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Serving the Cause of Truth

One of life’s great pleasures for lovers of truth is being able to heartfully agree with your enemies. Though we do not personally count him an enemy, Richard Dawkins, author of several books championing evolution, is a great enemy of the truth and the Creator in this matter. We find his attitude and teachings grossly untrue, irresponsible, and even reprehensible, intellectually, scientifically, socially, and spiritually.

But when we hear that Dawkins, along with Christopher Hitchens, is initiating legal proceedings to have the pope arrested on his upcoming trip to England on charges of obstruction of justice, we could not agree more, and we applaud his efforts. Their reasoning is certainly legitimate. Why should the pope and his minions be above the law? Ought they not be held to at least the same standards of justice as the common pedophile, if not more severe for their pretensions of morality?

Get this: The Catholic Church preaches eternal damnation and torture for sinners, but pleads for the statute of limitations regarding their heinous sins! As they say in Yiddish, that is some chutzpah. You go, Richard!

Pertinent article:
Richard Dawkins Calls for Arrest of Pope Benedict XVI

– April 15, 2010

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