Correspondence with Art and Doreen Beals


Hi Art and Doreen, Paul Cohen here. I am thankful that we’re in touch and particularly for the things Victor has written here. The Lord has greatly blessed us to know Him, and to walk with Him in spirit and in truth in a darkened world, which is particularly dark among those professing His Name. It is wonderful that His light is shining in the darkness. Praise the Lord! It is a glorious thing for those who repent and turn from their wicked ways, but a terrible thing for those who love their lies and sins more than the truth.

Art and Doreen,

One of my many weaknesses is to be so slow “on the uptake.” A man can punch me in the nose deliberately, so to speak, and two weeks later, I wake suddenly and sit up in bed saying, “He hit me in the nose!” I just do not have the presence of mind as some people do to realize presently what is happening or its implications or significance. I find the “cooking time” varies from a day to many years, even decades. But the Lord has been faithful, taking care of me. He is my Shepherd and I lack nothing, and whatever I have, I have only because He has graciously given it to me.

We have thought of you many times over the years, naturally. Many times I thought to call you but did not feel free to do so. Finally, it happened. I came away from our conversation consciously oblivious to its nature, and particularly of where you were coming from, Doreen. Though you and we did not go into any detail to revive much memory, I began to recall several things.

First of all, I later realized that the last time we saw each other was when you asked us to leave your place, after Art severely accused and condemned me for several minutes. We then called you the next day or so from elsewhere in Winnipeg, speaking to you, Doreen, and I told you what the Lord had revealed to me of those visions, which is recorded one paragraph down.

You likely will not remember the first words in tongues that I received at your house in 1975 when you lived at Roblin Blvd. The words were “Halleoh Sheminah,” which I found out later to be Hebrew, meaning, “anointing in the future, another time, in the distance.” After many years, Paul and I now serve together in that anointing of the Lord, as some of the many fulfilling Enoch’s prophecy.

I recall we were passing through on our way to and back from Europe. I remember seeing Andrea, troubled and feeling so neglected or ignored. She openly complained that all you had time for was Amway, business and meetings, but seldom for her. We knew it was true; the Lord gave us to see that. (When you get a chance, read Amway – Whence Cometh It?you are mentioned there.) I recall that we tried to say something to you at some point, whether then or later (likely later), and I also seem to recall that you were angry with us for it. At least you did not believe us when we warned you that there would be consequences if you did not make a serious effort to pay more attention to her and minister to her emotional and spiritual needs.

At that time, I had two visions at your house while we were in prayer. I enter here a portion of my journal record of those visions and how they came to pass. Who can doubt that the Lord has done these things? The record:

“It was not until 1975, after Marilyn and I received the Holy Spirit on January 1, that I had my first vision, actually 2 visions, back to back. This was at Art and Doreen Beals’ home, while praying with them in their living room. I had met them in Amway in 1971, and they had become “believers” and were involved in Pentecostal and Charismatic activities. They were living on Roblin Boulevard in Charleswood, Winnipeg, Manitoba. We were staying with them while on our way to New Jersey to join Operation Mobilization for a European mission. While we were praying, I saw this:


Art was driving up to a church building. This building was a typical, older-styled church with large, arched doors. Art had his window open and was waving others to come with him. “Come on, let’s go!” he was excitedly calling. In the open doorway stood Kathy Wiebe, with her children (six or so) and her husband, Neil, behind her. They were all dressed in their “Sunday best,” Neil and the boys wearing suits, Kathy and the girls in dresses. Neil was standing “obediently” among the children, with his arms hanging, hands clasped in front of him. Kathy was replying, “No,” to Art, and closing the church doors on her and the family, shutting themselves inside.


