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Can You Sense the Love of God?

We received this response to His Watchmen Are Blind:

I do not sense the Love of God coming from you.

Paul’s reply:

What does it matter what you sense? Are your senses to be trusted as the Word of God?

Did the Pharisees sense Jesus’ love coming from Him? Did the Jews in Jerusalem sense God’s love coming to them when the city was under siege in 70 AD, and then overthrown by the Romans, who encircled the city with the crucified bodies of those Jews who did not flee while the opportunity was still there, as Jesus said it would be (Luke 21:20)? Do you think you will fare better in not heeding our warning by Him?

What matters is what God says and does. He has sent us to tell you those things, your sins included, and if you judge there is no love, then you will not see the love of God, except in His judgment that goes contrary to yours.

It is all about feelings to you. You are following a false Jesus, not the true Lord Jesus Christ, Whom you cannot see. Your idolatry blinds you and robs you of your senses. What you sense is false, as is your god.















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