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That Prophet, Episode #13 – Truths, Truth and The Truth – Part-2

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I have a term that is the word “truthers.” And I speak about people who speak truth or a truth, there are people who speak truths, and then there is one who speaks The Truth.

So now, as an example of someone speaking truth, or a truth. We have people out there who take on the cause against genetically modified science and foods, ok? Trans-genetic, I think would be a better term, because they are actually changing, mixing the genes from species that are not related to each other: plants and animals and that sort of thing. It’s a wicked thing, it’s a wicked thing happening. And there’s going to be a big pay day for that. There’s going to have to be a payback, and people are going to pay the price, and they are paying the price, many people are dying because of that. 

But anyway, there are people out there, like Jeffrey Smith, I think; He speaks that truth, he speaks very well. He’s just one of the guys that I would recommend to listen to. If you want to hear about the truth about trans-genetic mutations, manipulation, modification, talk to him. He knows his stuff, and he is the one who is speaking the truth. And anybody else that comes along, like Patrick Moore, on the Prager University videos, and he’ll defend genetic modification? No, he doesn’t know what he is talking about, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about; or there’s some evil motive going on. You can decide for yourself. But it’s a lie; that trans-genetic modification is good is a total lie, it’s a total lie.

Joel Salatin, another wonderful guy who speaks about farming, proper farming, and he speaks on all kinds of things. He is another guy well worth listening to. Just a lot of precious wisdom, he, Jeffrey Smith, and there are others, ok?

Uh, where was I? They speak a truth, ok? And, they’ll even speak truths, they maybe in the second category, where they are several truths, not just one. There are guys that speak against fluoride, ok? But they don’t speak against much of anything else. Alright? So they speak truth, listen to them. They are worth listening to. 

Dr. Paul Connett, he speaks against fluoride; he’s been a wonderful warrior against fluoride. Dr. James Beck is another fellow; they wrote a book together with a third fellow, against fluoride… Bryson, wrote a book against fluoride, The Fluoride Deception, I think is the name of his book; and I think you can get it on the net for free, but if you’d like to support him, then you could be buying his book. An excellent book, he’s got it all covered, he’s got himself covered, because the entities trying to support fluoridation are a ruthless evil bunch; they really are. And I’m talking about the Medical Association, the Dental Association; they’re all corrupt in this matter, and killing people. Wittingly or unwittingly, I’m not saying that they are necessarily doing it deliberately, but that’s what’s happening.

So you’ve got guys that speak a truth, alright? That’s a category, and you can listen to those people in that particular matter, maybe not in any other, maybe not in many others, but in those matters, they know what they are talking about. And I commend them for it, I take my hat off to them.

Then there are the guys who speak truths, and that’s where most false teachers come in. There are all kinds of preachers in the churches who say true things: “Jesus Christ is Lord.” The Pope says that Jesus Christ is Lord; whether he means it or not is another matter. His fruits certainly don’t tell me that he means it, and I don’t believe he does; I don’t believe he does at all. I think he is just another corrupt individual, that’s all. But he is not the only one, there are so many others. I just finished talking about these pastors of what… Reformed Churches, who are dying like flies, perishing. Why? Because they don’t have that relationship with the Lord that they claim to have. And yet, they speak several truths, ok? The Bible, It’s the Word of God… Alright, yeah, that’s a truth. Jesus Christ died for our sins… Yes, that’s a truth. He was born of a virgin Mary… Yes, that’s truth. Believe the Scriptures, read the Scriptures… They are telling many truths, and yet, they are very deceptive.

Like, for example, if they are going to say about God that He predetermines people to go to Hell forever, and burn, and burn, and burn… Ten billion years from now, no pardon, no reprieve. No, they will keep going, they’re just beginning… That is wickedness, sheer wickedness. God didn’t set things up that way. And He has set it up in a perfect way, so that one day, He is going to be finished His job of forming man in His image. It only began in the Garden of Eden, it just began there. And then we were all made subject to vanity, it says in Romans 8; not willingly, we were set there, so that God would – in hope of better things, in hope of bringing us to the end – so that God would finish the job of forming us in His image. 

Repentance, yes. Don’t believe for a moment that I’m not speaking repentance. I AM speaking repentance.

And that brings me to the next point here that I’m going to make right now.
The one who speaks The Truth, ok? He’ll talk to you about not just weaknesses or faults, or mistakes, or tragedies; he’ll talk to you about sin. I’ll talk to you about sin. I talk to people about sin, and they hate me for it, they hate me for it.
When 9/11 happened, Billy Graham stood up and made this statement. He said, “Oh, just a horrible thing.” I’m not going to quote him word for word here, I don’t remember what the words were. But you can look it up, it’s there. He condemned that act, and yeah, I understand.

