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That Prophet, Episode #12 – John Calvin the Murderer

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People, how many people are there? Millions of people, following John Calvin? It’s a “John Calvin High School,” it’s a “John Calvin this,” and that, and the other. John Calvin was a murderer; a ruthless, merciless murderer. And he died a horrible death, prematurely, and a horrible death at that. Show me any man of God in the Scriptures who died of a horrible death. It didn’t happen. 

So, there it is. Calvinists, people are proud of being Calvinists. Proud of being what? Reformed? Whatever. Come on!  Why are you following a murderer, and acting and smiling, like you are the Lord’s chosen people? And that you are going to go to Heaven, that you are predestined to go to Heaven?

Calvin taught that there were certain people that were going to go to Heaven – they were predestined for that – and certain people that were predestined for Hell. What a diabolical doctrine that is, straight from the pits of Hell. And this guy is who these people follow. Crazy, really crazy.

That’s not God. That is a hideous defamation of God’s character.

Alright, by the way, we finished this last video here, but there is something that was pointed out to me by my camera man here, who says: “Well, what about Jesus Christ, didn’t He die a horrible, horrible death?” Yeah. The Roman crucifixion is an ugly form of execution, about the worse that I know of, ok? It is horrible, and there are people who have described what happens in a crucifixion. Yes. And all the Lord’s disciples, except for one, suffered a martyr’s death, ok?

Now when I was talking about how John Calvin died a horrible death, I’m talking about sickness, I’m talking about disease, I’m talking about tragedy. I am NOT talking about martyrdom. Martyrdom is a glorious thing, and it is an honorable death. But when somebody perishes by some slow painful disease, the Lord never had anybody in the Scriptures, any man of God, die that way. Not one, not one, nowhere. 

And people will say: “Well, hey, I had a grandmother who was just the most godly woman you could meet. She died of cancer. And she died in pain, but boy, did she ever suffer it well; she took it well, and she was always praising Jesus, and saying that she was going to be in Heaven with Him.” 

People, the Lord said, and His Word stands true: “If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear their payer, I will hear them from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.” There is another place where the Lord promised to the Jews, He said: “None of these diseases will I lay on you that I’ve laid on the Egyptians, if you will obey my commandments.”

So, come on, it doesn’t get any worse than cancer eating away at you. People walking with the Lord, people in faith do not die that way. Now, if you should find me dying that way, don’t you dare call the Scriptures into question! You can call me a hypocrite if you want; you can call me a liar, you can call me what you want. I will have been in the wrong if I die that way. Somehow, I will have been in a wrong relationship with the Lord. Blame me, don’t blame the Scriptures. But I’m telling you what the Scriptures say. I know what the Scriptures say, and that’s the way it is. So, there it is.

Martyrdom is another matter. Martyrdom is not a horrible violent death. Precious in the sight of God is the death of the saints. He didn’t find it precious for John Calvin and a lot of other people like him to just disappear by disease. And there are many preachers in various churches who are dying just that way. Preachers, ok? Pastors, reverends, dying that way. That’s not the will of God. The only reason that that’s happening is because they have lead unrighteous, unholy lives. There it is, on the record, from me, that prophet. 

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