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We welcome you to The Issues of Life

People, it is time. We are here in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to call all to repentance. We are here to tell you that all your religions and religious works have been unacceptable and, worse yet, an insult to God. We are here to tell you that religious or not, you are being held accountable by God through the call you are now hearing to turn to Him.

Those who have been naming the Name of Christ, in whatever language or way you have chosen to do so, have been liars, to yourselves and to others. Your religious works are in vain, and deep down, you know it. God’s hand is not shortened, but you really do not believe Him, and have yet to take up your crosses to follow Him. You enlist conscience-salving works to try to justify yourselves, but there is no more time for that. You join and meet in all kinds of churches and religious works, which God hates. Jesus Christ is not in any of your churches, and who in their right mind would believe Him to be? Neither do you invite Him in; you hide from Him there. It is time to repent and get real.

We are here to tell the New Agers and religious philosophers of various stripes that your efforts at spirituality and enlightenment fall far short of God, and make you nothing more than insufferably unreal to man and God. You serve yourselves under a guise of enlightened concern that is a lie. Admit that you are out for yourselves, and let us get on with it. Get off your high horses, trash your high opinions of yourselves, and admit that you are not God, and that you cannot make Him whatever you wish Him to be.

We declare to all others that the testimony given of Jesus Christ is true; He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You have not known Him. Neither have those who profess Him. You cannot go on blaming Him because of the misconduct of others naming Him. He said when He returned He would not find faith on earth. You want equality? You have it. All are equal in sin, and in need of the Savior Who gave His life for the world.

The correspondences we send you, The Issues of Life, answer many contentions, questions and beliefs that propagate errors of darkness, evils, ignorance and rebellion. God, by His grace, and in His mercy, is giving light by which you may live. He is not leaving any stone unturned or anyone behind who will seek Him and turn away from his or her evil. He is answering even the unrepentant. Freely we have received, and freely we give these things to you. You will be without excuse before Him, should you continue to follow your own ways. These things can no longer be put off for tomorrow; there is no more tomorrow. The time is now.

Paul Cohen

A little of our background (by Victor Hafichuk)…

In 1971, God subjected me to some difficult circumstances, causing me to begin to consider the purpose of life and of all things. In 1972, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a dream while I was yet in sin. He had come to save me. In 1973, He sent a man to preach from the Holy Scriptures to me, that I might believe and be converted. Jesus Christ saved me from my sins and from the destroyer. I was delivered from death to life. In 1974, He gave me a wife. A month later, in 1975, my wife and I received the Spirit of God, whereby He began to deal with the sin nature, and to prepare me to serve Him. In 1976, He spoke to me saying, "I am hurting, I am hurting!" I felt His pain. He said His people were destroying themselves with all kinds of ungodly beliefs and practices, many of which were in His Name. He said that the religious systems were all full of lies and hypocrisy, utterly corrupt, every one of them. He called me out. He told me that I was to leave them behind as I would my own dung. He granted me the faith to obey Him. We came out.

In the years to come, the universe was the classroom, the Bible was the textbook, and Jesus Christ was the Master. What I had learned in many church systems as “God’s Truth,” purportedly substantiated by Holy Scripture, and what I was learning from God, truly substantiated in Holy Scripture, were very different, and contrary one to the other. I began to understand why I was to leave it all behind as dung. Paul the apostle made a similar reference in Philippians 3:8. God had used several believing and unbelieving persons in the whole process to teach me.

In 1979, the Lord sent my wife and me to Israel, to Paul Cohen, a new believer in Christ, to whom we spoke the Word of the Lord to deliver him from sin. We continued to be chastened, disciplined and taught of God for more than two decades more. In 1984, the Lord spoke to me, calling on me to give my life so that those people for whom He was hurting would have the knowledge of truth, whereby they would be saved from their destructives. In 2000, the power of the Lord broke forth, delivering me into victory. In 2004, Paul was finally released into victory, and now we stand before all the earth, speaking the truth to all.

We call on all peoples to listen, to repent, and to obey. We do not speak in vain. We know the Truth and we have given our lives for His sake to speak it for the sake of all hearers. Their religious thoughts and ways are to be condemned, because those religious thoughts and ways condemn those who believe and practice them. We have come to speak that which is not easy for others to hear, especially for the religious, because we touch their righteousness, which is not founded upon the Rock, Who is Jesus Christ. We come to bring truth, to deliver from lies, to shine the light, to lead out of darkness, to give life, to deliver from death. We come to judge, deliver, and to heal. Our credentials are none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Cursed are those who scoff and are offended, and blessed are they that believe and obey the Lord by us.

The Issues of Life is a correspondence dealing in real issues with real people, addressing the hearts of those involved, that they might be saved.

Victor Hafichuk

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