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A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada


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Stray curs gather. Alone, they appear docile, even beneficent, thinking to persuade those whose favor they seek that they are able and willing to serve for good.

But the populace has spoken. No, they do not want any of these curs to be their guard dogs. So the curs go away, sullen and defeated – but not entirely resigned.

Individually, they are quite harmless – until they pick up the scent of blood. They gather together, and their countenances and mentalities suddenly change, manifesting their true cowardly natures.

It is known that even quiet, soft-spoken individuals change to vulgar, raging brutes when gathering into a mob, which takes on a belligerent personality of its own. So stray dogs coming together become bold, growling, and baring their fangs, prepared even to kill.

These curs return with a vengeance, hoping to gain for themselves that which was refused them by the owners to whom they first came crawling, with wagging tails and (what they thought were) pleasing whines and barks. But they were refused. Now, they do not return seeking permission to serve as guards for the owners. No, they return as a pack with power in numbers and brazen boldness to seize for themselves what they crave but what they still pretend to guard.

Is it right what they do? Are Somali pirates just?

Cursed be they who, for personal gain, seize by force that which is not theirs.

Cursed be they who gather in the name of principle and virtue, but who are there to take undue advantage. These are worse than unpretentious pirates.

Cursed be they who make unholy alliances and jump into any bed with any partner to please themselves and those not worthy of pleasing.

Let all sickness and disease come upon them. Let them suffer the wrongs they seek to perpetrate. Let all those who deceitfully and selfishly seek advantage and favor for themselves at the cost of the people they presume to serve be cursed with a curse that will not be abated until there is no strength left in them. Let there be no success, only failure, in that which they propose to do.

Let them be cursed of God, and let all people know that God reigns in Heaven against all ungodliness over the affairs of men.

May God strengthen those who seek to govern with discretion and honesty for good and give them grace and wisdom – all that they need and more besides. May they be granted the courage, opportunity, and privilege to do without compromise that which is right.

God bless the government that the electoral has appointed. Cursed be they who would subvert His will of the day, especially those in pretense of righteousness. Let the pack be broken and scattered.

Victor Hafichuk
December 1st, 2008 – 10:30 PM

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Reader’s response: The majority of the house speaks. That is democracy, as it works in Canada.
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