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What Are We?

I have just written a paper about the false prophet, John Calvin, and in discussion with Victor, he said:

“No Calvinists are we, nor any -ists, unless we are nonists! A new word, a new category, a new ID, a new thing.

The Lord is doing a new thing.”

Our identities and lives are in Him, not in our doctrines or denials of false doctrine. All of those things, good and necessary as they are, are derived from our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is like Victor’s song, “It’s great to be somebody, because you’re nobody, because you’re His.”

Yes, it is an exclusive cult, which by nature says “no” to everything of man, and “yes” to everything of God. This is that well-known yet secret, narrow way in which you will find life.

Paul Cohen (March 6, 2008)

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