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Does Peter Have a Hospital?

We received the following request:


Our Response:

No problem, we shall remove your name from the mailing list immediately.

Let me also say this:

I see that you work for an organization that calls itself “Saint Peter’s.” If it was true that you were of the same mind and heart as the apostle Peter, then you and your organization would welcome our letters, not as a distraction, but as very life itself. We speak of and from the same Lord and God that Peter preached and gave his life for.

It is apparent that the taking of such names as is done here (“Saint Peter’s”) is a lie. Otherwise, as I said, you and your company would welcome those things that your namesake loved. Where in the world did anyone ever get the idea that hearing the word of God was not compatible with his or her work? Have you not heard that they that labor work in vain unless the Lord is with them? Why should you go on living and working outside of God when there is a better alternative? Honor God and there will be substance and reward.

I take it this is Saint Peter’s Hospital that I am writing to. Peter, who was not a doctor, healed the sick and raised the dead by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now you sit there and say, “Don’t send me mail about the Lord Whom Peter served, and by Whom he healed the sick; this is our work place where we are treating sick people.” For all your millions of dollars invested in equipment, training, and staff, how many dead have you raised? How many invalids who could not walk have you restored to wholeness? How many blind have you given sight to? Don’t you see what I am talking about? Your ways have not prospered your work (which, God forbid, can’t be interrupted by anything that has to do with His light and direction for man!), especially compared to the power and glory of God in Jesus Christ, the One Whom Peter worshipped and served by His grace.

And what things do you (I speak to St. Peter’s) reap in all your work? The medical system has helped some, but look at the costs! Not only in dollars, but the many who suffer from medications, sometimes the wrong ones (quite tragically), sometimes the right ones which have worse side effects than the intended help they are prescribed for. And then there are surgeries, many of which have been unnecessary or botched. And what of the lack of understanding of nutrition, and the basics of life that if taught and adhered to would alleviate much of the suffering?

And if that was not enough, the medical establishment, whom you represent, also opposes many things that actually help people, denying or belittling their use because of perceived economic threat.

If you people turned to God, and heard what He has to say, and took it to heart, how different and blessed you could be in your work! But you turn a deaf ear because you have work to do! You serve your bellies and not God (Whom Peter served). Damn the work if you must ignore God to do it! Certainly the work has been damning others to pain, suffering, and ignorance, being kept in darkness by and large.

The Lord is calling on everyone, everywhere, to repent of following lies and other gods and to turn to Him Who has given us all things, even His life. To Him is all worship due. Our work is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. So we also say to you: Repent.

Serving the One Whom Peter loved unto death,

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