This vision appeared “back-to-back” with the one recorded immediately above. The scene was a hilly pastureland. There were sheep scattered here and there, some white, some black, and some in between. I was a white sheep. But there was an altar there in that field, about four feet high, five feet long, and two feet wide. I was on that altar, and Satan was behind the altar killing me. He had a long knife, more like a Roman sword, two-edged, and he was bringing it down on me. Standing and watching the whole scene, with pleasure, was the Lord Jesus. Satan and Jesus were facing each other. Jesus was about twenty feet away from the altar, with hands clasping each other, arms hanging in front of Him.

As Satan was about to kill me, I thought, “Lord, help! Do something! He’s killing me!” But the Lord not only did not save or protect me; He was very pleased with what was happening. Down came the knife, and my soul left the body, and “floated” up to become one with Him.

Now here is how those two visions were fulfilled. These visions had taken place at the home of Art Beals, in 1975, as formerly mentioned. Art and his wife moved away to Aylmer, Ontario after that, while we lived in other cities (Saskatoon, Dauphin, Prince Albert and Israel) and then returned to Winnipeg in 1979. Art and Doreen returned in 1980. In 1981, we fled Winnipeg because one David Cohen sought to kill me. Art and Doreen had helped us at that time. Later that year, we returned to Winnipeg and went to stay with Art and his wife and daughter in their apartment for a few nights. We got there on a Sunday.

That night, Art’s cousin came to visit. She had been at “services” at the United Church that day. Along came Neil and Kathy who had been at the Mennonite Church. They both talked of their Sunday school lessons, finding that they were identical, from the same source and program. Neil and Kathy were dressed in their Sunday best. Neil asked me, “Why aren’t you dressed in a suit? Didn’t you go to church today?” I thought it was a peculiar question to ask me. Having left the “church systems” years before, I asked them why they were at the Mennonite Church. “We felt we had to do it for the children’s sakes” they replied. I thought, “If you didn’t believe it was good for you to be there, having left, why would you believe it was good for your children?”

Suddenly, there it was, the fulfillment of my first vision. Art had been calling them out of the church systems, and they determined to remain there. (Art and Doreen hadn’t been attending anywhere, though they had been formerly Lutherans). Then was I frightened, because the one seeking my life was still after me, and I knew that the second vision, wherein Satan had slain me, had been on the heels of the first, and therefore I thought, “The one seeking to kill me will do so shortly.”

It didn’t happen, physically. We remained at Art’s a few more nights, and it became increasingly uncomfortable. Our welcome was long gone. Then one morning, Art said he had things to say to me. He then proceeded to accuse me of many things of which I was not guilty. He repeated many things, which I had already refuted, explained or denied in the past, but to no avail. He did not believe me. Castigating me for about ten minutes, he then asked us to leave. It was nearing winter and getting cold. We had a summer trailer and nowhere to go, with no campgrounds open. We were out in the cold. He told us that they loved us, and asked us to sit down and have breakfast with them before we left. I was incredulous. I said, “You have accused me of all sorts of falsities, you have called me a liar, you are kicking us out, and you say you love us, want us to sit down with you and have breakfast before we go?! I don’t think so.” We left, leaving our plants behind, along with some money on the counter to pay for expenses incurred.

Not knowing what else to do, we headed to a motel, devastated. The moment we checked in, I entered the room, headed for the bed, fell to my knees, and said, “Lord, what is happening? Where do we go? What do we do?!” I then heard the reply, “The second vision is fulfilled!”

I was amazed! Here I thought I was going to die a literal death, but the vision was fulfilled in that condemnation which came from Art that morning. I was more amazed to find that Art was in the person of Satan, or Satan in the person of Art. We had looked to them for spiritual fellowship, and even leadership. After all, they had been traveling in the circles of “the Spirit” longer than had we. They had preceded us in doing so. The revelation rather floored me, but there it was. Satan had come, dressed in sheep’s clothing, and my friend was my enemy.

Then so many things began to make sense. No wonder they had said and done all the things they had. No wonder all they could ever do was take and not give. No wonder they were always angry and sullen and bitter. No wonder they hadn’t believed the things we had shared with them concerning the Lord. I had been looking to a tare for counsel and fellowship.

