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Angry Kleinsasser A

We received this note from Paul Kleinsasser in April 2011, in response to To Hutterites Everywhere:

why would you write such lies about hutterites, i myself am one.

we are a group of christians trying very hard to walk & work & Live for the Lord. how can you write such statements.

today in church it talked about false teachings i believe you are one of them, i strongly advise you to research hutterites again.

you got wrong infomation some where, i,m 40 yrs old & i have 6 children & i have christ as my personal saviour, Jesus died for everyone for you & me.

and christ will punish you for having such statement about us hutterites, i,m liked schocked what i have read here.

Victor’s reply:

Hi Paul,

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write us about your concerns.

Have you red my testimony? I hope that by reading it, you will be able to discern that the last thing I want is to lie about anybody, or speak error about them, even unintentionally. Let it be the truth and nothing but the truth.

Please, Paul, I ask you to take more time now and show me specifically where we speak falsehood about Hutterites. Give me the precise quotes, in context, and show me clearly how I am wrong.

Should you prove me wrong, I will not only withdraw those erroneous statements, I will publicly confess to everyone how I was wrong and apologize on our site to you and all Hutterites who have been wrongly affected by my words.

Is that fair enough? Could you ask anything more than that of me?

Looking to hear from you soon. I don’t want error anywhere on our site. Let’s deal with it as soon as possible.

Victor Hafichuk

Paul K. replied:

I will get back to you.

A week and a half later, he wrote again:

Mr victor all I can say I,m glad you are not the judge on that final day. All you have to say here about other people is condem, condem.. did,nt you knoe jesus died for all mankind. There are lots of different walks in life. If your conscience can leave all the issues you have with our faith than so be it.

& yes we know that the hutterite name will not get u into heaven , only if you know Christ you will enter. Jesus said I am the way. and we believe in that. Hutterite is just a name for our group or lifestyle.

And about the black clothing u have an issue with, that also has nothing to do with getting into heaven. If you were ripped off by an hutterite do u honestly think they are all the same? if there is a Thief in Lethbridge where u live ? are you a Thief too? No I don,nt think so. And yes we have unfaithful member in our church group like any other. So please don,nt judge us all the same.

And for the school & hospital system you have issues also. Why would,nt we go to see doctors & use the school system, do you know how many taxes we pay for that ?

and you have issues about our farm size & etc, there are one family farm sizes next door to most of use whats your problem there. I will not condem your walk in life please respect us & others.

All I can say God reads hearts & he will Judge. So you make this judgement call if you want the whole world to read your so called Blogs on our faith. And remember Hutterite is only a name! we do not worship that name! we worship Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour.

Paul Cohen responded:

Hi Paul, I work with Victor on The Path of Truth.

Actually, according to the Scriptures, you are quite wrong. Victor is your judge on that final day, which is here for you now. And all we have to say isn’t “condemn, condemn,” but “truth, truth.” The truth we speak is your judge.

You don’t like the truth. In fact, you hate it. But you can’t ever get rid of the truth once it has been spoken to you. It stands forever as a witness against the lies you tell yourself and others. And by choosing those lies, you have chosen to condemn yourself in the darkness from which lies come:

John 3:17-19 MKJV
(17) For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world might be saved through Him.
(18) He who believes on Him is not condemned, but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the Name of the only-begotten Son of God.
(19) And this is the condemnation, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than the Light, because their deeds were evil.

So God is here, Paul, reading your heart, and has found it wanting in His sight. You are exposed before Him as a liar. You don’t know Jesus Christ or worship Him as Lord. You serve a false Jesus and believe another gospel:

“For if, indeed, the one coming proclaims another Jesus, whom we have not proclaimed, or if you receive another spirit, which you did not receive, or another gospel, which you never accepted, you might well endure these” (2 Corinthians 11:4 MKJV).

Even if Jacob Huter worshipped the Lord as did Paul the apostle, those he taught soon forsook the true Gospel (as soon as they began calling themselves by Jacob’s name). And why should you be surprised that such apostasy takes place?

“I marvel that you so soon are being moved away from Him Who called you into the grace of Christ, to another gospel” (Galatians 1:6 MKJV).

