, it appears that these are your primary doctrinal differences with the Worthingtons.  If not, then I apologize in advance.

I will leave it at that. 

Blessings to you for trying wholeheartedly to persuade anyone who is lost to become “in Christ” whether that be predestined or of their free will- I appreciate the arguments you have put forth in you website.


From: Victor Hafichuk
To: Tom
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2016 7:05 AM
Subject: Re [3]: The Worthingtons use the term “accessing grace”

If I have read your website correctly, it appears that these are your primary doctrinal differences with the Worthingtons.  If not, then I apologize in advance.

Wrong, Tom. Our difference with the Worthingtons far transcends the doctrines you mention. The real issue is that they deny the Lord Jesus Christ and have substituted their own imaginations for God. They are diabolical – anti-Christ. Thus we warn the naive and unaware. Those with faith will hear. 

So if your apology is still on the table, offered with understanding and genuine reconsideration, we accept.

Victor Hafichuk

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