Paul’s Love for Ingrid


On 12/29/2001 at 10:01:35 AM MST, Paul wrote to Victor, describing his love for Ingrid:

She told me after this matter of marriage came up that what was most important for her was that i was with you, as i ought to be, in what the Lord has called me to do, never separated from you.  I did not solicit this remark, she brought it up forthrightly as her own observation.  I love her for this.

She wanted me to teach her children about the Lord, and that which is most precious to her in this world, she would entrust to me.  I love her for this.

She wants to help me to be in Canada, and to help me in whatever way she can.  I love her for this.

She wants to and will serve the body of Christ in whatever way she can.  I love her for this.

She is discrete and is given wisdom of God in how to behave herself.  I love her for this.

She listens and does what i tell her and receives correction from me.  I love her for this.

I love Ingrid because she is in all this a gift from the Lord to bless me, and not only me, but all the saints.

That is what i mean when i tell her i love her.

Victor replied:

Let me ask you, Paul:

1) Are you saying, “I love her because she first loved me?” Seems so to me.

This then is no different than that of the heathen who love those that love them.

2) As well, are you not in idolatry, in that you attribute to Ingrid what should be attributed to God only? His love transformed us. Has hers done so as God?

3) These reasons you give as to why you love her…are they not characteristics that should be found in any true believer, man or woman, single or married?  Sara said she felt bad because she thought she had these things or hoped she did. Truly.

4) Is God’s love conditional? What if Ingrid had been missing on one, or some or even many of those features? What about ALL of them?

Should I love you if you have those features? What if you don’t?

I think the ways and fruits of the serpent are coming to light here, and they are subtle indeed. “Anti,” meaning “instead of,” rather than “opposed to”; substitute, counterfeit, imitation, made to look good, acceptable, valid, worthy, even in its own right if not of comparable value. My friend, there is not room for both, not anywhere in the Kingdom of God. You need to know that; Ingrid needs to know it (and she does not); all need to know it. The Lord is exposing the human love, the beastly substitute, in lovely form, comely, desirable, fashioned after the real, and revealing the true.

You say you trust me, Paul. Why? How do I deserve your trust?

I would like you to send a copy of this letter to the farm, to Ingrid, to Sara, to Kumiko, Miyuki, if you will, or just some of these persons. I would do it but I wanted to get your permission. If you do it, I won’t need it. However, I do not say that you need to send it.

Those passages on love…Eph. 5, Gal. 5, 1 Cor. 13, Col. 3….wonderful passages describing the love of man and woman in full redemption. All else is corruption and enmity with God. This is the Day of His deliverance. This is the Day of THE Love! There is only one…not two, not three. All else is not love. Nothing else can any longer do as it did. God is finished winking. Ashtoreth has had her day, that queen of Heaven, Mystery Babylon. Her influence is cast out, along with her husband, that great dragon which deceives the whole world. There is no room in Heaven for “I love you!” as man, under the spell of the deceiver, liar and murderer, proclaims to a woman, or a woman to a man. Flesh makes way for spirit, and beast for son of God. We will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh if we walk in the Spirit.


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