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What Is a Jew?

Michelle’s response to The Key for Israel and the Jew:

Remove me from this email list immediately. You are not a Jew no matter what you say…

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Paul’s reply:

And who is a Jew according to you, Michelle?

Is Bernie Madoff a Jew?

Are those rabbis who were caught in a money laundering operation in New Jersey, Jews?

Are those who openly flout the Law of Moses, such as sodomy promoters (also known as "gay activists"), Jews?

Are Israeli leftists who want to give the Palestinians Jerusalem, as a prelude to all of "Palestine," Jews?

Are religious zealots who throw rocks at police or at cars driving on the Sabbath, or who spit on a woman whose shoulder can be seen, Jews?

Is the man who said this to the Jews, a Jew?

"I know what rebels you are, how stubborn and willful you can be. Even today, while I’m still alive and present with you, you’re rebellious against GOD. How much worse when I’ve died!"

You really don’t know what you are talking about, do you? Go ahead, though, suit yourself and have it your way. Hate those who speak the truth to you while justifying those who lie, cheat, steal, and are contrary to what is right and good in the sight of God, because those are indeed your people. You are just what Moses said you are (quoted above), and you will have the exact reward he said you would get.


We Are Cursed for The Key

It was expected, as one would expect pus and putrefaction to emerge from a boil that was lanced. Cleansing and healing will follow, because God has ordained it for His people. Will you, Israel, identify with the pus or the Doctor?

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Jews, Why I Am for You

What the God of Israel has done for me, and what He will do for you.

“I, even I, am He Who comforts you: who are you, that you are afraid of man who shall die, and of the son of man who shall be made as grass; and have forgotten the LORD your Maker, Who stretched forth the Heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth…?” (Isaiah 51:12-13 HNV)

Israel, the Explanation for the Horrendous Contradictions You Suffer

Israel, your God knows and sees what you suffer. He is not remote, unfamiliar, or unaffected by what is happening with you. There is a reason for your predicament, however, a reason that holds the key to the solution for all. There is an answer from God, which you need to hear and know.

The Key for Israel and the Jew

Jews, you have tried everything to be at peace, to have dialogue with, and to appease, the world. You have tried everything, and nothing has worked, because you lacked the simple solution. Here is the key for Israel, the Jew, and the whole world.

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