Now here is a marvelous thing: The two visions were given me in Art and Doreen’s home, and in the seventh year, they were fulfilled in their home, howbeit a different home, after we had parted ways with them for most of those years.” END OF JOURNAL RECORD.

I recall that when I phoned and told you what the Lord said, that the second vision was fulfilled and how, you were angry with me, Doreen. And why would you not be, identified and implicated with the enemy towards us, and being told so?

During our stay with you, we had run into conflict with Andrea. Three of us were in your living room, the TV was on and Andrea was watching content that was quite ungodly. I believe that I, rightly or wrongly, took the prerogative to change the channel. Andrea got quite upset, and it was shortly after that when you decided to kick us out. Part of your criticism the morning you kicked us out was that we were a bad influence on Andrea. I remember when you stayed at our place on La Verendrye for two or three weeks the year before, just after returning from Aylmer with your motor home, you were upset that Andrea had had some de-alcoholized beer. Perhaps you “feared that which was going to come upon you.” I also recall that you decided, suddenly and unexpectedly, to leave, barging out, and raging at us. We were shocked. Paul happened to be there too and was rebuking you for your conduct. He, as a young believer, made good sense, and you were confounded by his words, with nothing to reply but insult and railing.

Though you had a motor home in which to stay, we had given you our master bedroom, while we slept in the basement. We freely provided for the three of you. Furthermore, I paid you wages for helping me in hauling, and all you could say to me, Art, was that I was working like a fool for my money. You dumped our hospitality with great contempt. There was not one word of appreciation, not one, though we were not obligated to do what we were doing for you.

Some months later, you called, asking for me to help you move. I moved you and charged you nothing. About a year and a half later, after about four days in your apartment, with nowhere to go, Marilyn and I were thrown out, in cold weather with summer trailer, campgrounds shut down for the year, having little money, yet leaving money on the counter by the phone so as to not be obligated to you for food, utility and phone expenses. We also left you our houseplants that we feared would perish in the weather.

I remember Andrea having sworn that when she had her sixteenth birthday, she would cut her hair short, put on makeup and wear the tightest blue jeans she could. She was true to her word, full of anger and bitterness. We were seeing the fruits we had prophesied would come, as the Lord had given us to foresee, to warn you for your sake, warnings you despised. Cursing brethren of the Lord, she has been cursed. Cursing mother and father, she has been cursed. Yes, she has made her decisions, has she not?

You people had been so law-oriented. I recall your preaching to us about women covering their legs, but criticizing Marilyn for wearing slacks while you wore a dress, insisting that women were obligated under God to wear dresses, to appear as women, and not slacks, as men.

One day you returned, shortly after the time of barging out of our place in fury, and apologized. You made your formal apology, and I told you that there was no apology required; nevertheless, I was not at peace with your spirit and stance, from what I can recall. You immediately left. But as you sat there in the sofa chair apologizing, in your relatively short dress, you had your legs crossed, Doreen, and your legs were quite visible to me beyond half your thigh. I recall you telling us that your leg was covered with your hosiery. I thought, “If one can see through the covering of hosiery, what does it matter? How can that be considered a covering from a moral standpoint? Is not the covering at least partly about the visibility, avoiding indecent exposure, besides not appearing as a man? A woman could go topless and prove she was not a man. Was it only about assuring visible contrast to a man?” Yet there was Marilyn, with women’s slacks, decently covered, and you could only criticize and accuse us. Oh sure, we went through legalism as well. I recall the period where we thought literal head coverings were in order and preached that to you, which you rejected. Soon, the Lord corrected that for us.

But the law took its toll on Andrea, did it not? She had religiosity instead of reality, and the law of men instead of the love of God. (Ironically, Art, you often spoke of love, and how when a preacher laid hands on you and you allegedly received the Spirit of God, you were so filled with love for everybody. (Read about yourself in #6 of the conditions to receive the Spirit, in The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.) Andrea went to drugs, did she not? She had children out of wedlock, did she not? It was plain Hell, was it not? So we are told; if I stand to be corrected, fine. Though you did not mention drugs, the scenario of her life to this day, as you gave it, fits.

