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That Prophet, Episode #21: The Fool Says, “There Is No God.”

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The fool has said in his heart: “There is no God.” You know why he’s called a fool, the man who says there is no God? You know why he’s called a fool? Because he knows very well, he knows damn well there’s a God. And he is so stupid as to deny it. I’ve never met anyone as stupid as an atheist.
They’ll say to me: “Prove that there’s a God, prove to me that there is a God.” All of creation screams out the proof of God. The person saying to me: “Prove there is a God,” he is proof. Where did he get all the stuff he has? The ability, the senses, the eyesight, which we can’t even match with a camera. And they talk about it coming from, what? An explosion of gasses? An accidental event? Billions of years ago? They take a large margin of time and think that that’s going to buffalo those who have any understanding; that it’s going to maybe persuade them to believe there is no God. That there is a valid reason for presenting the argument for atheism and evolution. 

Totally ridiculous. Look around you, anything that man has made; look around at everything, whether it’s houses or cars or musical instruments or cameras, or any of these things. They all took intelligence, every last one of them. 
Did that intelligence come out of gasses? Is that what happened? How stupid is that? How stupid is that? Animals, birds, human beings!  They have two eyes. Not one. Not three. The Trinitarians will believe there are three persons in one God. Bullshit. I’ll use that word. And they’ll say “Oh, that’s not a Christian, he wouldn’t use that word like that.” No, he would. I’m a Christian and I represent the Lord Jesus Christ and I’m using that word on all these bullshitters out there.

They don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. They are just a bunch of damned fools. Damned, yes! He that doesn’t believe is damned. That’s what the Bible says. And they are damned. They’re living in their darkness. And they are fools because they know very well there is a God. But they despise the thought of there being a God because if there is a God…hey? Maybe they have some accountability to face? Maybe they have to answer to somebody? They don’t like that. They may not consciously know that but they know it, in their nature; it’s innate. That’s what it’s all about.

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