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That Prophet, Episode #22 – Exposing the False and Manifesting The True

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Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord Jesus… For the words to be said, and You’ll give me the words to speak.

I’d like to start off by making very clear to everyone, whether they receive it or not, whether they understand, whether they believe me or not… I do want to make it very clear where I’m coming from. 

And that is that I love the Lord Jesus Christ. He appeared to me in a dream in 1972; He gave me repentance in 1973. He took my vices away; I had all kinds of vices: smoking and drinking, masturbating, yes, which many, many people do; that I know, in dealing with thousands of people. All of vile things that happen in this world. And some people even condone those sorts of things, as though there was something good about them, or healthy about them, or necessary; it’s all garbage.

But anyway, back in 1973, the Lord gave me repentance, turned my life right around. That was the Lord Jesus Christ.  I called on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Jesus Christ of the Scriptures, the One Who died for our sins, and Who was buried, and raised the third day. Raised from the dead, He raised Himself from the dead. That’s the Jesus Christ I’m talking about. 
And I want to say that in the churches, they have the doctrine, they have the letters, they’ve got the words, that this is the same Jesus Christ that they worship; although in many of these modern churches, they don’t even say that they worship that Jesus Christ. They don’t believe in the One Who raised Himself from the dead; they don’t believe in the One Who did all those miracles that are reported in both Old and New Testaments. They don’t believe Him.  

The whole Christian Church has become – I’m talking about the external church – it has just become a den of thieves, a pack of liars, just blasphemers, hypocrites, a brood of vipers…that’s what they are, that’s what they are. All the churches out there. I don’t see one church out there… The Lord told me back in 1975… In 1975, by the way; in ’72 He appeared to me in a dream; in ’73 He gave me repentance; in 1975, in gave my wife Marilyn and me the Holy Spirit, with the gifts, as mentioned, as declared, in the Scriptures, as the disciples and saints received; same thing, same experience, alright? 

He gave me all that. That is the Jesus Christ that I’m talking about. And He took us through the systems, the religious systems. I started off as a Catholic; and I thought I was a true Christian. As far as I was concerned, the Catholic Church was the only true church. I was raised believing that. 

And just think about this: everybody is raised, if they are raised in a church, they are raised according to the church that they are raised in; that’s what they believe to be true. Imagine that. And every one of them thinks they are the right ones, isn’t that amazing? All the Catholics, born Catholics: “I’m Catholic, I’m in the right church. I believe the best way, the right way, the true way.” Right? “The unified church, we have the same mass throughout the earth, wherever you may be, we have that unity.” And then there is the Baptists who come along and say that they have that right doctrine. The Presbyterians, the Episcopalians, the Methodists, the Salvation Army. You can’t really be a true believer unless you are one of them. It doesn’t matter who you are.

Folks, I’m telling you, they are all wrong. They’re all wrong. And I’ll tell you something that’s very different for me, than it was for all of these people that are born, raised and have remained in their churches. I’ve been there, I’ve been brought out of there. God, by His grace and mercy, by miraculous deliverance, brought me out of that bondage, that darkness, that I thought was light. And He gave me new life; my life turned right around, upside down, inside out. No longer bound by vices, no longer bound by guilt, no more bound by fear, and purposelessness. No, He gave me new life, which is what He promised, and He kept His promise. How wonderful is that? How wonderful is that? It’s wonderful. 

But when I go to all those churches, I don’t see that happening with any of those people. 
Many years ago now, it’s been decades, since we’ve been in any one of those churches, because the Lord told me: “Get out of there. Get out of there; leave it behind as you would leave behind your own dung.” 

Well let me ask you something, folks: if He told me to do that, which He did. You’ll argue, you won’t believe me. But if He told me to do that, then, doesn’t it go to show that He won’t be there? Why would He hang around there if He is asking me to leave it behind as though I was leaving behind my own dung? Why would He tell me that? He is not there, folks. Whatever church you are going to, I don’t care if it’s the Catholic Church, or the Reform Church, any of the Reform Church, the Reform Reform Church… It’s all garbage, it’s all what God hates. It’s the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, it’s the denominations of 2,000 years ago, when He was on earth and preaching, and ministering. It’s the same thing. Now you’re in denominations. Paul, in Corinthians, says: “Get out of denominations; what are you doing? Why are you being partisan?”

