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What’s Wrong with the Little Mosque on the Prairie?

Some years ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation introduced a television sitcom, Little Mosque on the Prairie, produced by Zarqa Nawaz (a Muslim of Pakistani origin born in England, with Canadian citizenship). To unsuspecting spectators, the show could seem playful, humorous, and innocent enough. However, it is evident to those informed of essential Islam that this production serves to persuade an unwitting audience of something quite untrue, that Islam is benign to Western standards and way of life.

To determine whether or not Nawaz and company is deliberately intent on deceiving Westerners is not our intention here. However, if people were to learn of Islam’s foundations and history, read the Koran and Islam’s “holy” books, and responsibly inform themselves of Islam’s basic tenets and goals, as dictated by Muhammad their prophet and their present day mullahs and leaders throughout the world (including in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.), they would soon come to an inescapable and unpleasant conclusion: Devoted adherents of Koranic Islam aren’t here to make themselves friends in Western homes on Western terms, which include our democracy, religious beliefs, and Western culture.

To become a part of Western society is heresy to Islamic religious, cultural, and political aspirations, according to the Koran and the hadiths of Islam. Islam’s intent and, indeed, solemn duty to Allah and his prophet is to take over the home, to ultimately dispossess us of it, and convert it into their home, a home radically different from, and indeed antithetical to, ours. Islam is not here to renovate or improve our home, but to tear it down, by direct or indirect “peaceful” or violent means, and replace it entirely, establishing itself as the new owner.

Purposely or otherwise, Little Mosque on the Prairie serves to accomplish that Islamic agenda. How? Read what Clare M. Lopez has to say about a “reality” program with similar themes now introduced to the U.S., All-American Muslim, and how these popular shows serve to subtly undermine Western values and freedoms. Clare Lopez is one of many eloquent and knowledgeable people who are sounding the alarm about this ominous, frightening reality. When will the leaders and our society wake up and realize they have great danger within their house, both on the prairie and in the city?

“All-American Muslim”: A Little Taqiyya on the Prairie

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Victor Hafichuk

– November 27, 2011

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