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False Teacher – Otto Gershon

A Matter of Motive

More important than what you do is why you do it. Motive determines the ultimate outcome of all things. That is how we know that good is determined from above, because God, Who alone is good, is in full control of everything that happens. For this He is considered the devil by some, especially when He sends His servants, uninvited by sinners, to call.

Otto wrote us after receiving our introduction letter to The Issues of Life:

Shalom Sirs,

I received your email and found it to be a bit vitriolic, though also encouraging. The Spirit of YHVH, the Holy Spirit, has been sharing similar things with me over the years. I have also experienced them to be increasingly true in my daily experience.

However, your presentation of these things, while making yourself out to be such great prophets of God, makes it difficult for me to receive these words from you, even when I agree with many of the things you say. How much more difficult would it be for someone to receive one or more of the truths so as to gain freedom, if they are still steeped in the lies and bound by darkness? They have enough to struggle with in fighting the darkness of their lies. It would make it easier for them if they did not have to also struggle with condemnation and a proud presentation, even if it is just the appearance of one rather than the motive. Wouldn’t you rather win them to the truth and ensuing freedom than drive them away? I suppose I am encouraging you to use more honey and less salt. Also, focus on the truth and not so much on your resume. If you speak the truth, that is resume enough. Yeshua Himself allowed His works to speak for themselves.

One other thing, where did you get my email address? If you send me mail unsolicited, and yet call yourselves servants of light, than I have a right to hold you to that account and to know where you attained my email address.


Otto Gerstmann

Victor’s reply:

Greetings in Christ Jesus, Otto,

I think that “vitriolic” might be a bit vitriolic, don’t you think? My dictionary tells me it means, “extremely biting or caustic, sharp and bitter.” If you are referring to our introduction letter, we certainly fail to see the validity of your assessment and opinion. Nevertheless, we do not mince words, Otto. While we do understand your concern about approach, we have learned that those who are babied into the Kingdom are seldom in, but only appear to be so. We have tried the “soft approach” and have found people looking for things other than life through the cross. The reason we were trying the soft approach was because it was our works, savoring the things that are of men, and not quite or yet in our time of work in Christ. Now it is our time, and we must speak forth that which is necessary, the way it is necessary. If anything, we have held back, to our shame.

I think that you also falsely accuse us of “making ourselves out to be such great prophets of God.” Though we speak that which is given and true, we are not making ourselves out to be anything of the kind. We are not interested in being recognized as prophets or anything else for that matter. Even now, as I answer you, I answer for you and not only for us, though in our flesh, we have nothing but evil, while His motivation is love. Still, we are what we are, and by Him we speak, whether any believe or not. We are assured that what we are given to speak will bear fruit. Even in your critical stance toward us, you acknowledge that what we are saying is true. That is good to hear, not because we need or seek your praise, but because truth recognized and believed by anyone is reward in itself for us.

You say, “Also, focus on the truth and not so much on your resume. If you speak the truth, that is resume enough. Yeshua Himself allowed His works to speak for themselves.”

I don’t believe we were “focusing on our resume” so much as testifying of where we were coming from, and how we got to be here. After all, I would think that readers should get some kind of notice or explanation. Perhaps that is not necessary as you say. In that “resume,” we did speak the truth, and from there on in, if you continue to receive our correspondence, you will find nothing more or less than the truth, by the grace of God. We take nothing more seriously, knowing we serve the Highest, owe Him our lives, desire to do His will perfectly, and will give an account to Him.

Where we received your email address, I will let Paul answer. I do not know. As to holding us in account, we don’t mind at all telling you where we got it. Why should we? We have nothing to hide, or to be apologetic about. Soberly and humbly consider that you are the one being called into account before God, Otto, and He does not need your permission to speak to you, or do you think otherwise? Tell me where you find anywhere in Scripture that “servants of light” (the true Light of Christ) were invited to speak and spoke only when invited. If He has sent us to speak to you, then you are the one to give an account to Him, and not we to you. I think you need to consider the possibility of your being quite arrogant and presumptuous, not believing as you think or ought. We hope for better things for you.


Victor Hafichuk

Paul’s reply:

Hi Otto, Paul here.

I found your address on the web site.

As for your letter, I have some more salt for you: Your words and reasonings are satanic; you speak as a preserver of the flesh. Your words sound noble, but you indulge men, not God, in your petition to us. Also, it is your own flesh you seek after, and not the salvation of others. Peter spoke to spare himself when he sought to dissuade the Lord from His mission. That became evident when Jesus was taken to be crucified, to Peter’s shame.

I would hope that like Peter, you too would receive rebuke, and repent. If you are His, you will. If not, you are one of the many who profess Christ (Mashiach), but have been sown by another spirit, under the cover of darkness. The will of the Lord Jesus Christ be done.


See how Otto deceived us, and set a trap for himself by doing so: His Words Were Smoother Than Butter.

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