Your reply is a desperate and lame attempt to come up with any excuse or explanation you can think of to justify yourself in your sins and darkened ways. Your arguments have no substance whatsoever (unlike what is written in the paper you responded to). We have done business with several Hutterite colonies, some for many years, and have good relations. No outstanding issues or bitterness here – only the truth, which we have spoken for the benefit of all, and which you haven’t begun to answer.

The problem for you, however, isn’t the Hutterites’ manmade system of worship. The problem is you. You are the one standing in the place of Satan, walking in his antiChrist ways and accusing Christ’s brethren when they shine the light on you. You are the one who needs to repent of his sins, and you know what some of those are, don’t you?

Paul, if you truly worshipped the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth, and not in lip service only, you wouldn’t do the things you do and say the things you say. You would hear what we have to say, and you would be in agreement because you love the truth. We are sent by Him to tell you the way things are, not to condemn, but to save. Your problem is that you prefer lies to the truth, your life to His, and therefore you can’t hear Him at all.

Paul Cohen

In May 2017, We received a letter entitled: “The Reputation and Image of Paul Kleinsasser?”  Victor shared this unfavorable report with Paul on May 7th:

Now, Paul, is this a true report of you? Someone just wrote us to say:

“Now this is why I like your website. You say the hard things that people need to hear. Jews and Gentiles alike. Now that we have a dialogue going I’d like to tell you guys what brought me to your site. I had more than just a run in with one of your past critics, Paul Kleinsasser who responded to your hutterites everywhere article.

“Angry Kleinsasser A if you recall. You see I worked for this mans company. At least I’m 99% certain that it is the very same man. He is the boss of a cabinet company… They hire outside workers for production. Now I’m coming to you as a first hand witness. Paul K is an absolute hypocrite, liar and cheat. He is racist, rude, arrogant and prideful. Truly, he is a tyrant and false christian. He is Greedy, self-righteous, fat, lazy and mean spirited. I could go on and on listing the hypocrisies and falsehoods I saw working on that colony, not too mention their shady illegal dealings.

“For instance here’s a small example; they sell cheap booze to their alcoholic employees then threaten to fire them when they show up drunk or hung over… Then lend them money they’ll never be able to pay back, which they use to buy more booze, trapping them in a vicious cycle.

“Like these guys aren’t just delusional, they are willfully ignorant to Christs teachings but they will never admit it. My hand to God they are nothing but manipulative shady gangsters. Basic morality is a hated foreign concept to them. I was very pleased to find your article calling them out.” END OF LETTER

What do you say, Paul?

Over a month later, on June 10th, this follow up letter was sent to Paul:

Paul, we have not heard back from you concerning this person’s report of you. I want to know what you have to say or have done about this. If we don’t hear back from you, we’ll need to decide what to do here.

Here you are, presuming to represent Hutterites in the Name of Jesus Christ, and from the sounds of this report, you are an ugly representation, a reproachful example to all Hutterites. And, you’re going to defend your “Hutterite faith”?

Victor Hafichuk [END]

Ten days later, Paul still hasn’t written back to us. Is this report true? We can’t say because we can’t go by the testimony of one witness without proof. But we can say this: Paul came to us condemning the Word of God that testified against his Hutterite religion and ways. When asked to provide proof of his charges against what is published on this site, he continued to justify his religious ways without answering a single charge.

All we’ve seen of Paul Kleinsasser so far is that he will accuse others, but won’t answer questions brought to him in the spirit of friendship and truth.

Other Responses to “To Hutterites Everywhere”:

  • Josh Gross wrote: Ur a fucking freak man the devil will take uPaul’s reply: How could that happen, Josh, when Jesus Christ has delivered us from the Devil into God’s hand? Not only that, but we now rule with Christ, and take Satan’s unlawful possessions away from him. Does that threaten you? [END… More responses below]

Angry Kleinsasser B

A few months after Paul Kleinsasser wrote us, Tim Kleinsasser, from another Hutterite colony, phoned us, quite worked up. Here is the summary of that call plus two follow-ups, where we try to reason with Tim.

Benjamin Gross and “Mr. Smith”

The mirror of truth is held up to Ben Gross and the mysterious “Mr. Smith.”

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