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That Prophet, Episode #4: The Day of the Lord Is Here

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Hi everyone,

As I’ve said in my former video on the subject of that prophet, this is a very solemn thing to me. It’s not something to be taken lightly, to say the least. It will impact many people; but if I’m that prophet, then I need to speak. And I’m hoping that if the Lord wants me to speak, He’ll just give me the words. 

I had plans, but I’m just going to leave those plans aside and speak spontaneously, on any subjects that might come up, or anything that the Lord gives me to speak. There are times when I have lots to say, and there are so many times when I’ve absolutely nothing to say.

I can start with, perhaps, a little bit of history. We have the site; and I’ve been running that site since somewhere around 2002-2003, with someone who joined me in that ministry, Paul Cohen. And we were there for many years, and wrote many things, and we’ve established… we’ve enabled the people in the world to hear the doctrines – from the Lord – Scriptural doctrines, of course, that people need to hear.

And our teaching is quite contrary… – my teaching, I shouldn’t say ours – it’s my teaching. I was the one who received these revelations from the Lord, and passed them on; and various people work together to put it all together. And the doctrine that we laid out is there, it’s foundational, it’s accessible. People are able to go to The Path of Truth, and have all kinds of questions answered. We’ve had people come there and say: “I didn’t know about this… I never heard of that… and it makes sense… and everything fits.” There have been people who have been overjoyed, because it’s the Truth, and Jesus said: “The Truth makes you free. And when the Son of Man makes you free, you’ll be free indeed.”

The Lord Jesus Christ is my raison d’être, He is my reason for being. He is my love. He is my God. He is Everything, I’m nothing. He is Everything. So now, if I’m saying I’m that prophet, and I’m nothing, is that a contradiction? No it isn’t. I’m nothing in myself; but I have been chosen, I have been called as that prophet that Moses spoke of in Deuteronomy 18.

And that prophet… The Christian world has believed that that prophet is Jesus Christ, and they’re right… If you go to Acts, chapter 3. There are a couple of places in Acts, where Peter spoke, and Stephen spoke, and it would indicate that Jesus Christ was that prophet. 

But I believe that it was only partial revelation, and I’m not talking about extra-Biblical revelation that would contradict what Biblical revelation there is. I’m not talking about that kind of thing at all. There is no revelation that will contradict the Bible. There is no such thing as revelation from God that will contradict the Scriptures. I am in full support of the Scriptures, both Old and New Testament. They are both applicable today, and the moment we stray away from the Scriptures, the moment we stray away from the Old Testament as well… You’ll remember, all the people that preached in the New Testament preached from the Old Testament. Whatever we have in the New Testament was founded in the Old Testament, from the Tanakh, which is what… the Prophets and the Writings. If we’re going to make null and void the Old Testament, that’s nonsense. That is the Word of God. Jesus quoted from the Old Testament; and if it’s good enough for Him, I would think that it should be good enough for us. 

So, concerning that prophet… Yes, Jesus Christ is that prophet, but I am His vessel, His personal chosen vessel, to come in this day and age. Remember, it was the Lord Jesus Who spoke to Moses, saying: “I am going to raise up a prophet like unto you.” Moses was not the Messiah; he was not Jesus Christ; he was not THE Son of God. Only Jesus Christ is THE Son of God. That is the Manifestation of God; that’s what The Son means.  

The Muslims mock Christianity. They say: “God never had a son, what did He do? Get married? He got a wife and married and had a son?” Well, in a way, He did. He chose Israel as His bride here on earth. And from that bride, came… Guess Who? The Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, Immanuel with us. So the Muslims have no use for our Bible, and they have no use for Christianity and Judaism. They’re at enmity with Christianity and Judaism, the Judeo-Christian culture, doctrine. 

They talk about three great religions…

I’m just rambling here, but I’m just going to share the things that are here right now; and you’ll have value in them if you’re asking for the Truth, if you want to know the Truth, if you’re at all open. Or the Lord will just open you up to the Truth. 

There are major religions, yes… Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism, and Shintoism, and Taoism, and Islam, and Hinduism, there are various large religions.  But I’ll tell you, the Judeo-Christian stands together, and it does not stand with any other religion. They have bits and pieces, and they have made their religion. Mohammed made his religion out of bits and pieces from the Scriptures, according to his preference, according to his interpretation, according to his delusion… ok?  But he doesn’t have the Truth. 

Now, that part is fairly obvious to some of nominal Christianity. A lot of nominal Christians are deceived by Islam.  I’m amazed at how deceived they can be. And yet, they name the Name of Christ. Jesus said: “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free.” He said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man, no man comes unto the Father, but by Me.” 

