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Angry Kleinsasser B


“The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10 MKJV).

Do Hutterites enjoy the abundant life Jesus promised to those who believe on Him, or do they perish with the world under the cruel, oppressive hand of the dark prince of this world? Sincere seeker of God and truth, may He give you the grace to be an objective, reasonable judge.

July 29th, 2011: Victor received a call from another Hutterite, Tim Kleinsasser of Southern Alberta (Paul Kleinsasser is from Manitoba), who was very angry about our Hutterite posting, To Hutterites Everywhere.

He said, “Why do you put that stupid ad on the internet about Hutterites? It’s garbage.”

Victor asked him how it was garbage.

“I don’t have to tell you nothing,” Tim responded. “It’s garbage, that’s all it is. And if I want to gulp down my food, that’s my business. You mind your own business and stay out of ours.”

Victor told Tim that God gave him to write those things for the Hutterites’ sakes, which made it his business.

Tim replied, “That wasn’t the Lord, it was the Devil. Where’s your Christian love?”

Victor asked him if he was acting in love as they spoke. Interestingly, Tim was honest enough to admit he wasn’t. Victor also warned him to watch out as he was blaspheming, attributing God telling him his sins for his salvation to the work of the Devil. Tim hung up.

We called back shortly after the complaint, and Victor apologized for having responded sarcastically at certain moments in the previous call to Tim’s railing, lack of substance, and ignorant answers. Tim said he accepted the apology. He was more settled down, though he didn’t want to talk any further.

Victor asked if we could meet him in person, but Tim said he had no time for such meetings because he worked 13 hours a day – at bed by 10 p.m. and up at 3 a.m. to milk cows – and wouldn’t be interested anyway.

Tim said he saw no point in talking to us about the Lord or what we had written, for our sake or for the sake of truth. As far as he was concerned, his one hour of church daily was sufficient for his spiritual life. Never mind anything or anyone else and their needs.

We decided to call back again later that day to offer Tim (as we had with Paul Kleinsasser) the opportunity to show us the specific errors in our article, which we would retract, and for which we would publicly apologize, if he could show us we were wrong and how. We were going to ask him to read over the article carefully at his convenience.

Upon hearing whom it was, and before we could say anything, Tim told us he didn’t want to talk to us again. He called our article “garbage, all lies,” and said he had no time for us. Victor asked if he would just allow us to explain why we were calling. Tim agreed to that, though he was quite agitated and unable to refrain from interrupting and railing on us. “You have one minute,” he said forcibly, but every time we started to say something, he interrupted with arguments and great impatience, not willing to hear us out.

Victor didn’t have a chance to explain about reading over the article. When Tim heard that we wanted him to show us what was wrong, so we could retract it if proven wrong, he immediately responded the third time by scoffing at our criticism of customarily “eating hurriedly,” which he considered a purely private matter (we mention in the writing a minor point about meals lasting about 15 minutes). “If I want to eat in two minutes, then that’s my business and nobody else’s. I don’t care if they want their meal to last ten hours!” he said.

What we didn’t get to say, but will now say about this complaint, is that Tim was avoiding and missing the point. Sure he can eat as fast as he wants, but is that good? We were showing how the Hutterites, in this matter and several others, hurt themselves by scarfing down their food and denying the good things of God by not enjoying a meal and time of fellowship. It is a minor point in our paper, of little significance by itself, but it’s part of the larger picture of Hutterite bondage to darkened customs devoid of life and reality.

Tim is wrong that it’s not anyone else’s business how fast he eats. The fact is that the taxpayers of Canada pay for the health problems of Hutterites, which are many, because they don’t know what or how to eat. In some respects, Hutterites differ little from the ignorant populace they despise that consumes all kinds of processed, chemicalized, denatured, and poisoned food. And if that isn’t bad enough, they compound the damage by eating hastily.

