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Christ vs. Christianity

Here is Akaid’s reply after Paul’s letter to him, which answered the list regarding “essentials of Christianity.”

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the reply. The main reason for wanting you to post the letter you sent to me on your newsletter is not for others to disagree with you. Mainly, I think it would be fair to your readers that they know what the historic Christian faith holds as essentials and your response to those essentials.

I was prompted because of the response you received from the Buddhist lady rejecting your newsletter. As you stated in your last reply you do not agree with the core tenants of Christianity and I am saddened that this lady has lumped together your teachings with those of the Christian faith and of Christ.

You preach a different gospel and a different Jesus Christ than that revealed in Scripture. Though this is not the official rebuttal to your response about the essentials, that will be another email.



Victor writes:

Hi, Akaid, Victor here,

You write: “I was prompted because of the response you received from the Buddhist lady rejecting your newsletter. As you stated in your last reply you do not agree with the core tenants of Christianity and I am saddened that this lady has lumped together your teachings with those of the Christian faith and of Christ.”

While we will take the opportunity to determine whose teachings are true and whose false, for now I have a simple question of curiosity. Where in our response to which you refer did we “not agree with the core tenants (should be “tenets”) of Christianity”? I await your reply.

Victor’s response to Akaid’s reply (in dark red):

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ, Akaid,

I will reply within this, your introductory letter stating your intention to have some public correspondence and debate on true and false Christianity, and declaring that we represent the false. I hope this reply will not deter you from following through on your intentions. We rejoice, and welcome the opportunity, and I can tell you as of now, that God, in this event, has delivered you and your companions, if you have such, into our hands. I serve you notice, that by the time we are done, you will be a different man from what you are now, as will be your companions. You will not walk away the same at all. You may remain possibly and likely in disagreement, at enmity with us, although I hope, and would rather that you came to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, worshiping Him in spirit and in truth, which you do not now. In any case, you will never be the same.

You write: “Hello Victor,

My apologies for not making it clear when referring to the Buddhist email. The reason I referred to that email is because she is under the assumption that you represent Christianity. I am not necessarily referring to your reply to her as a point of contention, for that I wanted to lay the ground work by defining the essentials or tenets (thanks on the spell correction) of Christianity.

The lady to whom you refer is indeed under the assumption that we represent “Christianity.” The question is, “Was she thinking we represented true Christianity, or false?” You say, “false.” I say that we certainly were not representing Christianity, as you know it. On that we can wholeheartedly agree. However, we were not representing Christianity at all, but Christ. You see, Christianity is a religion, but Christ is God. Christianity is all about man relating to God his way, as with you, but true faith is not at all about doctrine, or men’s works and religious philosophies, but about God Himself. That is where you err, Akaid, tragically. You only know what you have heard from other men about Him, little if any of it true, but we know Him. That makes all the difference between us. Not knowing Him, and judging us by your false knowledge of Him, you fault and oppose us.

You continue: “For the sake of information to the readers I thought it would be beneficial for all if they understood your view on the essentials of Christendom. What I mean that you do not represent Christianity is because you deviate from clear core teachings of the historic Christian faith given to us from God through the Scriptures.

What you really mean to say is that you would like for them to hear about the “true Christianity,” so that they can make an enlightened and fair decision. What they have been hearing from us is Truth, and what you wish for them to hear is the Babylonish, pagan false doctrine taught and practiced these many centuries in the Name of Christ, which you believe to be “gospel truth.”

While we are not deviants (the false is not the foundation at all, as you suppose) we most definitely have renounced and do denounce pagan Christianity and its “core teachings” taught for nearly two millennia.

“Given to us from God through the Scriptures,” you say? Not at all. Men have come and said what they believed, read into the Scriptures what they believed, and claimed that God has revealed these things to them. It will not be difficult to prove you wrong, except that men are blind to the Truth of the Scriptures, seeing in them that which they have been taught by false teachers, and unable to see otherwise. I know because I was there too. Spiritual blindness is an amazing thing. For example, you likely believe in celebrating Christmas, that it is a godly event. How evil it is, and how blind you are to believe it is godly! You believe in keeping Sunday, or any day, or no day as a day of rest, but Sunday is by far the popular choice. Why? You will not be able to show me anything in Scripture that defends that pagan, yes, pagan institution/notion. Yet you are desirous that others hear about “true Christianity”? How about yourself? Try That Devilish Spirit of Christmas and our section on the Sabbath for starters. Of course, there are many other doctrines that, on record are founded in paganism, but you think they are “core tenets of Christianity.” How shall the blind lead the blind, Akaid?

You write: “Thus just like any other religion, believe system or cult having the title ‘Christian’ or using Christian words like Jesus Christ but yet denying the essentials of the faith is a misrepresentation. I intended to demonstrate in a future email(s) (Jan. 3 at least) that such is the case from Paul’s response to these essentials. You will receive a response soon.

I will tell you now that the biggest and most well known cults in this world are all the denominations that have hirelings for leaders, people pleasers, calling themselves “Father,” or “Reverend,” or “Rabbi,” contrary to the Lord’s words, asking for money to preach their “gospel,” contrary to the Gospel. They build big, fancy buildings, dress in their “Sunday best,” impress everyone, preach mealy-mouthed sermons so as not to offend, and people are persuaded that they can have social benefit and companionship by joining these enterprises. But those who come away, at great cost, taking up the cross to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in Reality, forsaking all, you label as a “cult,” condemning them as frauds, as “misrepresentations.”

Your doctrines are the misrepresentations of Christ, Akaid, and not ours.

Best Regards,


A QUESTION FOR YOU, AKAID: Have you experienced the saying by the apostle Paul, “All those who will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution”? No? Why not? The answer is rhetorical, answered right in the statement. You represent the “comfortable pew of doctrine and social benefit,” a telltale characteristic right there of how valid your “Christianity” really is.

I very much look forward to bringing forth the True and exposing the false. I thank God for the opportunity.

Contending for the faith once delivered to the saints,


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