Going back to this marriage thing… God chose Israel as a bride and out from her came the Messiah. So in a way, He did marry and have a Son; and that’s the way it happened. But essentially, the Son of God is the Manifestation of God. God manifest Himself to this creation, to this level, to this realm, as a man. He humbled Himself, took upon Himself the nature of flesh, the nature of a man. And He laid His life down; He went all the way, He laid It down for us. Such a marvelous, marvelous thing. 

I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in 1973. In 1972, He revealed Himself to me in a dream, partially. He made Himself known. I had been searching, searching. As a Catholic, I was searching. And I didn’t know anything as a Catholic; and I didn’t have any use for the Bible as a Catholic. And then I started searching. This search got put in my heart, in my soul, became something that was just an intense experience that I had to come through. 

In ‘72, He came to me in a dream. And in that dream, I was very frightened. I knew that it was the Second Coming that I was seeing. I won’t talk about that dream here now. You can go to The Path of Truth, and see Victor’s Three Dreams. And that was the first one; the first time that God had ever manifest Himself to me in such a way. 

I saw His face, right? There are people who accuse me of being a false prophet because I claim to have seen His face. And they say: “Well, eh, no man can see His face and live.” And that’s what it says in the Scriptures. So they take things, and they twist them; they don’t understand, they don’t understand. 

Reformed people, they’ll condemn you for saying that you saw God’s face. They’ll condemn you for a lot of things. They just don’t have any use for the Scriptures. They use them, but they abuse them, I would say, right?  And they accuse me of being a false prophet simply because I claim to have seen His face. 

Well, I HAVE seen His face, and I wasn’t the same; I did die that night when I saw His face. I was never the same again. Having said that nobody sees His face and lives, there were other people in the Scriptures who saw the Lord’s face.  We’ve red of them, like Jacob… He saw God’s face. He says: “Oh, wow, this must be the place of God, I’ve seen God Face to face.”  And there are others. Isaiah saw Him seated on the Throne. Isaiah, chapter 6: “I saw the Lord,” he said. 

Alright, so people have seen Him. And they haven’t “died.” But they do die, in a way, because their lives are forever changed. Isaiah’s life was forever changed at that moment. Jacob’s life was forever changed at that moment. You can’t see the face of God and live, you can’t. You’re a changed person. You can’t be confronted with the Truth, and live.

I’m speaking the Truth to you now. You’re going to be responsible for everything you hear from me. It’s that way. Deuteronomy 18 says the Lord will put words in that prophet’s mouth and people need to hear them. If you don’t hear them, you’re dead. That’s basically what it comes to. You’re dead. 

So, I give you a solemn warning. I’m telling you who I am. Am I asking for anything? I’ve mentioned a lot of these things in my former video. I’m not asking you for money; I’m not asking you for membership; I’m not asking you to follow me; I’m not even asking you to believe me. I’m saying that you need to believe me for your sake. I’m saying that… because I know what I’m talking about. 

As for the doctrine, as you go through The Path of Truth, and through my songs… I have a music gift, I call it a… it is a ministry, but it is a wonderful precious gift from God He has given me. I’m just so blessed with this music that He has given me. I never… I didn’t see it coming, like one of the songs says. It’s wonderful… but through these songs, there’re many prophetic statements in those songs that, through them, you’ll be able to receive direction, guidance, comfort; and many people are.

I want you people to know the Truth; that’s what I’m after, that’s what I’m after, that’s my goal. And my pay is not anything in this world; like the pay I get when you believe and rejoice in the Lord. There are people that have come, and they’ve been made free… made free. I’m not talking about church now, I’m not talking about being in some church and holding your hands up, and saying: “Oh, Jesus….praise the Lord, and all that.” 

People, let me put it plainly: all the stuff that’s happening in these formal churches, these organizations, these religious organizations… please, let me tell you: those things are garbage. The Lord called me out of all of that back in March of 1976.  And He said: “I want you to leave it behind like your own dung.” The whole story is in my testimony or in the Autobiography, which is called What The Lord Has Done With Me. It’s all there, the details are there. I’m very frank and forward about all these things; I’m not hiding anything. 

Some of you might think that because I make a claim like that, that I’m some unreal idiot, ok?  Well, then, try me out, try me out. But I’ll tell you right now, and I’ve said this in the last video, people have died for opposing me. Many people have died because they’ve opposed me. 

Am I vicious, am I vengeful, am I egocentric? You’re going to have to prove all that for yourself. I don’t have to prove anything; I don’t have to explain anything. I’m going to share what I feel that I can share, without being defensive. I’m going to have to tell you who I am, and why I am who I am, and how I am who I am, and that’s it. But I’m here in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is His Day. This is the Lord’s Day. 

