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Doctrina Diabólica: Uno No Puede Ver el Rostro de Dios y Vivir (Sobrevivir Físicamente)

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Entender las Escrituras requiere de revelación espiritual. Para el caso: Está escrito que ningún hombre puede ver el rostro de Dios y vivir, pero ¿cómo es eso? Se requiere de iluminación espiritual, más que de una interpretación literal, para saber lo que Dios quiere decir.
Los ignorantes y los malvados que profesan amar y servir a Jesucristo interpretan carnalmente las Escrituras para condenar a los que lo han visto a Él, llamándoles engañados, engañadores, herejes, o inspirados por demonios, sin saberlo estos acusadores se condenan a sí mismos y a Aquél a Quien ellos nunca han visto, sino sólo oído de Él.

“De oídas Te había oído; mas ahora mis ojos Te ven. Por tanto me aborrezco, y me arrepiento en polvo y en ceniza.” (Job 42:5-6 RVG)

(Yo, Víctor, he visto el rostro de Dios y no sobreviví como yo era, gracias sean dadas a Dios.)

Lea Seeing God and Living.

Considere la alternativa a esta doctrina de ignorancia: Usted no temerá ver o haber visto a Dios, sabiendo que Él lo prometió y que lo ha dispuesto para bien.











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From: Joe To: The Path of Truth Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 7:46 AM Subject: The Truth I find your article on the KJV to be interesting, and I understand the inaccuracies and inconsistencies are real. I understand that whenever men get involved that these things happen. I also understand that we need God's Spirit and Word to lead and guide us. What I don't seem to discern from your perspective is where does the new believer turn for this guidance.  Do you espouse any translation to be accurate? Or do we all need to become fluent in Greek and Aramaic and Latin to find accuracy? Do we all need to flock to the museums etc. who house the ancient manuscripts so that we can determine for ourselves what is truth? Or do we rely strictly on your interpretation to be "gospel?"  I know quite well that it is only Jesus Christ who has saved me. I know quite well that we have a loving God who desires all to come into obedience and repentance.  I also use the KJV-Thompson Chain as a study instrument, along with numerous sites I have encountered in my search for truth. As an adult Sunday school teacher, I sincerely seek out the truth. I believe the Word when it tells us that many false prophets are in the world. I pray that what comes out of my mouth in front of my congregation be God's words, not just mine.  So. then, if the KJV is flawed to the extent that it is unreliable, where does the Christian find truth? The Amplified Bible? The NIV? The NKJV? The ESV? Are any...
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