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What Are We?

I have just written a paper about the false prophet, John Calvin, and in discussion with Victor, he said:

“No Calvinists are we, nor any -ists, unless we are nonists! A new word, a new category, a new ID, a new thing.

The Lord is doing a new thing.”

Our identities and lives are in Him, not in our doctrines or denials of false doctrine. All of those things, good and necessary as they are, are derived from our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is like Victor’s song, “It’s great to be somebody, because you’re nobody, because you’re His.”

Yes, it is an exclusive cult, which by nature says “no” to everything of man, and “yes” to everything of God. This is that well-known yet secret, narrow way in which you will find life.

Paul Cohen (March 6, 2008)

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Subject: ‘Guess Who Appreciates Satan’ From: David To: The Path of Truth Date: 11/24/2015 1:42 PM Hi, I came across your website not by accident, chance or choice but by determination of seeking out an opinion that aligns closely to how I too view God's word. Although I've read many of your teachings, there is one so far that has stood out amongst them the title is "Guess who appreciates Satan" I have been seeing this for years but haven't been able to piece it together so I could show those that have eyes could also see it. So a big thank you for doing it.  It also states in scripture (Gen 1:26) that God made man in the image and OUR likeness and this task wasn't completed until AFTER they ate the fruit, God confirms this in Gen 3:22 to which many followers miss. Gen 3:24 also shows us that there were others also in the garden as well and along with Gen 3:1 we can now piece together to whom God was referring to when he was talking about making man in the image and likeness of US.  Anyway, this is a fantastic website for all to enjoy and learn. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, David from Brisbane, Australia. From: Paul Cohen Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 4:42 PM To: David Cc: Victor Hafichuk Subject: "Guess Who Appreciates Satan" Thank you, David, for letting us know you’re out there receiving some of the good things the Lord has given us at The Path of Truth. Bless His Name!  Continue exploring what is available on our site – the...

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