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False Teacher – Al Thomas

Does Darkness Invite Light?


We had this exchange with a minister of the false gospel, who questioned unsolicited invitations to hear the true:

Hi Vic:

I suddenly started to receive your ministry e-mail comments and e-mailed back to you that my policy was to only add people to my mailing list (IF THEY REQUEST IT)…knowing the great annoyance of unsolicited e-mails.

I never put people on my mailing list unless they request it. I mail via US Post Office thousands of Celebrating His Life teaching Newsletters to those who want it. Unsolicited e-mail or US mail is frowned upon.

With all due respect…I suggest you do the same.

It’s only the polite thing to do, don’t you agree?

Of course, we (you and myself) want anyone to enjoy our thoughts, revelations, teaching, etc. but must be very careful to only add those who request to receive same, don’t you think?

Don’t misunderstand, your ministry is great, but not to those who have no interest…

Keep me on your list…

Please reply to my comments, OK?

Respectfully, His,


Victor’s reply:

Hi Al,

You requested a reply to your comments. I would have replied had you not requested such. While we will certainly allow or wait for some to take the initiative, we are not here to be led at the whim and fancy or dictates of men.

Yes, you “suddenly started” to receive our correspondence. Is that not the way the Lord said He would come? Did He say that the Kingdom of God comes with permission, or without observation? Did He say He would come by invitation or did He say He would come “as a thief, at an hour that you know not“?

Al, have you heard of anything more ridiculous than that of needing an invitation to invite someone? If I want to invite you to my home, must I wait for you to invite me to invite you?

Does darkness invite the light or is it simply expelled at the introduction of light? Does light seek permission of darkness, or does it simply come and replace it? Do you not know that Light does not need permission from darkness?

WE are the ones doing the inviting. GOD is the One doing the inviting. Does one need an invitation to an invitation?

Precisely one year ago today, on January 5, 2004, I had a vision. I had been accused of being arrogant and presumptuous in my speech to some. They, like you, did not think we had the right to say the things we were saying or to do that which we do. In seeking the Lord on this, I saw a two-story rectangular house with a third pitch roof. Suddenly, two square windows appeared on each longer side of the house, four in all, on the second story. There were no windows or doors on the first floor. With the appearance of the windows, light entered, and the once dark second story was illumined (I saw the floor of the second story). Then I heard the words: “Is light arrogant? Is the light arrogant when dispelling darkness?”

Darkness resents the Light. If you were a true prophet of God, you would know these things as quite elementary, and certainly would not have to be told. We are not telling you now so that you will know and change your approach, but so that you will know that God sees your thoughts and ways. They are presumptuous and evil.

You say, “Unsolicited e-mail or US mail is frowned upon.” Tell me, Al, if you would frown had I sent you a thousand dollars for your ministry, without your solicitation or any strings attached. I don’t think so. But you are a servant of darkness, and think as does darkness, pleasing the flesh, and it is no wonder that we have been sent to you. God is finished winking at your ways. He has nothing whatsoever to do with your “ministry.”

You write, “Of course, we (you and myself) want anyone to enjoy our thoughts, revelations, teaching, etc. but must be very careful to only add those who request to receive same, don’t you think?

While you are certainly in the business of pleasing men and seeking their praise (John 12:43), it is not about people “enjoying our thoughts, revelations, teaching, etc.” You breathe treachery against God with nearly everything you speak, Al. You are a manpleaser. You savor the things that are of men. You are an offence to God.

You are a flatterer. You write, “Don’t misunderstand, your ministry is great, but not to those who have no interest….

What do you know of our ministry? You have nothing to do with God. Therefore you have no interest in it. Why would you say, “It is great”? You speak of “being polite,” of “doing things correctly,” and of “having good manners.” It is all your own righteousness. However, you are going to hear what is being spoken, interested or not, whether you deem us to be rude and as having bad manners or not.

Al, you need to repent of your sins and of your works. You are headed for sure destruction. If you repent, the Lord will spare, open your heart, and give you that which is good and true. I hope you hear and heed. Of what value is anything else?

Victor Hafichuk

Al wrote the following letter to Paul:


I am a traveling minister, my web site – – tells about our ministry.

Along with traveling and ministering in churches, I mail a monthly teaching newsletter and have a standing rule not to put anyone on my mailing list unless they ask to be on it. In like manner some people get quite irritated with unsolicited e-mails. It’s simply good manners to ask first. Don’t misunderstand…I’m not irritated and I’m sure you’re doing a good thing, but believers must do that thing correctly (smile).

Do you pastor anywhere? Where do you go to church?

His richest blessings…


Paul’s reply:


You asked what church we go to. To you, apparently, it is the church of bad manners.

You say it is not polite to send letters unsolicited. Unless someone asks, you say that we should not send anyone anything. I saw that your website is all about promoting your “ministry” of prophecy and healings, also asking for donations. That helps me to understand why you act and speak as you do, not being willing to upset anyone that can potentially benefit your “ministry.” You make a worldly business out of the gospel, which is perverted by doing so. Your way is not the way of God. His church is sent to preach the true gospel, and that without charge or solicitation.

God does not need to ask for the permission of sinners to tell them to repent or to bring them the good news of reconciliation with Him through Jesus Christ. How foolish of one claiming to be a minister to think so! The Creator does not need the permission of His creatures to do whatever He wills with them, period. Jesus did not ask permission of those to whom He was sent. The apostles did not ask permission, when, by His commandment, they also were sent. They were in the favor and service of God, and did not seek to please men as you do. He told them to shake the dust from their feet in those places where they were not welcome. If they were not welcome then, according to you, they had no business being there. Clearly you do not serve the same God.

Al, you come as a friend who cares, but you are truly an enemy of God and mankind by your self serving and preserving ways. You do not care for anyone but yourself. Though men may be deceived by your kisses, He is not. By your ways you damn God because He dares to speak the truth “uninvited,” which offends your righteousness. He, unlike you, does care, and is willing to be maligned, misunderstood, and even to be misrepresented (for a time), but He will have the final word, for the good of all. And while those professing to be His servants, such as you, refuse Him, He sends His servants to gather those rejected of men, not by their invitation, but by His diligently seeking them out:

“And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled” (Luke 14:23).

“How impolite of God to compel anyone!” you say.

Paul did not ask the Athenians their permission to tell them about their idols. Stephen did not ask permission to speak to the Jews who, because of his unsolicited and unwanted testimony, called him to the council, and later stoned him. Had he asked permission, as you do, he would not have been stoned. He would have been their polite “friend,” as you are, at one with the world, and therefore the enemy of God.

The sower does not ask the ground permission to plant seed in it. Some ground is not worthy, but the seed goes there anyway, and not without purpose of Him Whose words are not returned void. Paul was there to see what happened with Stephen. The testimony of God through Stephen was planted in Paul, who was made into good ground for the seed, yielding much fruit.

You are a preserver of the flesh, an enemy of the cross, a liar and a cheat. You tell lies to men and cheat God, using His Name for your own gain. Time is up on this scandalous behavior, Al. Repent. I expect you will not, but will further embrace the destruction that God has determined on you, being hardened in your sins to the end. Nevertheless, you are warned, and the seed, which you have not asked for, but which we have planted, will have its day.

Serving His body, the true church, by His grace,



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