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That Prophet, Episode #3: What’s Been and What Is Now

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There have been many people coming and going in our lives. People that professed to believe, people that DID believe for a while, and then fell away; people who went away in bitterness, accusing me of all kinds of things. 

And, if you want to hear the Truth, you’ll hear it. You’ll know who is at fault, you’ll know who did what. I’m not hiding anything. I’ve laid everything out. I’ve laid out all my offenses, my sins, my weaknesses, my failures, my shortfalls.  I’ve laid all that out in the Autobiography, the Theo-autobiography, What The Lord Has Done For Me; I’ve laid all that out there. 

But recently, in the last few years, we’ve had some marvelous changes, some wonderful changes. I have had followers with me who really did not want to follow, they really did not want to. They professed faith. And many times, I proposed that we part company… “No, no, no. No, Victor, we do believe.” And they never did. They never did. 

One of my songs says, … and I think it’s The Work of God that I wrote in 1987. There is a phrase there that says: “They will be doing and speaking right because they want to.” A line in one of my songs, The Work of God. “They will be doing and speaking right because they want to.” I wrote that in ’87, and it didn’t come to pass until 20 years later, a little less than 20 years, that those words were fulfilled. Because all that time, I really didn’t have people with me who really did want to do what was right, and to believe on the Lord Jesus-Christ. They were phonies. The people who ran Harvest Haven Farm, they were phonies, they were phonies… and yet, I felt helpless, I just felt like there was nothing I could do about it. They were doing things, all kinds of things that, I have to confess, I hated, but there was nothing I could do. 

And then, people came along, who start to change things. And they came along like they were…losers. And who expected, who knew that they would end up being the “fit man” to take away the evil that was there? 

I won’t mention names now. I would sooner that those people identified with me rather than I use them and their names to … to what? Promote myself? I am not interested in doing that. If they want to identify with me, let them do so. I am thankful for them though, very thankful. And they know who they are. And they are doing wonderful things. 

And my son is doing wonderful things. He has got developed a profession and a business that is helping us. I am not asking him to identify with me; I am not asking anybody to identify with me. I am not asking my own wife to identify with me. That…it’s not an issue. I just want to do what I need to do. 

And if you are with me, if you identify with me, fine, and if not, that’s fine too. It is not so fine – not fine for people who miss out on what God has for them, but that’s their business. I am not here to coerce. I am not here to compel. I am just here to speak the Truth. And I know what I am talking about. 

So now, we have some wonderful friends, looking after all kinds of things for us. I am so thankful, so thankful. And I am not passing out threats, as it might seem to some; some people take offense, and some people think: “Yeah, it’s threats.” But it’s not. It’s just fact, it’s just fact. You do the right, you’ll be blessed. You do the wrong, you’ll be cursed. That’s all there is to it. 

And whatever you do, don’t stand up against Donald Trump; don’t whatever you do, don’t stand up… He could change; I know that, I realize that. People can change, they can turn on a dime; they’ve done that in my life. And so if they can do that, I am sure Donald Trump can do the same, so can Netanyahu, so can so many others. 

But I have a lot of people that I really appreciate in the world, and I was going to be listing a few of them today; I did not get to it. 

We just listened to Caroline Glick, for example. Wonderful woman, just a preciously wise woman. And I could talk about so many other things. Those are the people to look to, for some guidance. Not in all things, not in all things. 

And I don’t expect anybody that I commend to support me, or to say the same of me, to reciprocate. I don’t expect that at all; in fact, I am thinking… I really do expect, that even though I speak positively about some people, they are going to continue in their cynicism and opposition toward me, because of what I am claiming to be, what I am speaking. 

And that’s not a problem to me. I’ll give credit where credit is due; and if they can’t accept that, or accept me, or where I am coming from, I know that only God can give that to them. I don’t ask them for anything.  So, for now, that’s it. 

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