In this last call, Doreen, you admitted no culpability whatsoever for Andrea’s tragic plight. You spoke of her decisions in life, laying the onus on her (and there is blame with her, as with everyone). You seemed to place onus on Andrea’s biological family (mother?), referring to their hardness and reluctance to see her. Were you not to blame, as warned years before the yogurt hit the fan? Where was God in the whole affair? You really made no reference to Him. What you did say was that you had to take care of your own relationship with Him, first and foremost.

When you stayed with us, it was you who raged out of our home, while Art was simply following you, caught up with your emotions. When you came apologizing some time later, I recall that you were the chief spokesperson. When we called you this time, Art did not speak to us. You did all the talking. Yes, his phone went dead but can there be any doubt that if you, Art, were where you were supposed to be, that things could have been arranged differently?

Art, you once contemptuously criticized Marilyn as being “a mouse” in her manner. In this call, she was on the phone, freely speaking with Doreen, with whom, it seems, you are quite subdued. You must have said less than five words to us. Doreen, twice I gently mentioned Art not being part of the conversation but you did not regard it. Perhaps Art had nothing to say or did not want to talk to us since you expelled us a quarter century ago? You two could read The Vashti-Esther Transmutation, if you will, a marvelous revelation.

Concerning Andrea’s situation, this came to me yesterday (June 25), the day after the call. Take it or leave it. I can only speak. Andrea can be redeemed, Lord willing, and He is. If you were to “put ashes on your heads,” “rent your garments,” and “put on sackcloth,” that is, humble yourselves before the Lord God of Heaven and earth, the Creator of all things, the Lord Jesus Christ, confessing your sins to Him, repenting of them, and doing all that is necessary and as is required of you by the Lord in all matters, with all the heart, seeking His grace and mercy, Andrea could be brought out of her prison, which you have built for her in all your heedlessness, brutishness, willful ignorance, selfishness, negligence and carnal religion. You continue to hold her there in darkness and chains with your intransigence, your refusal to recognize and acknowledge to God your wicked folly with not only your child, but regarding all things, particularly the Lord Himself.

May the Lord give you to “repent in dust and ashes,” which, according to our conversation, you certainly have not done. May your eyes and ears be opened to see and to hear, and may your hearts be broken to receive truth, as rock pan soil is broken with a steel plowshare to begin preparation for use. Perchance the Lord is willing to cut off the curse that has lain thickly on your house, a state you truly were not willing to acknowledge in any way, which disturbed me after the call.

You sought to keep the dirty laundry well hidden, perhaps not so much as though there was none, but more that you were not personally responsible for it. You even have it hidden from yourselves, with consciences seared. But it is not hidden to those who have eyes to see. You are not fooling everyone, certainly not the Lord. Until you are prepared to come unworthily before Him, recognizing your great sins, and consequences thereof, you will not prevail. You will have golf at Windsor, a house with your name on the title, watch Kenneth Copeland, get together with Neil and Cathy, but you will not have the peace or goodness of God now anymore than you did when the visions were fulfilled in your home.

Speaking of Kenneth Copeland, you may recall my sharing this vision with you that I had in 1980. Here again is my journal record:


In Winnipeg, in 1980, Marilyn and I were invited by Art Beals to go to a Kenneth Copeland meeting. It was held downtown, in a convention center. We had been uncomfortable with the spirit of the whole scene, with Copeland’s spirit, and with the spirit and form of worship. As everyone was “praising the Lord,” with hands lifted up, Marilyn suddenly and urgently told me to put my hands down. I knew we needed to do so. As I did, I saw flying, or floating in, along the high ceiling, from the right side of the auditorium, where was the entrance, as one faces the front, a cloud of spirits. These spirits then came down and entered into whomever they chose of those who had upraised hands and mouths of “praise.” I then heard some screaming here and there. We knew the Lord had spared us, and revealed to us what Kenneth Copeland was all about. It was not good.” [END OF RECORD]