But I want to say that this Lord Jesus Christ of the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, He is the One I believe on. He is the One Who has delivered me, healed me, given me purpose, and hope, and joy, and love, and power. He has given me all of that, wisdom, understanding; He has given me all that, according to the promises of the Scriptures. I have proven Him, I have proven the Scriptures. They are true, they are true. 

The Lord has given me a new lease on life just in the last few years. I was talking about 1972, when He first appeared to me; 1973 when I repented, 1975 when we received the Spirit; and then all those years after that, there was so much that happened, so much that He was teaching us. In March of 1976, He told me to leave all the religious stuff behind, all the organizations, all the practices, all the doctrines, leave them all behind. “Leave them behind as your own dung. I will teach you.” And He became our master, our teacher. The Bible became the textbook; and the whole world was the classroom. And Jesus taught from nature, He taught from everything and everybody. He had things to say about anything and everything. Because it’s all His creation. By Him, it says in the Scriptures, all things consist. They’re all made by Him; they’re all engineered by Him; they’re all maintained by Him. Both good and evil. Yes, both good and evil. 

Oh, but the goody-two-shoes in all the churches: “Oh, He would never do anything evil.” No? Wouldn’t He? The Scriptures are full of that. 

And now, let me tell you something else. The Day of the Lord. Everybody talks about it. “Oh, won’t it be wonderful when Jesus comes? Won’t it be wonderful when Jesus comes?” Those very people that say that kind of thing don’t know Him. They don’t know Him. They wouldn’t be able to talk that way. They don’t know that Jesus Christ is present, He is here; He is here, now. If He is within you, like believers say He is when they “accept Him as their Lord and Savior,” and He comes, what… “into their heart,” that’s the expression that’s used, so often used, by people who really don’t know Him. But if He is that close, if He is in you, can He get any closer? Whether in time or space? Think about that! The whole thing is a big mess. It’s a sham. All these denominations, and these church gatherings, they’re all man’s imitations of God’s Kingdom. That’s what they are. Just like socialism.

Socialism is a pretense, a presumptuous mockery, makeup of God’s Kingdom; that’s what it is. It’s man establishing his own righteousness. Man trying to correct humanity, or this world, by his own power and by his own intelligence, neither of which he has. These socialist experiments have failed everywhere, whether it’s in the Soviet Union, or Russia, or China, or Vietnam, or Cuba, or Venezuela, any of the East European countries; they all failed, every last one of them. 

And now, I’m amazed, they’re listening to Bernie Sanders, and they’re listening to the socialists, to the leftists? Wow, you know what? Who they are voting for isn’t so scary, it’s who’s doing the voting that’s scary. I’ve never seen the electorate be so foolish, so stupid, so ill informed, so ignorant; and yet, they think they know it all. Talk to Americans, they think they know it all. Talk to the kids in the universities, they don’t know anything, they are so ignorant of history, the whole bit, alright? They don’t know the Lord, and a lot of them may profess to be Christians, alright? They go to some church. But they don’t know any better. 

I know the Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, Almighty God, yes, Almighty God, that’s Who He is. I know Him, I know Him, I know Him. Get that! One can know Him, and commune with Him. That’s what the Scriptures teach, that’s why He came, that’s why He laid down His life, to take It up again, and give His Spirit, which He did at Pentecost, 50 days later after His resurrection. He gave His Spirit, He shed His Spirit on His disciples, there were about 120 in the upper room. And from there, others received His Spirit, and they went forth from there and multiplied. 