But why didn’t he say that this happened to America because America was in sin? Because America is full of sin, full of corruption, of every form you can think of? He wasn’t preaching against sin, oh, he was sympathizing with Americans, alright, so, and maybe other people in the world, Canadians, whatever.

That’s not the job of a man of God. The man of God is not there to sympathize, but that’s what all these so-called men of God are doing. They’re sympathizing with their congregations, they’re sympathizing with their followers. Why? Because it’s all about themselves, that’s what it is.
People say that I’m talking about myself. Yeah, I am, ok. But, why am I talking about myself? Isn’t that worth considering? And I’m talking about sin, I’m confronting people with their sins. That’s what I’m doing. And they hate me for it, that’s why I’m a nobody, that’s why I’m hated. Nobody wants to hear The Truth; nobody wants to hear The Truth. They don’t even want to hear something that they may be weak about, or at fault about; or having made a mistake. People don’t want to hear that anymore.

I remember that maybe a half a century ago, people could somewhat tolerate that, although it’s always been a problem for people to be criticized in any way, even mildly. They have their ego, they have their image of themselves, and they don’t like to be told that they’re wrong, in any way. So try and talk to them about sin? Wow, that’s another matter altogether. “You’re judging, you’re judging, you’re judging.” Yeah, I’m judging. I’m telling you what sin is, I’m telling you that you are sinning, and I’m telling you that you need to repent. Or you’re finished, you’re toast. And you’d better listen up to that. You don’t have any choice. You either listen and obey, believe the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the only Answer for any problem.

And by the way, I want to say something else: He is the Answer to all problems. There is no such a thing as an insoluble problem, no such thing. Jesus Christ, all power and authority has been given Him. He has it. He has come through, He has overcome death. Can you tell me of anyone that can overcome death, besides God? But He did it, and if He has the solution to death, if He can raise the dead, then tell me of a problem that He can’t solve. So, there is no such thing as an insoluble problem. 

When people write me that they’ve got this, that and the other problem, horrible problems, a lot of them, it’s just horrible problems, and I say: “Jesus Christ is The Answer.” And I have answers, specific answers for people. People don’t want to hear them. It’s not my job to make them listen, it’s not my job to convince them; but I will tell them what they need to hear, by God’s grace, I will.

And I’ll have to pay the price. People are just gonna not want to have anything to do with me. Alright, so they don’t have anything to do with me. But that’s a small tradeoff. I have the Lord, I have the joy of the Lord, I have the wisdom of the Lord, I have the power of the Lord. Come on, can there be anything better, than to have union, and fellowship with God? To walk with Him, talk with Him? And He loves me; He just swamps me with blessings, of every kind, you name it, He’s just done it for me. He gave me faithfulness to love Him, to obey Him, to follow Him, to believe what He has to say; and there is a huge reward for that.

And people think… they see me on the camera here, and they think: “Oh, the guy, he doesn’t look very happy, doesn’t look very good, he doesn’t look like he’s blessed, he’s just another false prophet.” You know why? Because people are looking for heroes, they’re looking for guys with beautiful hairdos, and what… 30 years-old, and all muscular, you know, show you your 6-pack and whatever else. They think that it’s an outward beauty. What does it say about Jesus Christ in Isaiah 53? “He was not comely that any one should desire Him, He was despised and rejected of men.” So if that’s happened to the Son of God, why shouldn’t it happen to me? And why can’t it happen to me? I’m supposed to be this guy in this 3-piece suit and whatever you want to call it, and I’m supposed to be beautiful, and I am supposed to be charismatic and I’m supposed to be all these things? No, no, no. That’s not the way God works. It’s not the way He works.
Angels of light work that way. All those preachers out there, that have that charisma, that have that power of eloquence? They’re all a bunch of rotters. I’ll just come straight out and say it, they’re all a bunch of rotters, that’s all there is to it. They don’t have anything, not from God. They may have it from other men, they may have it from their own fleshly understanding and powers, but not from the Throne of Heaven, they’re not from the Lord, that’s all there is to it. It’s that simple.

They speak truths, ok? Several truths.  But they don’t speak The Truth, and The Truth is the only thing that’s going to make you free. And that has to be from the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not claiming to be the Lord Jesus Christ, but I am claiming to be one with Him. So there it is.

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