Concerning the “Word Faith” doctrine, Paul extracted the following from Pam Dewey’s “Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion”:

From Pam Dewey:

The Claims

The Word Faith movement is a branch of the general Charismatic movement. Not all Charismatics accept Word Faith teachings. But Word Faith Charismatic teachers have, in the past decade, become the most publicly prominent representatives of the Charismatic movement. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the most powerful and pervasive of the televangelistic outreaches in American religion, features and promotes Word Faith teachers almost exclusively.

Teachers in the Word Faith movement (sometimes called “Word of Faith” movement) claim that the Bible promises perfect health and unlimited prosperity to all believers. Therefore if any believers are sick or in poverty, it must be because they do not understand how to “appropriate” these promises for themselves. According to Word Faith teachers, the way to appropriate that health and wealth is through the “power of the tongue” to “confess” the believer’s faith in what he determines to be the Biblical promises of God. This creates, according to the teachings of many in this movement, a “legally binding” requirement for God to act. And thus, in their perspective, God Himself is controlled by the power of the human tongue when it speaks “the word of faith.” Just as God created the world and all in it by “His Word,” human believers are assumed to be granted the same kind of creative power in their words.

Such teachers warn their students to never pray prayers of petition to God with the conclusion “If it be Your will, Father.” For that would indicate you haven’t studied your Bible well enough to know all of His promises. If you know the promises, they insist, you know His will at any moment, and need only speak that word. Anything less is evidence you lack faith in His promises. They also insist that their students should never “pray the problem,” but rather “pray the solution”. Speaking to God about your problems is tantamount, in their eyes, to not believing that God will take care of your problem immediately if you will only “pray the solution” exactly as you find it in the Bible. [END]

Paul: How can Art and Doreen, in their unregenerate nature, know what to ask for, and to ask for it aright? I would say the following Scripture applies to them, and to the claims of “Word Faith”:

“Even so the tongue is a small member and it boasts great things. See how great a forest a little fire kindles! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. Thus the tongue is set among our members, as that which defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell….no man can tame the tongue. It is an unrestrainable evil, full of deadly poison” (James 3:5-6,8 EMTV).

So how can they marshal the forces of God according to their wills when using an instrument of evil? They think that by taking the Scripture and applying it literally, they can then do as they please because they call that “faith”? They remind me of the seven sons of Sceva:

“Then some of the wandering Jews, exorcists, attempted to name the name of the Lord Jesus over those having the evil spirits, saying, ‘We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preaches.’ Now there were seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish high priest, doing this. But the evil spirit answered and said, ‘Jesus I know, and Paul I am acquainted with; but who are you?’ Then the man in whom was the evil spirit leaped upon them, and having subdued them, prevailed against them, so that they fled from that house naked and wounded” (Acts 19:13-16 EMTV). [END OF PAUL’S WORDS.]

Satan comes as an angel of light, seeking whom he may devour, and he is good at what he does…very good. Kenneth Copeland is a false one, a channel for demonic power, and not one with anointing to counter it, as he claims. He is a counterfeit, and you folks are impressed. I have seen his spirit and that of his wife, Gloria (they are one flesh).

One last recollection to relate for now:

In Winnipeg, in 1980-81, you invited us to go to a meeting in which a former associate of yours was in town preaching. Art, it seems to me you said you had been with him in the southern states. We were not free to participate in the worship activities, whether it was to praise, go forward, or to minister to others. When he finished preaching, many went forward in Pentecostal customary ritual and tradition, and while the preacher (Franklin Walden, I believe) stood there, the people all faced and surrounded him, with uplifted hands toward him, singing. The Lord spoke to me in those moments and said, “This is a Baal worship service.”