That’s what happened. It was a real thing. It wasn’t church, it wasn’t charity, it wasn’t works, it wasn’t all the things that you see in the churches today. They drive to church, and they have the church service for 1-1 ½ hour, and boom, they’re right out the door, and down the road with their what… minivans, and the five kids coming out of the Reform Church, heading home already, because there is what… a roast in the oven and the preacher has done his duty. And so now, they’ve done all their duty, just by sitting there and listening, bored to death for 1-1 ½  hour. And then, guess what? They live like hellions for the rest of the week; they do anything and everything vile that you can think of. And I do mean everything. And they’re guilty of masturbation, and pornography, and adultery, fornication. 

Yes, the churches are filled with these people. You think atheists are bad, you think guys like what… Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens, the late, or Bill Maher, or some of these guys are any worse? Maybe it’s better to be them; at least they are what they are, they don’t make any bones about it. But for people who profess the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they go ahead and live the kind of lives they live? 

And you guys all call me a cult. A cult!  What is a cult? They called Jesus a cult in His day. Because He wasn’t a Pharisee, He wasn’t in the mainline system. He wasn’t a Sadducee, He wasn’t in any of those denominations; His disciples had to come out of all of that. They weren’t part of that; John the Baptist wasn’t part of that. Believers weren’t part of that. None of the prophets were part of that. God never chose people from within man’s organized structures and left them there and appointed them to speak. If you are hearing people prophesying in these churches, in these mega-churches: “Oh, thus sayeth the Lord, oh I love you, you are My children, My dear children, etc., etc. I’m taking care of you, hard times are coming, but don’t worry about it.” They prophesy all this bullshit, yes, bullshit. Oh, is that a terrible word for a Christian to use? You know what? It might sounds terrible to the goody-two-shoes, but I’ll tell you, it’s reality. It’s reality. And it’s just what it is. 

Maybe it’s not as clean as bullshit, because bullshit can be used for manure. Dog shit and cat shit can’t be, alright?  And there is a lot of crap out there that is so useless; it’s far more useless than bullshit. Bullshit has its place, in the right place, for fertilizer; fertilizing crops. But some of the other stuff, has to be buried, just totally eliminated from the scene. And that’s what’s going on in churches. God has come to eliminate all that crap. Yes. 

And people talk about “The Wonderful Day of the Lord.” Is it going to be wonderful? What does the Bible say about The Day of the Lord? A day of wrath, that’s what it says, a day of a terrible conflagration, of destruction, of woe. Read Joel, read Revelation, read other passages in the Scriptures. It’s a terrible day. Why? Because God has to destroy all the crap, all the evil, all the evildoings of men. Just like He did in the flood, in Noah’s day. Just like He did in Sodom and Gomorrah, in Lot’s day, Abraham’s day. He had to do that there; He has to do it now. 

Didn’t Jesus say, in Matthew and Luke, that these days, that we are in right now, would be just like in the days of Noah; where people were eating and drinking, and building, and planting, and harvesting, marrying, and giving in marriage. They were doing all those things, all the normal, and in themselves, legitimate things, in and of themselves. They would be doing all of that. Or be “life is normal.” And everybody would be saying: “Peace, peace.”

No, the Lord is here now, and even some of you are realizing there is not quite as much peace as you were hoping or expecting. These days that are here now are horrible. They are just horrible. I never dreamed I would have to be so vexed by what’s happening now; it’s crazy. It’s a mad, mad world. Satan has come down to earth, having great wrath, knowing that he has but a short time, a short time.

So what he is doing is pouring out all this filth on everybody. Everybody, all the inhabitants of the earth. But those who are in the Heavens, those who are in the spiritual realm, those who love the Lord Jesus Christ, those whose lives have been changed, transformed, by His Power, by His Spirit, they rejoice, they lift up their heads, for their redemption draws near. 

So, this is one hell of a day. God has come with His fire, and I am speaking on His behalf. That’s what I’m doing, I’m speaking on His behalf. And I’m saying things to you people right now, that you don’t hear in the churches. You don’t hear it there. You just go to church services, and you have a good time, you do your duty, you salve your conscience and you’re gone. You’re gone about your business and you couldn’t give a damn about anybody or anything. Really when you get down to it, get honest. You don’t care about anybody but yourself. That’s the human nature.

