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That Prophet Episode 5, Billy Graham, A Giant of Modern False Christianity

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It was in 1975 when my wife and I received the Holy Spirit. It changed our lives; it took me to a higher dimension in the Christian world. And we received revelation, understanding from the Lord; and we shared these things, and some of the things that we experienced were the gifts of the Spirit. 

When you receive the Holy Spirit, you receive His gifts, like the gift of prophecy, the gifts of healing, the gifts of faith – a special measure of faith – and knowledge, and word of wisdom. These are gifts that are mentioned in 1 Corinthians, and they are mentioned in Romans. And we were receiving these gifts, and we entered into Charismatic and Pentecostal circles as a result of that. And we went to gatherings where we would lift up our hands in praise to the Lord. And Marilyn and I were earnest about all these things, and there were, I guess, other people there that were too. 

We discovered that we had to come out of those circles as well. But that’s where we were at the time. And there was the common phrase: “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord.” And, amen, amen, the whole world should be praising Him. And it will, that’s what the Bible says, it will be praising Him.

Right now, Jesus Christ’s Name is used in vain. Used in vain, ok? Not only taken upon people’s selves as vain, but they use His Name in vain. Not good, not good.  I used to use His Name in vain. If I cursed, His Name was there. Why don’t they use some other name?  Why don’t they use Buddha’s, Mohammed’s, or Trump’s, or somebody else’s, or Putin’s name, or Genghis Khan’s name, or whatever else? Why don’t they use their names in vain, or any other name? But every time you hear someone using His Name in vain, especially in movies in Hollywood, it’s always the Name of Jesus Christ. Doesn’t that strike you as strange? Doesn’t that strike you as peculiar? 

You see the whole world is at enmity with the Lord Jesus Christ. The whole world is at enmity with their Creator! The One Who laid His life down for them! He laid His life down. Wow! Why…why is He hated? But that’s the way it is. Ever since the Garden of Eden, eating from the Tree of Knowledge they have hated their Maker. They’ve been afraid of Him…right?

But anyway, we were there in these churches talking about the gifts and exercising the gifts, and praising the Lord, and singing charismatic songs. And a lot of them Scriptural, very Scriptural. 

But anyway, people started to come to me and saying, “Well, Victor, you know, you talk about the baptism in the Holy Spirit;” and our Baptist pastors, Henry Blackaby and Jack Connor were telling us that this was of the Devil, that tongues are of the Devil, right? 

The Southern Baptists, they don’t have a clue. They are clueless like every other denomination. They don’t have a clue about Who God is, but they have their Southwestern Seminary. They’ve got their guys that come out of education, seven years post high school.   

And they’re all doctors and whatever else, and it’s all BS, people. It’s all BS. It’s horrible, it’s horrible, it’s blasphemous, it’s presumptuous, it’s arrogant, that’s what it is. Yes, that’s what it is. As that prophet, I’m telling you that; and I don’t have to be that prophet to tell you these things. There are lots of people out there that know that all that religious stuff, in the Name of the Lord, is garbage. 

Anyway, people would come to me, and they were all admirers of Billy Graham… And they would say: “Well, Billy Graham doesn’t raise his hands to the Lord. Billy Graham doesn’t say ‘Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.’ Billy Graham doesn’t speak in tongues. Billy Graham doesn’t prophesy… So, Victor, come on, you’re deluded, there’s something wrong here.” 

And I would go to the Lord and I would say: “Lord, help! If I’m deluded, then deliver me from my delusion. I don’t want to be deluded. I don’t want to be deceived. I don’t want to be teaching people falsehood.” 

So in the next months, He unveiled the whole thing concerning Billy Graham to me. Both in Canada and the US and Europe, and He brought it home to me. And I was just… I was thankful to be established in the truth and delivered from the fallacy – I say fallacy – the blasphemy of Billy Graham. 

Billy Graham has done more damage to the Christian, to the Christian world… I’m not sure that those are exactly the right words, but to the reality of Christ than anybody else I know. It’s an amazing thing. Yeah.

So anyway, I knew that he was false, and yet, doesn’t Satan come as an angel of light? Do not false prophets come as prophets of the Lord? Of course, they do! So you are going to have to decide for yourself whether I’m a false prophet or not. I’m coming in the Name of the Lord, right? The Risen Lord, the Lord Who died for us, Who paid for my sins, Who delivered me from my sins; that’s Who I’m representing here, alright?

