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We Are Branches, We Are One

All of creation points to and teaches us of God, His requirements of us, our relationships to Him.

Life in Christ must be as spontaneous and natural as the branches to their tree trunk. And am I presumptuous in pointing out that as branches cannot live without the trunk so the trunk has no life without branches? Can it be that Almighty God is so committed to us, His creation?


We are branches, we are one,

Not by ourselves, not of ourselves,

But we live by the Greater One

Which gives us life,

Which gives us purpose for being.

Though we go our own ways,

One this way and that,

Still we serve the One greater

From where we come,

In Whom we have our being and our life.


We serve the Greater One and give It life;

We live for It and It alone.

The Trunk is our source and our deposit,

The Beginning and the End.

How can we live except we give?

If we do not give, the Trunk does not live;

If the Trunk does not live, we die.


For the Trunk then we live

No other choice can there be,

Yet we give not so that we live,

We are what we are;

We do what we do,

And if we do well we live.


Lethbridge, 1984

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The Sword

I have heard it said many times that whatever divides is not of God. Of course, that simply depends on what is being divided and why. Is it not of God to divide sheep from goats, fleece from sheep, truth from error, heretics from the faithful, wheat from the tares? The problem is that those who make the statement above presume to be sheep or, they are under the false notion that pain and suffering and sorrow arising naturally from division are products of Satan and not of God. But these same people indulge in dividing others in the Name of God and think nothing of it. And does not God wound and break? Does He not call to forsake wife, children, parents and friends? Is forsaking easy and pleasant? If so, it would not be forsaking.  I am not sent for division's sake; I do not come to attack; Strife and debate I do not sow, Yet all these are found where I go.   I haven't come for evil's sake, Bearing trouble, sorrow and pain, Yet the sword I bear Will cut in two And each half in two again.   There are those who wish to take the truth And claim it for their own But others, joined to them, declare "If you go, you go alone."   I cannot help but cause this woe If I am to speak what is true; I can only hope as time goes on That your loved ones will come too.   But you cannot wait for them to come, The time to take heed is now. Just as you cannot wait for yours, The call cannot wait for you.   As friends increase, my enemies...

Day of Jubilee

The world celebrates many things in many ways. It lives for good times and pleasures. Yet it has no good cause to rejoice because it excludes its Maker in its festivities, even when it celebrates in His Name. It also remains in darkness and bondage even while trying to act otherwise.The pilgrim, that lone spiritual wanderer looks on, waiting for the day when he or she can trade in the sorrow and suffering, the loneliness and uncertainties, at best the mediocre satisfactions in this world s existence for great and true celebration. My friend, there is that place, that time, yes, here as well as there, which is here. This is the Day of the Lord.Jubilee occurs on the Day of Atonement, the tenth day of the seventh month, once every fifty years. I wrote this seven years before experiencing the Jubilee. One is brought into it in the fulness of time.  Jubilee, oh Jubilee! The day declares the captive free, Delivered from the enemy, Glory bestowed for all to see; Oh, blessed Day of Jubilee!   Loss, defeat and misery, Death and Hell had been for me And tears prevented me to see That one day there'd be Jubilee; Oh, blessed Day of Jubilee!   The road beyond what eye can see Is littered with corpse and tragedy But trust the Lord and you will be At journey's end with ecstasy; Oh, blessed Day of Jubilee!   Moon River Estates, Jan. 1993


Chinese - English 我驚嘆於所謂的上帝敬拜者如何變得比他們自稱敬拜的那一位更重要。我驚訝於他們如何因敬拜上帝而敬拜自己,以及他們如何敬拜敬拜本身。我驚訝於他們如何堅持和要求上帝應該如何敬拜祂。從本質上講,他們要求人們以他們敬拜上帝的方式敬拜他們的奉獻和智慧。從本質上講,他們要求他們自稱敬拜的那一位祂也敬拜他們!我驚嘆於人類把事情搞反、他們的徹底矛盾以及他們對這一切的盲目。  告訴我,你們所有的宗教徒,並回答我如果你能的話,關於你稱之為主人的那一位,甚至主耶穌基督。你有效法祂的榜樣並且照祂要你做的去做嗎?還是你採取了另一種方式依照你的選擇來事奉祂? 祂有穿教士服嗎?祂稱自己為好嗎?祂是否戴著金編電椅繞在祂的腰或脖子上,在祂的頭上,有一個兜帽嗎? 祂有要求別人敬拜祂的母親嗎?祂有稱自己為「神父」、「牧師大人」或「教宗陛下」嗎?或是其他類似的事情嗎?祂有要求他們為祂的道付費嗎?祂有要求他們親吻祂的戒指嗎? 祂是否聚集了會眾並建立會員資格其中祂將掌權?祂是否坐在寶座上並戴上一頂漂亮的帽子? 祂有騎上一匹華麗的馬,被劍保護?祂給嬰兒施洗了嗎?或要求獨身? 祂有對他人指手畫腳以盛況還有表演和大陣?祂有要錢嗎資助祂的善工或者祂的使命不那麼重要比你的? 祂是否成立了協會並在羅馬註冊?祂指揮過一個建築工程嗎有彩色玻璃和精美的圓頂? 告訴我,你們這些自稱事奉上帝的人,回答我如果你能的話,關於你稱之為主人的那一位,甚至主耶穌基督。你有效法祂的榜樣並且照祂要你做的去做嗎?還是你採取了另一種方式依照你的選擇來事奉祂? 祂有要求你穿黑色衣服嗎祂自己有穿黑色衣服嗎?祂是否要求你們聚集在公社裡並嫁給自己的家人? 創造色彩的那一位並讓它們遍布在祂的寶座上並將它們散佈在天空中在祂所有卑微的造物之上,祂有要求你否認它們嗎? 祂會容人們在你面前跪拜嗎甚至彼得不允許,他受過祂的教導? 祂是否生活在孤立之中並要求其他人也這樣做?你比你的師父偉大嗎?你應該決定如何敬拜並事奉祂? 你為什麼要重複祈禱呢?正如祂所說,你是異教徒嗎?你能因你的多說話從祂那裡得到什麼嗎? 這些是我必須問你的問題。似乎有差別據我對祂的認識以及我對你的了解。你效法祂的榜樣嗎並且照祂要你做的去做?還是你採取了另一種方式依照你的選擇來事奉祂?  萊斯布里奇,1984 年 10 月1日
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