And there is so much confusion, so much confusion. And we put down the Muslims, yeah, they are a nasty, nasty bunch. But why? God has sent Muslims to destroy all this carcass, this dead, filthy, stinking carcass of the Christian church. The Lord is sending in the hyenas, and the jackals, and the maggots, to eat up the dirty, rotten leftovers of what’s left of the Christian church. The original Christian church was a spiritual church, and now it’s nothing more than a whore, a harlot. And so the Muslims are saying, and I’m not condemning the Muslims any more than I am anybody else, I’m talking to the Christians here right now, and not just the Catholic Church. People are so proud that they are not Catholic, and there are people who are so proud that they are Catholic, and they are both wrong. They are both wrong, the whole thing is rotten, rotten to the core. 

And the Muslims have come to destroy all that, and they say…they look at the women, and the women are partly naked. And they say: “Hey, so you want… what are you doing, toying with men’s feelings? Alright, we’ll show you. We’ll give you a little bit of taste of what you should be getting for tempting men that way.” And they don’t believe in homosexuality, they don’t, alright? The Koran condemns it; the Bible condemns it, alright? And I’m not condemning homosexuals. 

I can name some people here that I would say: “Hey, I’m so thankful to hear some of the things that they have to say.” I think Straka – I think that’s his name – is one of them. Milo Yiannopoulos is another. And there are a few others. And I think, man, you know, they are what they are, but boy, they say some pretty good things. They’re saying things that some Christians should be saying, and are too afraid to say, or too lily livered, they don’t have a back bone; they don’t have any substance. 

But some people, whether it’s the Muslims, or any of the other groups, it’s their conviction and they are living according to their conviction. I’m not saying that they are going to get away with it, I’m not saying that. I’m saying that there is going to be a price to pay for everybody, for every sin that is contrary to the Law of Moses, to the Laws of the Judeo-Christian belief system, contrary to the Lord Jesus Christ.

But it’s all happening, God is working both good and evil; good and evil, both of them. One against the other, light against darkness, that’s what’s happening. And you’re going to see Light come through, but, boy, you’re going to see a hell paid. I’m expecting a second American civil war; a bloody, bloody, bloody, bloody conflagration, it’s going to be a mess; it’s going to be worse than the first one. It’s coming to that; now it’s already taking position, you’ve already seen the shots fired, here, there and everywhere. A lot of the leftists have killed people on the right, or attempted to kill them; it’s happening. 

The war in the Heavens in waging, and raging, and we are going to be going through all of this. This is the fire that God has sent. What kind of Day of the Lord is this? This is The Day of the Lord. But no, you’re talking about Him appearing in the sky somewhere, physically? Those are all carnal reasonings, carnal reasonings. You’re being duped, you’re expecting a rapture to take you out of this? How many people have been raptured so far, that you know of? And yet how many have been killed, as “nominal Christians?” Alright? 

For years, we preached to the Nigerians preachers; we confronted the Nigerian preachers on the Internet, many of them. Bishop so and so, bishop so and so, several names, you can go to The Path of Truth, and you can see those addresses, and the names of those people, it’s all there at, you go there. 

Now, back to where I was, you call me a cult, they called Jesus a cult, because He wasn’t part of the system. I’m not part of the system, I’m not part of the stupid doctrines, the wicked doctrines that you have, like “The Trinity,” and so many other doctrines, right? 

And Ishtar, Easter, right? Ishtar, the goddess of fertility? And the churches, with their arched doors and steeples? What? Representing the fertility organizations, worshipping Ashtoreth, and Baal. That’s who is being worshipped there in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, taking His Name in vain. Wow, talk about begging for wrath. Talk about begging for trouble. 