Billy Graham would have made these same claims, and Franklin Graham, and Anne Graham, these people that are all following in Billy Graham’s footsteps in a way, alright? They believed everything that was happening there. But I’m telling you that it was not, not, true. It was falsehood. And Satan often uses truth to deceive. That’s an amazing thing. He knows his business and he is appointed to those things. 

But anyway, it was confirmed to me by the Lord that Billy Graham was a false teacher, okay? Along with all the other people who believe he is a true teacher. There isn’t one man of God that would believe that Billy Graham is a true teacher of God. There’s not one person, a man of God, that would believe that… that Billy Graham is a true man of God… Not one. 

So, then you say: “Well, I don’t know of anybody that doesn’t believe that Billy Graham is true.”  Well, to that, I would say: “You don’t know true men of God, you just don’t.”

So anyway, we had a neighbor lady come over to our place not long ago, and I shared a couple of these things with her. She is from the United Church, which is another one of the greatest abominations on the face of this earth in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I told her that Billy Graham was a false – I don’t remember how the subject came up – but I told her that Billy Graham was a false teacher, was a phony; he was not from the Lord, he was not a man of God. Well, that was more than she could handle. 

And so, you know, she went home just shaking her head. And then the next time we spoke, she said: “You know, my husband and I have gone through a lot just listening to what you were saying, and we pondered, and we searched this, that and the other, and we talked about it and talked about it,” she says, “no small amount of talking…” and she says: “You know what, I was thinking of you, and saying, and thinking: ‘Victor has his nerve, like he’s got to be arrogant, he’s got to be really arrogant to say something like that, that Billy Graham is a false teacher.’” 

And I thought about that in the days ahead; I didn’t say much to her at the time, but I thought to myself: alright, here is a man of God, I am a man of God, I heard from the Lord; the Lord revealed to me that Billy Graham is a false teacher, ok? 

So then, I go out, and say only what the Lord told me. It wasn’t because I dreamed it up, it wasn’t because I hated Billy Graham; I loved the guy, I wanted to be another Billy Graham… And no, this isn’t a matter of jealousy or envy, or anything like that, no, no, no. I’m thankful that God didn’t give me that wish in the beginning when I first became a believer. I admired the man, he was a hero to me… That’s what Baal is all about… Hero, hero worship, that’s what Baal worship is all about. It’s worshipping great personalities, great entities, great men, that’s what Baal worship was. That was Nimrod, going back to Nimrod, Tammuz, right? That’s where it all originated. 

But anyway, she said that I was arrogant to come up with such an idea, such a notion. And I ask, alright, if God spoke to me and showed me that Billy Graham… revealed to me, because I had to have it revealed, I couldn’t figure it out, no, I just couldn’t do it, nobody can, nobody can. 

So, it was revealed to me by the Lord Jesus Christ, Risen from the dead, the One Who paid for my sins, the Jesus Christ of Scripture, He, Lord of all, Almighty God, He revealed this to me. So, then, I say it to this lady, or anybody else, and they say I’m arrogant? Well, you tell me who is arrogant. Am I the arrogant one, or are they the arrogant ones for saying to me that I’m arrogant? How arrogant is that? 

For them to say: “No, God didn’t say that to you.” How do they know? How do they know? Because they’ve be trained, brain-soiled to believe that Billy Graham is just the greatest thing since what…whatever; just a great man of God… greatest ever, they think, a lot do. 

No, they are the arrogant ones for accusing me of arrogance. Because they are saying that God did not show this to me, and God did. So, to question God is arrogance. I wasn’t questioning God, I was believing Him, to the point of speaking out what He had to say to me, to the detriment of my social wellbeing in my neighborhood, in my family. I lost all my family, all of it. 

The Jews talk about how they lost their past generations, their parents, grandparents, families, cousins, aunts, uncles in the Holocaust, in the great persecution, going back to Hitler, another demonic entity, alright? And they talk about having lost their family; and I have written to one Jew, who I’ve come to work with recently, and I don’t need to mention names or anything like that; he’ll probably see me on this camera… 

And I have said to him, in writing: “You lost your family in the Holocaust, but you didn’t lose your mother and father, ok? And you came out of that whole thing, they came out of it, and they lived, and you lived, ok? Yeah, you lost the rest of the family. I lost everybody, including my mother and father, alright?”

