The Fears of the Jews

We got this note from a friend:

Hi, Paul and Victor.

I just emailed my senator from Minnesota, Al Franken with questions about this new development on Obama siding with Hamas. By the way Franken is Jewish so I would really like to know what his stand on this is. Hopefully I will hear something from him and what if anything can be done on our part.


Victor responded:

You realize many Jews have been on the left and anti-Zionist and pro-Obama?

Kirk’s reply:

Hi, Victor,

I didn’t realize this. What are they thinking? Any idea?


Victor answered:

Hi Kirk,

Perhaps inexplicable – the mystery of iniquity. They are blinded until the time the Lord opens their eyes and gives them a heart to understand. Fear plays a big part in it.

Paul’s reply:

Hi Kirk,

Victor touches on one reason I’m aware of – fear. It’s easy for me to understand as a Jew, because I experienced, through my DNA and heritage, how it feels to look like other people around you, yet be irretrievably different and persecuted for it. At any moment, some form of anti-Semitism might break forth, and you’re finished. That’s what it feels like even in a “safe” society, as the US has been and is presumed to be. The feelings I’m talking about here are mostly buried. It’s like part of your atmosphere, the air you breathe without thinking.

Jews who knuckle under this fear will try to get along with the mainstream at the cost of truth and what’s right. They will sell out Israel just so they’re not considered too Jewish or sectarian. They hope it will make them acceptable, or presume it does, in order to save their own skins. Most don’t realize what they’re doing or why. They actually believe they are being morally fair, even superior to the “right-wing Zionists.”

There are also Jews who simply react with loathing to things they perceive as unsavory about their people and heritage, and thereby take the opposite side, even if it’s wrong. Some call these people “self-hating Jews.”

The Lord delivered me from all these fears and derangements as he led me on the path of Truth. Bless His Name!

Paul Cohen

Read more about Israel and the Jew.

– September 18, 2014

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