I marveled, knowing it was true, though I really did not understand. I only know that what was happening was not of God. But now I understand. Hero worship! That is what Baal worship is all about. It goes back to Nimrod, the mighty hunter of souls, the mighty warrior who learned to gather and train men to organize and fight. He was a hero, revered by men, and substituted himself for God. He fought against the Lord and His saints. His seed continues to do so today, and Franklin Walden was simply fulfilling his part. “Apostle” Walden? If wolves are sheep:

“Those men are not true apostles—they are false apostles, who lie about their work and disguise themselves to look like real apostles of Christ” (2 Corinthians 11:13 GNB).

I know what you have done; I know how hard you have worked and how patient you have been. I know that you cannot tolerate evil people and that you have tested those who say they are apostles but are not, and have found out that they are liars” (Revelation 2:2 GNB).

The whole world looks to and for heroes, for kings to lead them, not trusting the Lord, and Kenneth Copeland is one of them, a hunter of souls, a “nice”, “godly”, “full of faith”, “man of God,” a destroyer of souls, among others. The man is a nasty, arrogant man, as are all his children. Preachers everywhere are seeking to be heroes, serving their own bellies.

When we told you what we had received at that meeting from the Lord, again, as usual, you were upset with us, charging us with disturbing the meeting and preventing souls from coming to the Lord.  Nothing of the sort was happening as you insisted, as the Lord revealed to us, and you, as always, were ever resisting anything of godly worth we had to say.

Will you justify yourselves, accusing us of bitterness and unforgiveness? If you have a shred of understanding or objectivity you will find there is none in us, none at all. Will you accuse us as back then, that we were ever finding fault? Likely. Whatever you can find falsely to defend and justify yourselves, you will likely do it as you always have. I truly hope otherwise. I also know that one day you will come to true knowledge of the Lord. We preach to that end.

I recall receiving these words while with you at some time: “The Kenites must go.”  I knew those words applied to you. Balaam, by the Spirit of God, prophesied these words concerning them:

“Then he saw the Kenites and delivered this message: ‘You have a permanent place to live. Your nest is built in a rock. But it is destined to be burned, you descendants of Cain, when Assyria takes you as prisoners of war.’ He delivered this message: ‘Oh no! Who will live when God decides to do this?’” (Numbers 24:21-23 GW).

How will they “go”? Will you perish, or will you humble yourselves, repent and be gloriously saved? How wonderful would the latter be! How wonderful!


Art and Doreen replied:

Finally have looked at the Chi Machine & ‘other’ gadgets information.  We have decided these items are not for us.

Further to your Amway Story –  I would like to clarify some of your information.  Regarding Andrea:  She had one child out of wedlock & was married before being pregnant with her second child.  She did not give birth to ‘druggie babies’ as suggested.  Both boys are well adjusted young men who do not drink, smoke, do drugs or involved in illicit relationships.  Both are gainfully employed & attending College as well. Perhaps you would like to inform your informant of the above information.

Art & Doreen

Paul and Victor wrote back:

Art and Doreen,

After everything that has been said to you in our letters is this all you can say in response? You people truly have been exposed to yourselves as the phonies you are, having no love of truth or God whatsoever. And why should you have more to say? You had your say that day, the day of the fulfillment of the vision the Lord gave Victor, as described to you. Now the Lord has His say, and of course, what can you say in your defense, except something totally irrelevant and lame, such as what you have said here. You speak from darkness, gnashing your teeth.

Regarding your complaint, the Amway writing did not say that Andrea’s children were drug users, but that Andrea was. It is a well known fact that mothers taking drugs cause damage to their babies, hence the term “drug babies.” Neither was anything said about the children being born out of wedlock. That technicality was not the issue.

As for the rest, regarding your behavior and acts, your non-comment is tacit agreement that these things are true, verifying your deeds and culpability in them. You are judged accordingly.