What is a shame and sin to the Hutterites is that they indulge in so many destructive habits and ways while presuming to be the enlightened people of God and naturally looking on the rest of the world as children of Satan. How is it that God is so in the dark or disabled that He can’t communicate to His people a simple matter such as the right way to eat?

Of course, the fault is not God’s. The reality is that the Hutterites have another god ruling over them, the god of this world, Satan, who is also known as the destroyer. While they naïvely presume to be worshipping Jesus Christ, they are worshipping mammon.

Victor asked Tim if there were any other points he would contest. Tim brought up “destroying the earth.” He foolishly and ignorantly protested, “We aren’t the only ones that use chemicals on our farms. How are you going to feed a hungry world without using chemicals? Can you weed 20,000 acres by hand?”

Victor asked Tim if the Hutterites were achieving feeding the world, and if so, why with poisons? But Tim wasn’t listening or answering. Had he allowed us to talk, we would have informed him that organic farming is able to produce crops on large tracts of land without chemicals. Organic farming can also produce similar and better yields over time, while maintaining the environment and improving soil fertility, instead of compromising it, which leaves the farmer dependent on soil drugs (artificial fertilizers).

Here again, those who presume to be the people of God are destroying the earth, falling for Satan’s mercenary schemes and doing his work for him. And they stop their ears from hearing about a better way, God’s way, because their real god is money. It does cost to go organic, to transition land to farming without chemicals. Tim admitted that the Hutterites were being ripped off by chemical companies, but his concern was over the money and not with doing what’s right. Mammon blinds and binds.

And why would feeding the world not be possible, if done right? Does God want us to poison ourselves and the planet? Does He not provide for His creation? Did He mess up in His designs for mankind? Since when did mankind prosper doing wrong and not prosper doing right?

But the wrath of God is on the Hutterites, and they can’t choose what is good and right while serving themselves and the Devil.

The one thing Tim said we were right about was that Hutterites work hard. Of course there is nothing necessarily wrong with hard work, but pride goes before a fall.

Neither do they all work hard. We know of many who are plain lazy and irresponsible, like anywhere else in the world, depending on the rest of the community to bear the burdens, or bored to tears and unable to cope because of a stifling, godless (though religious) communal life. What an abundant life that is! Jesus must have promised it for someone else, or He doesn’t keep His promises, while Satan performs what Jesus says he does:

“The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10 MKJV).

In a huff, as with his first call, Tim angrily told us he would report us if we called him again. We told him we wouldn’t.

After the call, Victor realized that Tim had been under the wrath of God before he even called us. That was why he called. Our article was confronting him on his sin and rebellion against God, which is why he came against us. It is the Lord he was kicking in the shins and in Whose eye he was spitting. As we tried to reason with him, the Lord hardened his heart for judgment and destruction. He is cursed, just as he cursed God in spirit.

“For by fire and by His sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many” (Isaiah 66:16 KJV).

Who knows if he isn’t “kicking against the pricks,” and the Lord will bring him through his conviction of guilt to repentance and peace of heart and mind? If he doesn’t repent, it certainly will not go well for him, and his judgment won’t linger.

If anyone wishes to verify these things, it shouldn’t be hard to locate and talk to Tim Kleinsasser, found in one of Southern Alberta’s Hutterite colonies.

Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk


Other Responses to “To Hutterites Everywhere”:

  • Josh Gross wrote: Ur a fucking freak man the devil will take u Paul’s reply: How could that happen, Josh, when Jesus Christ has delivered us from the Devil into God’s hand? Not only that, but we now rule with Christ, and take Satan’s unlawful possessions away from him. Does that threaten you? [END… More responses below]

Angry Kleinsasser A

Paul Kleinsasser, a Hutterite from Manitoba, writes us to complain about our writing. In fact, he says God will punish us for what we say about Hutterites. But only informed by his religious indoctrination and unthinking emotional response, Paul is punishing himself by rejecting the truth.

Benjamin Gross and “Mr. Smith”

The mirror of truth is held up to Ben Gross and the mysterious “Mr. Smith.”


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