Not only so, but I didn’t lose them in the sense that they all perished and went into the next world. No, they still remained in this world to oppose me, to hate me. My whole family hates me with a passion. I’m talking my aunts, uncles, cousins, my mother. My father didn’t hate me at the end, something was happening with him, something was happening with several people, but they remained here in this world to hate me. I think I would choose to have them dying and be gone rather than to remain in this world and hate me. I think I went through a holocaust that was worse than the Jews had.  Tell me I’m wrong. And it doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. I’m just pointing out the difference. 

So, when I speak these things that the Lord gives me, I make enemies. I make enemies. And what do I gain from it? What? Fame and fortune? No. Do I gain a following? No. What do I gain? I gain a lot of trouble. I gain a lot of hatred. Why would I want that? What sane person would want that? I don’t know; I don’t believe for a moment that I’m an egotist like people say I am, but how can even an egotist want to suffer? For what? We have been hated by everybody. The Lord’s Word fulfilled. He said: “All those who follow Me will be hated by all men. I’m going to give you a heads up; you’re going to be hated.” And Paul said to Timothy: “All those who live righteously, all those who live the true Christian life will be persecuted. All those who follow the Lord will suffer persecution, for His sake.” He said it, Paul said it, I experienced it, I know it. 

You people that are comfortable in your pews, and comfortable in your churches, comfortable with your pastors, with your choirs, with all your works, whether they are charity or whatever… Tell me, how persecuted are you? 

I’ve met a lot of hateful people in the churches. I don’t hate them, I guarantee you I don’t hate them. Personally, I don’t have anything against Billy Graham or anybody else.  But I have plenty against the garbage, the dung that the Lord called – dung – in these churches. They sit in their comfortable pews, smug, smug as hell, smug devils; people who just don’t have any use for the Lord Jesus Christ, and yet they think they are so righteous, they think that they’ve got a path to heaven. “I’ve accepted Jesus, so I’m going to Heaven.” Oh yeah? 

I’ll tell you, in this day, you’re going to find out so much more about who is right and who isn’t right; whom the Lord has mercy on, and whom He doesn’t have the mercy on; whom He will harden, as it says in Romans. That’s the way it is. There has been that common saying in the churches, that when we all die and go to Heaven, we’re going to be surprised at who is there. Yes, you better believe it, and the very people who have been saying that are the ones that are going to be surprised; they really will be. 

I mentioned this event about Billy Graham, and all those teachers, all those preachers that are ordained in seminaries, and Bible schools, it’s all false. Show me one man of God in the Scriptures who graduated from a seminary or Bible school, and was anointed, appointed to be a man of God, God’s prophet or apostle, or any ministry; didn’t happen, didn’t happen. 

But everybody has so departed from the Scriptures, so departed from them. And yet they say: “We preach nothing but the Bible, nothing but the Bible.” Paul says: “Forget about denominations. What are you guys doing? Some of you say you are of Peter, and some of you of Paul, and some of you of Apollos, and some of you of Christ. What is this? Why are you partisan?” 

And so these guys in these churches here, whether the Baptist, or Pentecostal, or Catholic, or whatever else, they stand there and they say: “We preach what is true from God, we’re the original Church, we’re this, we’re that.” And Paul says: “Look, if you are denominational, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.” So how can they be preaching only what the Bible says, and practice contrary to the Scriptures? Doesn’t make any sense. 

I have much doctrine at the Path of Truth that will teach you the Truth, and all the truths will come together, it will make sense. But only if you have a heart for the Truth. If you don’t have a heart for the Truth, there is nothing I can do for you, there’s nothing anybody can do for you. 

Ah, even if you have a heart for the Truth, I’m not God, I’m not Jesus Christ; but He dwells in me, and He’ll give you what you need, He’ll give you, He’ll deliver you, He’ll solve any problem that you may have. He can solve anything. He’s done it for me. He’s done marvelous things for us. He has blessed us richly. 

People have been looking for my downfall ever since 1972, ’71. They’ve been looking for my downfall. Well, here I am, folks. I’m sitting on His throne in this day and age, I’m ruling with Him, I’m judging with Him, that’s where I am. 

He said: “Any man who overcomes, him will I give to sit upon My throne with Me, even as I overcame and sat down on My Father’s throne with Him.” And that’s where I am now. I’m so thankful for it. I want nothing but the best for every person, one way or another. There have been people who have viciously opposed me. 

I only want good, here; but I’ll leave that up to God as to how He wants to dish that out. We’ll let Him decide exactly what He wants to do with every individual. It’s His business, it’s His business. He makes the decisions here. He IS Lord. Amen. 

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