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Notice Board

Anglican Church Same Sex Marriage Controversy
Conversation with Barbara
Our Previous Conversation with “Brother Jerry”
Deathbed Conversions
The Lord Jesus Christ – Our Party and Our Cause

Letter to Eireann Hafichuk
“The Harness of the Lord”
What about Mother’s Day?
No, We Can’t!
Pitying the Bullied
Pro-Choicers Despising Freedom of Choice
Satan’s Strategies
Excerpts from Through the Valley of the Kwai by Ernest Gordon
What Is a Miracle?

The Joy of Gay Sex?

The Joy of Gay Sex?
Our Correspondence with Robert Bayuk
Our Correspondence with Felice Picano
Handout of Points
Robert Bayuk’s Letter to the Editor with All Comments
Sierra Chambers’ Letter to the Editor with All Comments
Paul Cohen’s Letter to the Editor with All Comments
Mark Colton’s Letter to the Editor with All Comments
Bob Cyper’s Letter to the Editor with All Comments
IR Staff Opinion Page
Will MacBride’s Letter to the Editor with All Comments
Lisa Marshall’s Letter to the Editor with All Comments
Summary of 8/25/08 Meeting with Commentary
Summary of 9/16/08 Public Hearing with Commentary
Helena Library Conclusion


Truth for Everyone; Religion for No One
A Buddhist Loves Disgraceful Religion
The Fears of the Jews
A Necessary Warning
Attention “Sister Rem”!
Was Melchizedek the Lord Jesus Christ?
Who Shall Rebuke and Correct?
Sexual Urge and Temptation
A Question about Fear


Loving Your Neighbor
The Fight Against Fluoride
Some Thoughts Sparked by Easter
“Israel’s Only Friend”?
Etiquette Used to Conceal the Sin of the Religiously-Correct


What about “Keeping Christ in Christmas”?
Did Jesus Take Our Place on the Cross?
Correction and Exposure
Death Belongs to Us
The Victory over Temptation
What about the “Illuminati”?
Our Beliefs
Exposed by Self-Righteousness
Unlearned Saying & Objection – “Who are you to judge?”
Who Is a True Jew?


The Birthday Celebration of the Anti-Christ
What’s Wrong with the Little Mosque on the Prairie?
The Sin of Jeroboam
Why the Truth Hurts
Food Freedom – Standing Up for What’s Right
Raw Milk – Freedom to Choose!
The Ways of the Accuser
Unlearned Saying & Objection – “God alone knows the heart.”
A Creature of Darkness
Wanting to Do Things Right
The Perished of the Holocaust
Genetically-Modified Alfalfa Should Be Condemned
What About Tapping (EFT)?
“Everything You Are Against Weakens You”?


Becoming Ourselves, in Christ
False Accusations Often Come from Confusion
“Time and Chance Happens to Them All…”
Roman Heresy and a Question about Prayer
Did Jesus Add a Commandment?
Serving the Cause of Truth


Christmas and Human Weakness
“Why don’t you celebrate Christmas?”
What Is a Miracle?
God’s Promise in His Commandments
The Ox in the Pit on the Sabbath
A Demonstration of God’s Protection of Israel
Creatures of the Dark and Their Destructive Criticism
The Tyranny of Pride
Beware of False Teachers
The Lord Stands Up for Israel
A New Year’s Message to Our Group


A Curse on the Betrayal of Canada
Enjoy the Adversity
Yes, Things Are Bad, But What Is the Answer?
The Best and the Worst
Aerial Crop Spraying
The Right Way vs. Any Way
God’s Business Is Serious Business
Willpower Posing as Faith
Life Has a Price Tag
Message to Israel
Regarding the Jews
Contending for the Faith
Practical Proof of the Spiritual Value of the Word of God
For Kim
What Are We?
On Insurance
Human Rights?
“The Law Is Good”
Gossip and Slander Will Be Exposed


What Is the Christ?
Objectivity? Part 2
The Last Days – When?

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