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Poisonous counterfeits

Subject: Todd White
From: Chad Vanderipe
To: Victor Hafichuk
Date: 11/29/2015 9:29 PM

I recently was introduced to Todd Whites ministry. Talk about the real deal! Your article is false. Among many things yiu accuse him of not addressing, Todd exposed the false grace message, and indeed spent much time on the subject of repentance. 

Before becoming more intimately acquainted with Jesus, I would have been more insulting and disrespectful after seeing what you have written about a brother in Christ that is not true. In fact I would have challenged you in a very carnal manner. Because of the work the Lord is working IN me, now my heart goes out to you. 

I hope that you have truly received the grace of God in truth, and will consider the fruit of your labor. 

From: Paul Cohen
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2015 8:05 AM
To: Chad Vander
Subject: Re: Todd White

Have you red BOTH of our postings on Todd, Chad? 

White, Todd: Different Flavors of the Same Poison
          The False Gospel of Todd White 

Todd is the “real deal” only to those who know a counterfeit “Jesus.” 

You say that before you came to know Jesus, you would have challenged us in a very carnal manner. But your challenge here has been carnal, consisting solely of your opinion without proof that anything we’ve said is in error. 

By the grace of God, walking in the truth and not ashamed of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, Whose good fruit attends our work in Him,

Paul and Victor

From: Chad Vanderipe
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2015 8:39 AM
To: Paul Cohen
Subject: Re: Todd White

Read your second article. Foolish of me to have emailed you. 

From: Chad Vanderipe
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2015 11:19 AM
To: Paul Cohen
Subject: Re: Todd White

So, one question Paul- the Jesus I believe on, who is God in flesh, gave his life and poured his blood taking my place is a false Jesus?

From: Paul Cohen
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2015 7:44 AM
To: Chad Vanderipe
Subject: Re[4]: Todd White

So you have nothing to say, Chad, now that you’ve been outed as a vain, opinionated fellow, except to incredulously and mockingly question us about your belief in a manmade “Jesus”? Of course, that’s the most natural thing for an idolater to do. 

Yes, your Jesus is false, just like the Catholic Church’s, an idol constructed by men taking their place on a crucifix. You have the Lord crucified in order that you might live the uncrucified life according to your power and righteousness. Meanwhile, we who believe are crucified with Him and live by His faith, power, and will. 

In living according to your carnal nature and knowledge, you’re anti-Christ, which is why you don’t receive us in Christ can’t hear a word we’re saying. You follow Ashtoreth and Baal, the idols of Todd White and so many others, who call them “Jesus.” 

It’s not foolish that you’ve emailed us; it’s foolish that you stop your ears and refuse to listen. 


From: Chad Vanderipe
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2015 10:39 AM
To: Paul Cohen
Subject: Re: Re[4]: Todd White

God Bless you Paul – Merry Christmas!! I hope this next year is your best year yet!

From: Victor Hafichuk
Sent: Monday, December 21, 2015 8:52 AM
To: Chad Vanderipe
Subject: RE: Re[4]: Todd White

That Devilish Spirit of Christmas 

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