It’s been everybody else’s day. It’s been the Devil’s day. It’s been man’s day. It’s been the atheists’ day. It’s been the day of all the wicked. But today is the Lord’s Day. It’s here, it’s finally here. And I am that prophet in Him; and I have much to say. 

And I also find there’s all kinds of power going out for me, that I’m not even aware of.  I’m not even aware of it. I’m an unconscious vessel. And I marvel at the things that are happening; and there are statistics, and indicators out there to prove what I’m saying. And I’m not going to be trying to prove anything to anybody, that’s not on my agenda at all. I’m not interested. 

I’ll just point out a couple of things: 

I’m all for Israel. If anybody thinks that they can take out Israel, they’re idiots. They don’t have a clue what they’re talking about; there are many enemies of Israel. And Mohammed was a great enemy of the Jews. Just read it in the Koran, I’m not making claims here of my own. Those are things that are factual, they’re there on record. And one of the things about Islam is that it’s trying to put away any kind of facts like that, that might deliver people from being deceived by them, and taken over by them. That’s what’s happening. They threaten, they cause fear. I’m not going to sit here and be afraid of them. I’m not going to be allowing myself to cave in to one of the enemy’s greatest tactics, weapons, and that is the weapon of darkness and fear. 

Israel, Netanyahu… People, he’s been a wonderful Prime Minister for Israel; and he can still do wonders for Israel. God has blessed him. He’s probably been – maybe next to Ben Gurion – the greatest Prime Minister Israel has ever had. He has done so much for Israel. Just, you’d have to examine those things. 

And the leftists, Benny Gantz and these guys, the leftists, the Labor people, the globalists…wow. I’ve often said that the Jews themselves are their own worst enemies. They really are. They can be soooo stupid, so stupid. But I see the parallel in my own personal life. I’ve been just as stupid as they have been. So I don’t have anything to be proud of. I’ve opposed myself, I’ve been my own greatest enemy. I have.  And God has chosen me in spite of that. It’s by grace, it’s by grace. It’s not because I earned something, or because I was so smart, or because I went to some kind of seminary… which, just let me get on that seminary thing for a moment. 

God does not ordain ministers through seminaries. He does not ordain them with degrees, and masters in divinity, and theology and all that. Those are not God’s men; those are man’s men. All these churches, these formal organizations… dung, dung, dung. Yes, all of it… dung. And I’ve spoken against many false teachers, the list is there on The Path of Truth, and I haven’t scratched the surface; and I haven’t been following through in the last number of years. I’ve been taken up with other occupations. But those are all false teachers, every last one of them. Now, the thing about false teachers is that they can say a lot of true things. And I appreciate a lot of those things that a lot of these false teachers have said. But I’m pointing out the error, and I’m pointing out the deception that is there, in the nominal Christian world, and in the world as a whole. 

Concerning Israel, nobody is going to be able to defeat Israel. God will use Israel’s enemies to chasten Israel, to purge Israel, to perfect Israel. But there is not going to be any nation that is going to be able to stand up against Israel. Tiny Israel, that came in in 1948, right…for all intents and purposes, defenseless, outmanned, outpowered. And they stood against all the enemy; and everybody was just – except maybe for Harry Truman, the President of the United States – everybody was just going to let Israel live or die. They didn’t much care; they expected total destruction. 

The Arabs would not – the Muslims – I would not necessarily say Arabs so much –  yes, they are Arabs – but mostly the Muslims were not going to allow Israel to live, to exist. And it’s on their charters now, the Hezbollah charter, the Hamas charter, the Brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood … they’re all there to destroy Israel. They’re not going to succeed; it’s that simple. God is with those people, He has chosen those people. 

And as for the Replacement Theology people, they are so wrong. And they had their doctrine going for centuries, and then suddenly there is Israel on the scene, in 1948, in our generation. And what are they going to do with their Replacement Theology now? What are they going to do with it? They’ll keep up with it, that’s what. 

Where else was I? Yes, the Lord did say…I’m not saying that the Israelites, or the Israelis, or the Jews, coming back to Israel are perfect, or that they are holy, or anything like that… holy in the sense that God has chosen them. But they’re no different than anybody else; they can be just as bad, and are just as bad as anybody else. There is nothing special about them, inherently, as a people, as a race. But they are the people that God has chosen; and He said, in the Scriptures, through the prophets, through the Hebrew prophets, that He would call them back, to their land.  

Now think about that… their own little piece of real estate, right there. Full of enemies, surrounded by enemies. No, they didn’t decide we’re going to start up our own country again, where…in Uganda, or Georgia, or Canada, or anywhere else, anywhere in the world. No, they went right back to their land. And for 2,000 years, nearly 2,000 years, they kept saying: “Next year in Jerusalem, next year in Jerusalem.” And it happened. Tell me of any other nation that this happened to.  Tell me of any other people that have stuck together for thousands of years. 

