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The Best and the Worst

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The world praises the one who brings out the best in others, which may be fine, but the greater need of mankind is that we bring out the worst. Yes, you red that right.

Those who speak the Truth of God will bring out the worst. An acquaintance of ours began to believe what we were preaching, which was quite contrary to her beliefs and practices and those of her family and religious friends theretofore. When her family became aware of her wanting to join herself to us, they examined our site and doctrine and were offended; some were alarmed and came out with threats and curses. Our friend was shocked and saddened, as she put it, that her sons and daughters and their spouses would react in such ungodly fashion. After all, she thought to have taught them differently; they all profess faith in Jesus Christ. Most of them are members of what are known as Christian churches and Bible-preaching religious organizations, such as the United Pentecostals and the Foursquare Gospel. Her youngest is a pastor and fervent in works in the Name of God. The talks and works are there.

She had always been trying to bring out the best in them, to teach her children how to believe, speak, and act as Christians, according to her understanding. Little did she know that what they needed was the Truth instead of doctrine, substance instead of form, reality instead of religion, and rebuke instead of praise. Little did she know they needed exposure instead of display. It was not enough to dress dogs in wool and make them look like sheep. They needed to be exposed for the dogs they are and told the truth (that they are dogs and that only the miracle-working, resurrection power of Jesus Christ could make of them sheep, new creatures in Christ). Only His righteousness counts, and reasonable facsimiles will not do.

The truth preached in our letters and on our site told them they were wrong, in darkness, in error, not within the Kingdom of God, and not pleasing to God as they suppose (in short, they are dogs), bringing out the worst in them. To the religious who are consumed by their own righteousness, their exposure is shocking, but it necessarily manifests the reality of their state. When the worst comes out, they can decide to continue therein and grow worse yet, or they can decide to repent and come to the Lord to be changed, that they might worship Him in spirit and truth with a new heart, which He alone can give them.

Did not Jesus Christ and His disciples bring out the worst in man? Did not Jesus warn His disciples that they would be hated by all men as He was? Did the people not kill them? Yet in the process of their exposure, salvation came to the killers. Indeed, some experienced a complete reversal of attitude and action. As the apostle Paul, formerly known as Saul of Tarsus, wrote to new converts:

“But only they were hearing that he who then persecuted us, now preaches the faith which he once ravaged. And they glorified God in me” (Galatians 1:23-24 MKJV).

First must the worst be exposed and identified. Only then can the true solution come. As whitewash covers but does not change, so religion conceals the corrupt nature while the corruption remains. Only an entire replacement of an old nature by a new will do. We need men to speak the truth, so that the worst may come out in those who hear the truth.

– Victor Hafichuk (August 6, 2008)

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