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In my striving to be conscious of God and to hear His voice and walk with Him, I slowly learned that I do not get the Lord to speak simply by striving to listen. Nor is He always speaking and I hear or get to hear bits and pieces only as I succeed in efforts to “tune in” like a ham operator trying to pick up a frequency. No, the Lord speaks when it pleases Him, and when He speaks, He is fully capable of making Himself heard with or without any help or hindrance from us.

Until we are humbled and repent of our arrogance, we will neither understand nor rest.

Standing atop a mountain peak,

I could not hear a sound.

In vain I strained my ears to hear

But nothing came except a tear

Because I could not hear.


Cold it grew and I withdrew

To lower levels not by choice,

And there I felt more comforted

But silence remained the only voice

And still I could not hear.


“Am I dead?” in pain I asked myself,

“Is there something wrong with me?

I should think that on these wondrous heights

Is where hearing and seeing ought to be.”

And down I came again.


Lower and lower and lower still,

Not even ground level was to be my fill,

But lower and lower and lower ’til

The darkness smothered me out of sight

And my only friends were sorrow and fright.


But I was not alone.


For in the nether of darkness and tether,

Down where I had made my bed,

And where I resigned to live and sleep,

I heard the Voice instead:

“Come up!” It said, “and into the Light.

Rejoice now with new hearing and sight.

I’ll take away your tether and fright

And you’ll be My servant instead.”

Albuquerque, Spring, 1984

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The ways and thoughts of the spirit of the Lord are far higher than man is ever willing to acknowledge or can imagine.This work had the crucible of a man with above average intellect who was rather impressed with his powers as well as impressive. What a blessing it would be to see a man set aside his strengths both real and perceived and take on the "weakness" of Christ. I have yet to see a man of high intellect do so. But isn't it written that God chooses the foolish things to confound the wise?Men dwell on different planes. There are those who are subterranean,Less than animals;They will not use even their bodies as they ought.There are those who dwell on lower ground,Their bodies they use acceptably wellBut no more can they receive.Then there are those who have taken to the hills.They have sought the higher groundOf mind and intellectual things.And with the powers of mindBoth given and honed,They have awesome works achieved.Yet there is higher ground still.There are snow-capped peaks of the spiritWhere the air is cold and thin,Where the traveler is rare,Where few would care to come,Yet the vista is supreme.Satisfied with the planes below,Ignorant of the plane above,Each on his own level thinksThere is nothing better, nothing more.Come up higher, man.You've a long way you can go.But put aside the weights of assumptions,Vanities, arrogance.Put away pride and foolis...


“Beware of false prophets. You shall know them by their fruits” said Jesus. Eggs are fruits, are they not? And many seem to assume that because there are eggs, there is truth. Eggs are neither good nor bad in themselves. What kind are they? Smiles and friendship are neither good nor bad. Why are they? Religious talk praising and extolling God is nothing in itself. So then one must have discernment to tell good fruits from bad. That discernment is the gift of God given only to those who have a love of the truth, selling all they have to possess it, even their very lives. The pilgrim on the path to truth is sorely tried and only the true seeker will enter in to that which is behind the veil.With a marvelous thought I awoke: Both serpents and birds lay eggs! Men do not; Mammals generally do not But those both beneath and above do! Many search for fruits And are deceived, In foolish assumption That that which lays eggs flies And they follow the layer Not into the skies But into a hole in the ground. They follow the layer, Not to be raised up above But to be bitten and devoured. Therefore, my friend, Beware of the fruits, What kind they are. And if you are my friend, You’ll have the eyes to see And the heart to understand. Lethbridge, Oct. 1, 1984

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English - Dutch Niet iedereen die komt is een dierbare gast. Er worden zowel slechte vissen als goede gevangen in het net van het Koninkrijk en de slechte moeten noodzakelijkerwijs worden weggegooid. Er zitten mensen bij die binnen komen om te feesten met de heiligen, zonder een bruiloftskleed te dragen. Ook deze moeten worden weggegooid.De dierbare gast, niet aan het uiterlijk te herkennen, is diegene die de Heer in ons midden heeft gebracht om één met ons te worden in Hem. Die gast wordt mogelijk niet behandeld in de wereldlijke termen van gastvrijheid en beleefdheid. Mogelijk wordt hij terechtgewezen en berispt, hem wordt de waarheid verteld, hoe onaangenaam dat ook voor hem mag lijken. Maar door God’s genade zal hij geloven, reageren en ontdekken dat hij inderdaad een dierbare gast is, geliefd onder de broeders.Je bent niet alleen gekomenOmdat je ervoor hebt gekozen om dat te doenMaar jij bent hierheen gebrachtOm te rusten en getroost te worden,Om op gezette tijd een woord te horen,Een goed woord,Of het nu verzacht of pijn doet,Of het nu geneest of snijdt,Maar de waarheid zal je hoe dan ookVrij maken.Je hebt hier een schuilplaats tegen de storm,Een oase van zoete rust,Als je het zo ontvangt.Breng jouw vrede met je meeAls je vrede wil ontvangen,En laat alles wat onrein is achter je.Doe je schoenen uitEn rust even uit.Moge je gezegend en gevoed worden,Gesterkt en genezen,Klaar gestoomd ...
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