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That Prophet, Episode #11 – Enmity From the World

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I’ve lived with enmity from the world ever since 1973, when I became a Christian. Oh yes, I was a babe in Christ and I did a lot of things that I wouldn’t do now. I mean I wouldn’t have diapers, and I wouldn’t be filling my diapers, and I wouldn’t be burping on somebody’s shoulder, and puking on somebody’s chest. I wouldn’t be gurgling and crying, and whatever else, anymore. All those things we naturally do as infants in physical life. And in the spiritual life, it’s the same thing. So yeah, I did a lot of things that I look back at and I kind of think: “Well, that’s terrible.” And yet I know that that had to be.

But I’ve been persecuted and hated by all kinds of people, throughout my life. But I’ll tell you, I’m here and my enemies are not here. I just found out about another guy who put up a website, and put much material on there against me, laughing at me. And when one of my co-workers was removed from the Path of Truth – this guy happens to be Smith, Dennis Smith – very shortly after that, he said: “Well, it looks like that guy was the backbone of The Path of Truth; The Path of Truth won’t be around much longer.” 

Well, here we are. We’re here, I’m here, and his site is gone; he had his site for years. He lost his country. They kicked him out of his country; it wasn’t his country but he was living there in Samoa. He was kicked out of that country. He lost his wife and 2 children. Where is he now? The site is gone.

This is what happens to people who speak against me. Am I being impudent, arrogant, presumptuous? I’m telling you the facts. I’ve had several individuals who’ve come against me; they’re gone, they’re gone, they’re dead. Neighbors, neighbors in at least 2 locations where we have been working and living, they’re gone. 

And I marvel at what God has done; I don’t have to do any of that, I don’t have to take any vengeance, I don’t have to retaliate.  I don’t have to do that. In fact, I suspect that if I do retaliate, it’ll nullify or neutralize God’s freedom to move and deal with those people, judge them. If I’m going to judge them, I might short-circuit His judgment of them. So hey! I want to see them judged, so I just back off, right? That’s the good way to do it.

But anyway, I’m a friend of Israel. I want everybody to know that. I don’t care if Muslims want to come and kill me for it, put out a fatwa, that’s their business. Let them come against the Lord Jesus Christ, and tell me, you tell me Who’s more powerful. I know very well He will prevail. I know that they won’t. 

If I’m wrong, if I’m so bad, then let them do what they want with me, ok? But, if I’m right, then let it be done to them the way that they would have it done to me. I stand on that. 

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