Hi Doreen,

“Drug babies” are not those who necessarily grow up to be addicts themselves. They are those born to druggies (Andrea in this case), regardless of how they turn out. While you declare that they have apparently meaningful lives, at least in this world, you can declare nothing of Jesus Christ, not for them, not for Andrea, and not for yourselves.

I fail to see where there was any word of children out of wedlock, though you acknowledge this was so, but what does it matter? Is that the point?

While the vast portion of our letters to you concerns the Lord, all you can do is focus on some insignificant point not worth mentioning. Is it not like children of Satan to run, hide, and use diversions? Dump a barrel of sewage on someone’s kitchen floor and accuse them of losing a hair in their food. You have not changed a bit.

While you point out the hair dropped, I note that you do not correct us on the sewage, the fraction of which, I am sure, has not been expressed. No argument or defense there, only evasion.

If your grandsons ever find the true value of life in this world, it certainly will not be because of any influence on your part but in spite of it. Of that, how can there be any doubt? So continue in your pride and wickedness. Keep your daughter and her sons in Hell, whose children you are.

I speak to you, Doreen, because you are the one writing the letter and pulling the psychological, emotional and spiritual strings on your husband, not that he was ever innocent or with excuse. Try reading The Vashti-Esther Transmutation, if you care to, and perhaps permit your husband to do so as well, if he cares to do so. But I have no trouble rightfully concluding that neither of you has ever had the stomach nor respect for Truth, that is, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Art then took it upon himself to reply, or so it appears:

To Paul & Victor:

I read your email & I sense a root of bitterness.  Here is my answer

James 3: 13 – 18

Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you?  lett him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.

But if you have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.

This wisdom descendeth not from above,  but is earthly, sensual,  devilish.

For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

Also read the book of Proverbs.

May grace be with you all.


Victor wrote back:

Art, that is not bitterness coming from us that you sense. It is your own filthiness and excrement, which you have treasured and stored up for the day of wrath, now being consumed in the hot fire of God’s judgment.

You speak as Agag, the wicked Amalekite, after being spared by Saul (who, though he did wickedly in sparing Agag, was acceptable by your standards in that he had no bitterness):

“And Samuel said, Bring here to me Agag the king of the Amalekites. And Agag came to him daintily. And Agag said, Surely the bitterness of death is past”

(1 Samuel 15:32 MKJV).

Agag’s refinement did not fool Samuel, and neither does your religious refinement fool us. As Samuel hacked Agag to pieces before the Lord, so have we done to you with the sword of truth in our mouths. You are finished, Satan.

Satan, by God’s grace and power, we perceive you without difficulty. Since when does a liar and murderer care about bitterness? Well do we know that you quote Scripture without substance, having no respect whatsoever for the Word of God as it was intended, but the victory is ours as it is written:

“And I heard a great voice saying in Heaven, Now has come the salvation and power and the Kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ. For the accuser of our brothers is cast down, who accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony. And they did not love their soul until death” (Revelation 12:10-11 MKJV).

I saw you by a vision of God in your house in 1975, and your name in the day of the vision’s fulfillment in 1981 (in your house again) was Art Beals, so who are you to “sense” anything as though of God, liar? You are the thief that uses and abuses Scripture to steal, kill and destroy. Therefore are you dead and the dealer of death. But we are now eternally alive, resurrected from the dead, thriving, rejoicing and victorious in the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing whereof we speak, with not an ounce of bitterness as you accuse, though you are determined to see evil and as always, will not be dissuaded because your deeds are altogether evil, though deceptive and presumptuously paraded as pious.

If ever I saw bitterness, Satan, it was in you, by Art, who rarely had a good word to say of anyone but false prophets, devilish “doctors” and other false professors of faith in Christ. Go your way, you and all those who stand with you, to the lake of fire where you and your messengers belong, to which we now commit you by the authority we have in Christ, and where you need to go to be purged and purified.