Well, the Lord has overlooked a lot of that stuff. He brought me through the stuff. I was there too. He brought me through it, and He brought me out of it. And He drew me aside for decades, put me through all kinds of experiences, me and those with me, my wife and others. He’s put us through them. 

I saw a storm coming, back in 1995-1996. And we were all gathered at one point there, and I thought “Wow.” Something was coming to me, there was a storm coming. And I thought, it is such a ferocious storm, is anybody going to make it? And of all those people that were seated that day, when we gathered, and I received that revelation of that storm coming, the only ones left, the only ones surviving are my wife and me. Everybody else is gone. Everybody else went their way, every last one of them. They went back to whatever desires of this world that they had. 

And the people that remained for a few years after that time that I had that revelation, they just messed around with things, they just abused things, they stole things, they lied, they cheated. Yes, the Bensons, yes! And they did all of that kind of things. They are all gone, they are all gone. And I’m so thankful that all that history is gone, it’s over with.

But the Lord brought me through. He brought my wife through. She was in there with all kinds of trouble as well.  And we all had to suffer that, and there was a purpose in it. There was a purpose in it. He was working both good and evil. So here we are.

And all those decades, the Lord’s been training me, teaching me, preparing me, to speak to you, as that prophet. Wow, is that ever presumptuous, is that ever blasphemous, is that ever stupid and ignorant? Is that ever a cult leader? Folks, I’m telling you what I know, I’m telling you what is true, I’m telling you what I am telling you from the Lord Jesus Christ. This isn’t just Victor’s program; this isn’t just Victor’s silly notions. No. And as they called Jesus a cult; in His day, a sect. Alright, they are doing the same here.

We just posted something about…Before I get into that, I think I’ll just conclude this little section here saying, I love the Lord Jesus Christ, with all my heart, all my soul, all my strength, all my mind. I love Him. For several years, I didn’t want to identify myself as a Christian, because I was so ashamed of what Christianity was all about. I saw what the Lord was showing me; He opened my eyes, He opened my ears, and I saw the blasphemy, I saw the ugliness, the hypocrisy of nominal Christianity. It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting. And I didn’t want to call myself a Christian, because people would get the wrong impression of where I’m coming from. But then, it’s only been in the last 2 or 3 months that I want to now, identify as a Christian, but a real one. 

And I know there is wrath coming from all over the world on Christians; the leftists, the socialists, the Muslim, they are out to destroy Christianity, they are out to destroy Judaism; and it’s all crap. The Judaism, the religion of Judaism, it’s crap, it’s wicked, it’s the stuff that killed the Lord Jesus Christ, it’s the Pharisees of 2,000 years ago. That’s what it is. 

The Judaism, yes, it’s evil, it’s foul. Same with Christianity, it’s all garbage; and Islam, same thing. All religion is the bane of man. It’s man’s substitutions for obedience to God. That’s what religion is. Religion is pretense, hypocrisy; that’s all it is. It’s vile; I don’t care who you are, I don’t care if you are the pope of Rome, I don’t care if you are whoever you are, however how high; whether you think yourself an apostle, or a prophet, or pastor, or bishop, or whatever, you’re all wrong. You’re all wrong. And I’m telling you that by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I didn’t want to identify with the Lord Jesus Christ because I see what’s coming, I see what’s already happening. Christians are being slaughtered by the thousands, and nobody is lifting a finger to help them… Why is that? Because God hasn’t put it in their hearts to help them, because they have to be destroyed, they have to go.

In Nigeria, I was telling you, for years I was preaching, and I was warning those people to repent; all they did was mock me. All the records are there, on; you can read all of it, it’s all there, it’s all on record. Names where I had names, people that I had to deal with, all the phonies…They hated me, they hated me, but I had to do what I did. And the Lord was teaching me through that whole thing, and He is cleaning up the whole mess. 

Now, now, in the last few months, especially maybe with my music… The Lord is giving me to record music now, the songs that He’s given me over the years. And I wanted to categorize my music other than “Christian,” or “Christian Gospel.” I didn’t want to go there, I didn’t want to be on Spotify, and have it categorized that way, because I didn’t want to be identified with typical Christian contemporary music, which is more crap. It’s just feely-touchy, virtue signaling, a self-righteous declaration of love of God. And it’s all phony, just phony. 

