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Is Disagreement Grounds for a Hasty Dismissal?

After the first of five segments on suicide was sent out we received the following request and statement:

Unsubscribe immediately. Do not agree with Vic’s response.

Paul wrote the following in response:

Hi Patty,

We will unsubscribe you as you have requested.

You say that you disagree with what Victor has said. Can you elaborate? I ask for a few reasons.

One, you may have misunderstood what he is saying. There is a second portion to his letter, and that may help you.

Two, you may have a point we need to consider, and it would be helpful to hear it.

Three, you may be wrong, and we can show you how, by Scripture and holy reason, not to “win” a debate, but for the sake of truth and the well being of all.

I also have written a response to the question sent to us, and I think you should see that as well, as there are examples of suicides and situations in there that could be helpful.

I will send those on to you in case you would be willing to have a look and read further what it is that we are saying. If not you can simply delete the letters. I will not send you any more Issues of Life. I do ask you to not just walk away in disagreement without expressing yourself further, with potentially so much to lose.

Are you a Christian, Patty? Do Christians simply walk away from other Christians because they don’t agree with what they say, with no explanation to possibly even help those who appear wrong, or not contending at all for the truth to bring light to whomever? Is that right? Is this not the cause of denominationalism, something Paul condemned, rightly so, in his letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 3)?

Of course, many who profess to believe are in reality not believers at all. Witness what the “believers” in His day did to the Lord.

As an unbeliever you can say and do as you please, without being held to the standards expected of a Christian. As a Christian, you are declaring that your life is not your own, but Christ’s. You are then expected to be as He is in this world. Otherwise, your profession is in vain, and you are not held guiltless.

We are here for Him, and He is here for everyone. The will of the Lord be done.


NOTE: We have not heard back from Patty.

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