Knowing the true faith of Jesus Christ, in power,


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Letter to Kurt McPherson   Letter sent to Kurt on March 29th, 2007 - Short Version:Hi Kurt,I have had some thoughts on our discussion last Sunday, and some questions. These are on the spiritual matters. I think the details on the rockwork are clear enough. If you prefer to discuss any of this in person, let me know and I will be more than happy to make arrangements.Can you please show me in Scripture where it says that we are supposed to keep the feasts, looking back after Christ as those did looking forward before Christ?Can you tell me why we would keep the shadows once we have the real thing? Would that not be like keeping a picture of someone once that someone has arrived and come into our presence, occasionally showing him or her the picture and focusing on it? Or would it not be like valuing a contract for work to be done once the job is done, as though keeping the paperwork would ensure that the work remains done?If, in saying that Jesus did not do away with the law, you include the ceremonial law, where then do you get the authority to omit so much of it, like the sacrifices, rituals, altars and Levitical priesthood? Did God lay out a new set of specific laws to replace the former? Where are they recorded? Or by whose valid authority were they changed, and how can we know they were right?I would like to hear your answers, Kurt. If you believe you can teach me, then teach me; I am here. Again, give me the Word of God and not man’s reasoni...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part XI, Page 4

Page 4 PART ELEVEN - The Issues of Life to Troublous Times (cont.)   Particle – Rock Work on a Rock or Rocky Foundation?Kurt MacPherson called the farm asking for some product. When he discovered we kept the Sabbath, he became interested because he belonged to a small splinter group of the defunct Worldwide Church of God.I was contemplating doing some artificial rockwork at the base of the house. As the house was a log home, I thought that rockwork would complement its appearance. When Kurt heard this, he offered to do the work with real rock, being he was a rock mason. He gave me a price I thought was fair, so I agreed.At Kurt’s direction, I committed myself to buying supplies, removing the pargeting from the house and having steel support beams installed on the foundation. Kurt began the work. He and his wife Beverly came on a few Sundays. He had a full-time job and could only come on that day, so the work progressed slowly.As we got to know Kurt better, I started to hear things I wasn’t pleased to hear. While he came across as an “Aw shucks, country boy” type, I was beginning to feel he was a shrewd dealer with an agenda, though I didn’t know what it was. I discovered he wasn’t an honest, faithful man.For example, Kurt told me that as a member of his church, he saw it as his duty to God to attend an annual week-long Feast of Tabernacles out of town. However, he assumed that his boss wouldn’t let him go if he asked, so he decided to go without no...

wHaT tHe LoRd HaS dOnE wItH mE; Part V, Page 14

Page 14 PART FIVE – Moon River to Harvest Haven (cont.) Particle – The Feedlot Battle The residents opposing the feedlot held a meeting. I attended and found them demoralized and defeated. Their only remaining hope was to voice their concerns, without expecting any results, perhaps with the possibility of some small concessions. I remember Lloyd Sereda, Luc and Maria Demers, Etta Taylor, Tim Jarvie (a lawyer), and his wife, Anita. Pat King was nowhere to be found. I told them what the Lord had promised us by Marilyn. Of course, most didn't believe. However, Etta Taylor and Maria Demers both declared they believed it and it gave them hope. I was thankful for them. The day came for the meeting at Claresholm on May 20th, 1993, 3 ½ years and ten days after the conflagration at the Moon River fire hall on November 10th, 1989. (I suspect Pat King had informed me of this issue on May 10th, but I have no record of that. I only go by how the Lord has often done things with remarkable timings.) Both parties presented their arguments to council. Al Wheeler spoke briefly for the Mandels and the feed company, owned and operated by the Olafsons (Butte Feeds), who were in partnership with the Mandels. It could well have been a strategic move to have a Moon River resident speak up for them, thus minimizing opposition from the hamlet. Olafson and his son, Randy, were present (which I do not mention without significant cause, as you will see). Olafson Sr. made a short, rat...
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