There might be the odd song out there, there might be the odd thing happening out there, that has some decency, but I haven’t seen it. And I’ve been out there in the world, in the Internet, surveying the entire world for nearly 2 decades, close to 2 decades, yes. I haven’t seen anything real, anything valid, anything that the Lord is pleased with. I haven’t seen it, it’s not there. 

And all those who came attacking me, a lot of them are gone. Dead, shut down, caught in adultery, all those things, financially bankrupt, scoundrels, skunks like Benny Hinn. What’s happening with him, what will happen?  What’s going on with him? Watch! Just watch!  You think I’m wrong? I’m amazed at how people can be deceived by such, such wicked people like that. But it’s been happening. People are running everywhere, having itching ears; they want their ears tickled. They want to be entertained, they want sensationalism; and skunks like Benny Hinn are giving it to them. I didn’t want to be identified as a Christian.

But now, people, hear me out. I’m standing here now, I’m speaking to you now, and I’m saying: “I do want to be identified as a Christian, but as a true Christian. I want to be identified with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not a church, not a “cult,” not a movement, not a crowd of any kind. I just want to be identified with the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to stand with Him; and I am standing with Him. He has given me to do that; and I praise God for that; I praise Him for that. I’m here, identified with Him in this wicked, wicked world. 
And I’m not afraid of saying the things that I’m saying. People are full of fear, they have to be politically correct. I’m done with that. I don’t want to have anything more to do with trying to be the nice guy, to what? Get along with my neighbor, so that what? I can just have some peace in my neighborhood? In the meantime, I’m going to be going to bed wringing my hands, and tossing and turning because I didn’t say what I should be saying? I didn’t warn? I didn’t preach against wickedness?

Everybody just wants to pat one another on the back. Everybody wants to get along and have their little parties, whatever parties they have, for any occasion. And they just want to enjoy themselves. Man, that’s what Jesus was talking about, Matthew 24, Luke 17, 21. He was talking about how those people would just be going on, with their normal lives. What’s wrong with that? I’m not running around killing anybody, I’m not hopping into bed with my neighbor’s wife or my neighbor’s husband. What’s wrong with that? It’s innocent, it’s all innocent. 

And in and of themselves, like I said, sowing, and reaping, and the building, and marrying and giving in marriage, those things, in and of themselves are not wrong. But it’s where people are going with all of this. And they are taking God for granted, and they are ignoring Him, and they are being hypocritical, they are pretending, pretending, pretending, acting. Substitution instead of obedience. That’s what’s happening in this world. That’s what’s happening.

No, Jesus was known as a cult, I’m known as a cult; yes, that’s right. But guess what? All these movements, they are the cults, they are the ones that are drawing people, they are the ones that are whispering sweet things in your ears. I’m not doing that, am I? Am I asking you for any money? Am I asking you to follow me? Am I asking you to do anything for me? No, no. But hey, they’ll be wanting you to come to church, they’ll want to you to be involved in their movement, in their work, to get things out there for them, so that they can increase their church, their kingdoms. 

They are serving themselves, all these preachers, the mega-churches…That’s all it is. And I see a lot of these young guys, age 25, 30, 35, and they are prancing up and down the stage in their blue jeans, with their knees cut out, torn out; just the fashion, following the fashion. What’s that all about? Pleasing man, that’s all it is, pleasing man. And they are going to be the next big hero. No. No, that’s all going down, people, every bit of it, every bit of it. It’s all going down. And it’s going down hard. 

These are horrible, horrible times. I’m afraid, not for myself, for ourselves, I’m not afraid. But I’m afraid for what’s happening, what’s going to be happening to a lot of people; it’s horrible. And the economy, and the politics, everything, it’s ugly, straight out ugly. You see the leftists, with people like the Obamas, and the Clintons, and Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, and all these leftists, and James Comey, on and on it goes, the list…Schiff, all these people. Elisabeth Warren and Buttigieg, or whatever his name is. All those people, it’s just horrible, it’s just horrible. 

