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Further along The Path of Truth

“Then He said to them, Therefore every scribe who is instructed to the Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who is a householder, who brings out things new and old out of his treasure” (Matthew 13:52).

Greetings to everyone on The Issues of Life!

We thought we would do something different this time and share some of the new postings on our web site. We have much more material than we might ever publish as individual issues, though some of these writings might be of great interest to many of you.

For Example:

The Purpose Driven Life: Promoting Christianity Without Christ – Who hasn’t heard of, or red, this book? Is it full of godly advice? See the title for our answer. For godly direction, go to the writing to hear about how and why this book misrepresents God, and how true and fulfilling life can be found.

What Happened to Kyle Lake – Did you hear about the pastor who prayed, “Surprise me, God!” No, this is not a joke. He was electrocuted minutes later in the baptistery. What better demonstration against light and irreverent religion could there be? It is a matter of life or death to know that God does indeed reign over Heaven and earth, 24/7, time without end.

A New Kind of Movie Review: The God Who Wasn’t There – How becoming a “Christian” without faith in Christ led to the erroneous premise and subsequently faulty conclusions portrayed in this movie. We address the issues raised therein with the filmmaker.

Answer to an Apologist for Worship of the KJV – Another posting rebutting the arguments of a King James Bible idolater. No matter how “accurate” the translation, or authentic the words might be, how can one receive the meaning of the spiritual Book and Record of God without the illumination of His Spirit?

Some New Sections:

Sappy Stories with Mushy Morals – At one time or another we all have received them. Some people loathe them, deleting them without a glance. Some people like them, and pass them on to you and me. Here we make lemonade from lemons.

Mormonism – There are several letters in this section dealing with the falsehoods and pernicious effects of Mormonism.

Universalism – Are all saved now, or will all be saved in due time? Some err by proclaiming the former, thereby promoting lawlessness, self-righteousness, and causing confusion, setting many up for bitter disappointment. Whereas the latter honors God, salutes His righteousness and sovereign Lordship, bringing sure hope of better things.

“Free Will”? – How free are we humans to do what we want? Is life a free-for-all, or is God in charge, after all? We give a definitive and Scriptural answer to this age-old question.

Our Testimonies – We have expanded this into a section now. Sara, our webmistress, has added her testimony, and others are on the way, Lord willing.

The Issues of Life – This is not a new section, though it may be for many of you, if, like me, you do not read the small print below! In this section we have posted every series in chronological order.

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