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The Ukrainian Connection

Concerning the Ukraine/Russian World War Three. Yes, WW3 is here. At: Tucker Carlson Talks To Colonel Douglas Macgregor About The Ukraine War as posted by Jill Veldkamp, today.

She wrote as an intro: “Tucker Carlson interviews, Col. Douglas MacGregor about the war in Ukraine.

He seems to be one of the more rational voices speaking out about what he calls, an American-led proxy war against Russia.

I heard him in another interview refer to Russians and Ukrainians as being essentially the same people. It reminded me of what Victor said about them being brothers.”

Victor says:

There’s so much to “unpack” personally for me in this present national, international day, the last days, the Day of the Lord. Why this ethnic scene? Why Ukraine? Why me?

Why my unexpected letter The Solution for the Russian/Ukrainian War with its thrust on the Ukrainians and Russians? Suddenly, I’m calling on the Ukrainians to repent.

Why study the Ukrainian language after 70 years of not speaking it from age 6, having had no thought of connecting these things converging at this time?

Why is Ukraine now discovered as THE modern historic corruption center of the world?

Why the destruction of Ukraine by the WEF, Zelensky, NATO, and the US – the horrendous attack against Ukraine, allegedly by Russia but allegedly by the Azov Brigade within the Ukraine, the Nazi organization Colonel Douglas MacGregor and many others mention?

Why in these last few years, after decades on the internet, my introduction on FB to the Hafichuk family in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world?

Why, after 40 years of being a believer, called a “Christian,” a Jew, that is a true spiritual child not of the worldly, carnal nature of Judaism or Christianity, but of God, is there a re-introduction to the “old man” (Biblical term) Hafichuk family on FB, from my graveyard past, even another member with my very name, spelled “Viktor Hafiichuk”? Who knew? Is this a “Take Two” of sorts?

Why a recent genealogy interest and study of my Ukrainian roots, not that I have cared so much for these things as a believer who left all behind half a century ago, this world no longer being mine because I’ve sought and “found a better city,” having become a citizen of the Kingdom of God? What’s going on? What IS GOING ON?

Truth be told, I still don’t care. But it’s happening anyway, with likely more to come. Are these things all happenstance coincidences or orchestrations from above with a Marvelous Plan that is so personally related and carried out, yet totally beyond me?

Surely, there’s great significance! And Canada is so involved through its present socialist government and entwinement with the WEF. Hasn’t Klaus Schwab publicly boasted of “penetrating more than half” of the Trudeau governing cabinet?

Somehow, I recently “chanced” on a man at my son’s office, Geoffrey Papero, who has clued me in some on Ukraine; he lived there for a time. It was a curious meeting charged with an energy I haven’t explained. I’m perplexed by it. He tells me Christia Freeland, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister is Ukrainian and has a relatively close connection with Klaus Schwab and George Soros. World news confirms it. And how deeply is Canada, a minor country in this world, like Ukraine, having such significance suddenly? How is it Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world according to various reports? How are the Bidens so tied in with it?

And how is it that the province I live in – Alberta, is the one province of Canada locked in a “battle to the finish” through Premier Danielle Smith against the federal Trudeau Liberal regime led by Christia Freeland? And how are the two women facing off on this momentous battlefield, both Ukrainian and both from Alberta, my province since 1981 when God commanded me to enter from Manitoba, my birth province? (I’m told Premier Danielle is also Ukrainian.)

And how is it that my son with his small video company, Symbol Syndication was chosen by the Daily Wire in Nashville to shoot an interview in Calgary with Danielle Smith and Jordan Peterson? Not because of the Ukrainian/Russian conflict but as players in the Canadian conflict, which is directly related to the other?

How are all these things so if not appointed from above, that is, by powers above men?! And all this coming together, clustering in very recent years? Tell me there’s nothing to all this. How can we reasonably argue against these things?

People, there are upwards of 250-300 countries in this world’s present structure. Why do Canada and Ukraine, of past world historical mediocrity suddenly and dramatically have such meaningful existence?

Just 2 more very soft, almost meaningless, touches on Ukraine. Sometimes we say, “Ukraine” without an article and sometimes with, as in “The Ukraine?”

What gives?

And two, as I study Ukrainian at DuoLingo, I learn that the word in Ukrainian for “country” is, you guessed it, “ukraine.” How many other country names do we do that with? Possibly others but I can’t think of one off the top. For instance, is it Canada or “the” Canada,” Russia or “the” Russia, France or “the France”?

And does “Canada” mean, “country”? No. The original word is “Kanata,” a native word meaning, “village.” No other country names mean “country” in their language.

There may be an exception I now think of, that being “Congo,” and “the” Congo. But does Congo mean “country” like the word “country” in Ukrainian is “ukraine”? According to etymology, “Congo” is derived from a people called “hunters.”

I think there’s a reason for this peculiarity with Ukraine, being that Ukraine is a humble nation among the nations, not necessarily in geographical size, population, natural resources, or military strength, but in God’s sight, as if to say, “You are merely a country and shall be called that, a simple country.” Sound silly? It may be, but one must admit this is unusual.

It’s also on record, at least by world Jewry but also by others, that Ukraine has been the cruelest of nations in persecuting the Jews, even more than the Germans, Russians, and Poles. So, it seems God is dealing with the guiltiest of all countries against Jews now?

My letter confronted the Ukrainians on confessing and repenting of their sins against Jews if they were to have any hope of surviving. And they must forgive their brothers, the Russians.

And irony of ironies, the so-called leader of Ukraine – Zelensky, is a Jew!!! That’s right, a Jew!

Now, my wife just tells me that our one son Jonathan’s best friend’s wife, whom he just married, is Ukrainian. Where are all these Ukrainians coming from? Not a very significant tidbit in this subject, but still…?

I expect I’m nitpicking now and digressing a little.

Where are we going with all of this? Ask God. Don’t ask me. I don’t know. He does. I only see the amazing connections. I can claim no fame, credit, qualifications, or deliberate involvement in any of this, except as a passive component being carried along on a conveyor belt in the events of history, just an ordinary, nobody Ukrainian of tens of millions around the world.

EXCEPT, that I am God’s man of His Day, His chosen servant to represent Him in this world as no other. I’m nobody, He knows it, many people know it, and yet He has chosen to be Everybody in me.

Tell me how things in the works here prove to be only silly imaginations. I have nothing to defend or explain, only to relay to you what I see and as they present themselves. Ignore the small stuff, fine, but what about the big?

And if you don’t believe them or their amazing relationships with one another, then YOU are the one to explain, not me.

What do you do with all of this? Does it matter? Do you have any choice? Why am I telling you these things? I don’t know, except that I see them, am excited to see them, and know they’re headed in momentous historical directions, carrying me with them.

I can surely say that God has called me as His express servant in this Great Day of Judgment (yes, that’s what I call it). I believe all this Ukrainian connection has much to do with it, and I have much to speak to this day if anyone will listen.

Rare are those who will listen, as it’s so been with all the prophets throughout history, Biblical included. Isaiah has said: “Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?” (Isaiah 53:1) That entire chapter 53 of Isaiah has put Jewry in an unimaginable conundrum because of their unbelief. It is well to pay good attention to it, speaking unequivocally of none other than Yeshua HaMashiach, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many Jews have eliminated this chapter from their own Tanakh. They can’t reasonably explain it away.

They can’t stand seeing His Face. But He will save them and is even now at work to accomplish His will for the whole world, both Jews and Gentiles.

This is That Great and Final Day.

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