And they just come out unapologetically and they are saying they are going to do the things that any reasonable person ought to know is stupid, it’s evil, it’s wicked. But they can just come right out now, and bald-facedly say these things. This is the kind of place we’ve come to. 

And now, “Oh no, I’ll identify as a man when I’m a woman, I identify as a horse, or a cat, or I’m going to marry the Eiffel Tower, I’m going to marry my dog.” People, what in Hell’s name has happened here? Satan, coming down, having great wrath, and he is filling the world with demons, that are inspiring people to believe things about themselves that just aren’t true. “Oh, I was born a girl.” Really? Were you born a girl? Or was that a deception from the spiritual realm? Think about that, because there are spiritual entities, deceiving spiritual entities that are doing these things. 

Could I be wrong? I could be, couldn’t I? Could I be right? I could be couldn’t I? You’re going to have to decide. But I’m speaking in the Name of the Lord, I’m identifying with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the One Who is telling you all these things now. He is the One, by me, that prophet. Deuteronomy 18, that prophet. Yeah, go ahead, laugh, scoff. Alright, we’ll see. We’ll see what comes. Either I’m wrong, or you’re wrong. One of us is, or we’re both wrong. I’m saying I’m right; I’m saying you’re wrong. And I’m standing on that, and we will see the fruits. 

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Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron. (1 Timothy 4:1-2)

Delivered from Patricia King’s Delusions

From: Mike To: The Path of Truth Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 9:37 PM Subject: Patrica KingI enjoyed and understood everything concerning Patrica King. It's an amazing but hard labor to pluck a stray from the snares of Satan and his Demons.Thank you for your service to Jesus, our Lord and Savior.Michael MikeFrom: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk To: Mike Sent: Monday, June 13, 2016 7:28 AM Subject: Re: Patricia KingThe Lord will pluck whom He wills from the pits of Hell, Michael; no big deal for Him. Thank Him for our service – this is His doing by His Spirit. And the way to thank Him is to believe and obey the Word we’ve been given to speak, which transforms the soul and saves the world. Jude 1:21-25 KJV (21)  Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. (22)  And of some have compassion, making a difference: (23)  And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. (24)  Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, (25)  To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.Paul and Victor www.ThePathofTruth.comFrom: Mike To: Paul and Victor Sent: Monday, June 13, 2016 10:44 PM Subject: Re: Patricia KingI thank him everyday. I am one of the lost he plucked out of a Dungeon surrounded b...

Is RC Sproul a false teacher?

From: Marie Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2017 4:34 PM To: Subject: R.C. SproulHi!I have followed R.C. for more than a decade. What’s the word on him (not to be confused with his son, R.C. Jr). I have been burned more than once - MacArthur and Zacharias are 2 examples. I have grown cold on R.C. and I wonder if it’s me or him.Regards,MarieFrom: Paul Cohen Sent: Saturday, April 08, 2017 7:25 AM To: Marie Cc: Victor Hafichuk Subject: Re: R.C. SproulHi Marie,There’s essentially no difference between Sproul, MacArthur, and Zacharias. All three say some true things, but they’re also prime promoters of falsehood as part of the beastly system of religion the Word of God calls “Babylon,” the “paths of the destroyer.”“Concerning the works of men, by the Words of Your lips, I am kept from the paths of the destroyer” (Psalms 17:4 MKJV).Sproul promotes Calvin and his infernal doctrine, for example. Read about the antidote of Truth here:True Hope for Reform Church Members and All Calvin Doctrine VictimsAnd who is Calvin, anyway? The Fruit of Cain Multiplied: The Murderer John CalvinMaybe it’s your time, Marie, to come to the Lord “outside the camp.” If so, heed His call – it’s for your life.The Case for Coming OutPaul and Victor
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