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Must Everything Be Spelled Out in the Bible?

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On his web site (, Darwin Fish states that he does not know of any true ministers of God, other than himself. After we inquired of him regarding our preaching, he unsubscribed without comment from The Issues of Life. Here is Victor’s response:

Darwin, we have taken you off the mailing list for The Issues of Life. In reading portions of your site, while some of what you say is true, you also teach much error. It is no surprise that you have no respect for what we have to say, which is the truth. After all, for one example of several, you say that it is fine for the true believer to masturbate, to satisfy his fleshly lusts, particularly if he or she is not married. I can agree with many of your arguments on that subject, and your objections to several arguments against masturbation are valid. However, on the whole, you are wrong.

The Bible addresses far more than you have allowed.

I suppose that in your perspective, it might be possible or appropriate that Jesus masturbated, seeing He took upon Himself the form of a man, along with man’s weaknesses, and was without wife. If it is fine for Darwin, it must be fine for Jesus, right? “Do you not know that to whom you yield yourselves as slaves for obedience, you are slaves to him whom you obey; whether it is of sin to death, or of obedience to righteousness?” (Romans 6:16)

“The Bible does not say one cannot or should not masturbate,” you write. The Bible does not say one cannot sniff cocaine or take crystal meth or read porn either. The Bible does not say one cannot smoke or sell porn movies. The Bible does not say many things directly, but for those who have a heart for truth and righteousness, it says and addresses far more than you have allowed. Is it possible that you are not as enlightened as you judge yourself to be?

“To the pure, all things are pure,” so, “To the pure-minded,” you say, “masturbation is therefore pure.” With that logic, defecating on one’s own doorstep for a welcome mat is pure (which is exactly what you do in your “Contact Us” qualification). “After all,” Darwin Fish says, “the Bible does not say you cannot or ought not to do it. It says that all things are pure, and only legalistic Pharisees, who bind heavy burdens, laying down laws not specifically mentioned in Scripture, would add to the Word of God.”

As judge of those who do or don’t believe, you have concluded there to be no true pastor but you. Is it because they don’t see the “proper release of sexual energies” as do you? You get rather magnanimous, though, qualifying your expressed convictions with, “Not that they have not and do not exist, but I am not familiar with any. But, wherever they may be, they would be in the same way as I am, believing the same things (i.e. God’s Word)….”

Do you have the correct understanding of God’s Word? Says who? Darwin Fish? And who is Darwin Fish? I read your testimony and find it is all about Darwin and his arch foe, John MacArthur, and other false teachers. You are hurt and bitter. You do not know for sure whether you are saved or not. Let me tell you this – if one is born again, he or she knows it.

Did Jesus teach such things and demand such of others?

In “Contact Us,” we see “The Manifesto of Judgmental Arrogance.” You sit there as God, demanding that we trust you unconditionally to use whatever we say or write. One can only tremble and pray that when entering the throne room, Darwin the Great will hold out the scepter. Those wishing to correspond with you are not granted some assurance or commitment from you, which any reasonable, balanced, or righteous, believing, working relationship demands. Did Jesus teach such things and demand such of others? There is no record of even a suggestion of that kind of conduct, attitude, or spirit on His part, yet you presume to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

You are another confused and hurting man among many, but who “eats his own.” You may print this letter, in full, anywhere you please. Post it in your “true church.” We may print it for you, Lord willing. This letter is to let you know in no uncertain terms that you blaspheme the Son of God, even in ways I have not mentioned. Play your guitar, put your picture in lights, glorify Darwin Fish, and continue in your bitterness and presumption in the Name of Jesus Christ, but know this – you will not, and already do not, fare well.

One once convicted by the Lord of that which you defend and teach, knowing others who also have been convicted of same, along with pornography and other vices, even to death, but now knowing better, by the grace of God, thereby taking a stand against ungodliness,


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