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The Ox in the Pit on the Sabbath

“And He answered them, saying, Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fall into a pit and will not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day?” (Luke 14:5 MKJV)

Question: If God reigns supreme over all things, and is Lord of the Sabbath, and if He would have man to rest on the Sabbath, why does He permit an ox to fall in a pit on that day and require someone to rescue it?


He demonstrates that He is not expecting a legalistic reaction from us.

He teaches us that the Sabbath is not to rule and bind us, but is made for us.

He teaches us that we can choose to do the right thing on the Sabbath, as at any time.

He tries us to see if we will do the right thing and put aside our needs (in this case the need of rest) for the sake of a creature in need of help.

He demonstrates principles of worship and service and mercy.

He gives us lessons in priorities.

If an ox is so unfortunate as to not have rest on the Sabbath, and we are commanded that our ox rest with us, how then may we leave it in its trouble and rest at the same time?

That is why He will send an ox to the pit on the Sabbath.

Victor Hafichuk
September 23, 2009

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