I’m Ukrainian. I’m 4th generation Ukrainian, 4th generation here in Canada. And here I am, I’m a Ukrainian who really doesn’t have any value in the Ukraine. I can empathize or sympathize with them to some extent, but really it’s gone, it’s finished. I’m part of the Kingdom of God now. I’m more of a Kingdom of God citizen than I am of Canada. I really am. The Jews, they are being brought back to their land, and they are flourishing, just like the prophets said would happen. Now, how do you withstand God? How are you going to do that? 

Now, the US. We just finished, a couple of years ago, we had an administration in the US that sided with the enemies of America and the West… sided with the enemies. Obama, he’s been a heinous, wicked, wicked man. Just a horrible man. Clintons with him. And they all stood against Israel. He was feeding money to the Iranians. He was pushing for the nuclear deal so that the Iranians could have their nuclear power. He did everything possible to betray the United States. A very wicked man. 

And now, he’s been replaced, miraculously. Think about this. Trump came in onto the scene. He didn’t have the support of the Republicans, which party he pretty much represents now. He didn’t… he had the Democrats come against him. He had the mainstream media come against him, all the major media corporations against him. He wasn’t a politician. He had Hollywood against him, the whole entertainment industry against him. 

He had all these things against him, and he won. In the last part of the election, he was just… he was just running wild. There he was, winning state, after state, after state. An amazing thing. It was a miracle. And that’s despite the people coming against him were cheating at the polls, cheating in every way they possibly could; fighting, fighting to get the victory, and they lost, alright?

So God has given America, and the West, and the World by extension, a breather, an open window of grace, of mercy. And in spite of all the opposition that President Donald Trump has had, he’s done some marvelous, marvelous things. And most recently, a wonderful thing.  He’s wiped out the greatest danger, the greatest threat in this world, second to the leader Khomeini of Iran. Soleimani – whatever his name is – he is no more, he’s dead. And so is the leader there in Iraq, of the militant Muslims. 

President Donald Trump stood up to that great, great evil that’s been going on for decades. Soleimani has had the blood on his hands of many people, many Americans, and most recently, even 1,500 Iranians, his own people. His own people. What a wicked, wicked man. But that’s the way it is. And Donald Trump has taken him out. And the people like Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, and so many others are condemning him for it? It is madness. 

People, we are seeing a battle field now; we are seeing the light and darkness come against each other. The Lord gave me a couple of visions, years ago, decades ago, of a battlefield. And it was light against darkness. It was good against evil. And that’s what’s happening now. We’ve got the right and the left clashing. That’s what’s happening. It’s a marvelous time to be living in. And I’m so thankful to be here, and to support the right, to support the right. And I am against the leftists. I am against the progressives. I am against the globalists. I am against such wicked entities as Georges Soros – an evil psychotic creature, that’s what he is. And he is dead set against Israel, dead set against the West. These people, they are all toast, every one of them. 

There’s going to be a lot of suffering, a lot of bloodshed, but in the end, Right will win. Light, you turn on the light… I’m in the lights here right now. The lights turn away the darkness, they dispel the darkness. Show me where the darkness dispels the light. Darkness can be pervasive, it can be everywhere. But the moment the light is turned on, hey, what happens? The darkness doesn’t stand a chance. And that’s exactly the way it is between light and darkness. 

The Lord says: “I create light, I create darkness, I create good, and I create evil.” Evangelicals, and people in nominal Christendom don’t like to hear that, that God creates evil. No, only the Devil does… that’s crap. The Devil only does what he is given in the ministry of evil to do in this world. And all this has had to happen. 

And now we are coming to a crunch here, we are coming to a final day, the Day of the Lord. A Day that ends an age, and it’s a major event. And I’m here as that prophet, to tell you what is true, what isn’t true. If you want to hear, then you’ll hear; and if you don’t want to hear, you won’t hear. And if you hear, you better obey; and you will obey if God gives you the grace to do that. If you chose to obey, you’ll live. Your life will be given to you for a prey. If you don’t listen, you’ll be destroyed. That’s what Peter said when he preached at Pentecost. He said that if people listened to that prophet, they would be spared; but he said that if they didn’t hear what he had to say and believe him, they would perish; God would destroy them. 

So that’s what’s happening. I can’t do anything but speak what I need to speak. And I am glad to be able to speak it. I am so thankful for it. The music that the Lord has given me in these last few years has just made my day; it’s just been wonderful. I think that’s about all I have to say for now.  

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