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Pro-Choicers Despising Freedom of Choice


How great is the confusion caused by the muddle-headed proponents of social abominations like abortion and “gay” rights. Abortionists and their supporters call themselves “Pro-choice,” yet shut out those who choose to exercise free speech. They imply, if not outright present, the perverse and wicked notion that speaking freely about a matter, in disagreement with them, makes one a bigoted violator of freedom of choice. Obviously they are the violators, and readily prove themselves so in the following correspondences.

We linked pictures of aborted fetuses into the text at appropriate junctures to demonstrate the reality of our descriptive language.

We sent out this notice to our Canadian friends and associates:

Hi everyone,

This just in from one of our friends. We are calling the enclosed number to register our disapproval, and we pass the information along so that you may do as you choose.

—– Original Message —–
From: Geri hartman
To: geri & pat hartman
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 4:14 PM
Subject: order of canada

Hi Everyone:

If you do not approve of Dr. Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada award kindly call this number:


It is to CTV and it is a “No” vote call. You do not have to say anything. It is answered with, “This is CTV and your ‘No Vote’ has been recorded.” That’s it.

Archbishop Tom Collins from Toronto is asking that all people of good will protest “this act of dishonour” and ask that this action be revoked. In his archdiocese on Sunday will be a special day to pray for an end to abortion.

Please pass on this phone # 1 416 870 4444

First String of Correspondence – Sonja Hagemann:

Reply from Sonja:

I think using your business mailing list to further your personal, political agenda is in exceedingly poor taste.

Not to mention unprofessional.


Paul’s reply to Sonja:

Ms. Hagemann,

What you call our “personal agenda” is the same thing that has brought Harvest Haven into existence and is the reason we operate to this day. It is on account of our God-given conviction of doing what is right by all that we farm organically and provide healthy products and services to the public. Harvest Haven is no private affair. We are not an island unto ourselves – no persons are – all our actions have ramifications for our community and the world. According to your way of thinking and conclusion, it is in “exceeding poor taste” that we exist and are in business at all.

If speaking the truth and serving God is “exceeding poor taste” in any department of our existence, we, as a society, are in big trouble, we assure you. And we are! Think of it: When wholesale murder of innocents is applauded and those speaking up for the defenseless are censored for business convenience and comfort of conscience, we have come down to a horribly dismal state of affairs indeed. We refuse to be a part of such mental sickness and corruption.

The letter we received from our friend and customer, Mr. Hartman, gave us the option of responding if we agreed with its premise. There was no compulsion to do so, and neither was there for you. However, we responded because we do not approve of our tax dollars going to honor an abortionist who has enabled people to more easily and safely murder their unborn. We have every right, and even the duty, to make this known to others within our sphere of activity, who are also part of the public domain funding this activity, and who may have forgotten the Commandment of God, “You shall not kill.”

Our stand in this matter is no different than what we say every day without even opening our mouths about factory farming and the pharmaceutical medical system, just by conducting our daily business. Are we not saying it is wrong to kill insects and microorganisms that support life and human health? How much more is it wrong to support the outright killing of unborn people? Apparently some do not know right from wrong, and need to hear this. Does not your reaction confirm that is so?

And do you think that what you buy from “neutral” businesses does not have “political” and other implications? You are not being fair or realistic in your assessment of our action, or of your own. Our business is to attend to all matters of wholesome living and doing right by God and neighbor, as is yours. Anything that contravenes God’s Law, no matter how “professional” and “in good taste” it appears, is evil and destructive.

The problem for you, Ms. Hagemann, is not so much that you are wrong, but that you are wrong and imperiously indignant with what is right. Do take your business to the professionals you choose to service your needs. By the time professional thieves, killers, and liars have had their way with you, you may become more humble and considerate of others.

Mr. Hartman, we appreciate having the opportunity to identify with what is right in the sight of God, and do not count it loss at all if some walk away from us on account of this. On the contrary, to us it is all gain:

“Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are My followers. Be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in Heaven. This is how the prophets who lived before you were persecuted” (Matthew 5:11-12 GNB).

Paul Cohen

Sonja’s reply:

Dear Mr. Cohen:

Thank you kindly for your email. I am now quite clear on your position. Please note that I do love your farming concept and have happily been a supporter for many years. I like what you are doing with your farm and enjoy supporting small farmers who think differently and make changes in the world that I support. I have a family member who was the past president of the Organic growers association of Canada …

Now that I understand your politics however, I can no longer support continue to support a business which makes part of its’ agenda to encourage the taking away of women’s rights. That would not be being true to myself.

I always have to marvel at people like you who use God’s name to justify the indignant judging and righteous telling of others what they can and can’t do with their bodies and yet offer no clear personal examples of what you have done yourself to adopt &/or support some of these *innocents* you so indignantly speak up for. It;s all great to expound on your theories but when you back it up with realistic personal action other than talk, people might listen a bit more.

I could get into a long argument with you, using logic and great debate to support our positions: and in the end we would both still have our own opinions.

Please take me off your mailing lists.

Sonja Hagemann

Victor’s and Paul’s replies to Sonja:

Ms. Hagemann, Victor Hafichuk here, owner of Harvest Haven.

I have red your letter to Paul.

Correct me if I am wrong in my understanding of what you are saying. You say you marvel at those who, in God’s Name, presume to defend the living unborn and defenseless, without giving clear examples of what we do about it. We speak up for them! And we put our money where our mouths are. We are forsaking business like yours, such as it is, to speak up against the butchering of the unborn and for charging those who strongly disagree with you to do it. Furthermore, we are practising and promoting a lifestyle that respects God’s Law, human dignity as He wills it, and thus we abstain from sex that brings lives into this world that are unlawful or undesirable (under God). What else do you expect us to do – seal your womb? Pass out birth control pills? Shoot or eunuchize your bed partners? How foolish and blind of you!

Here is another right you wrongfully presume to have: You speak of opinion. We forsook and repented of the presumed right to opinion on matters of God and of life and death. Opinions of men and women are what have gotten the whole world into all the trouble it is in. It is time we heard and believed the facts and Truth of God. Therefore we speak. Do we not have the right to do so? Why do you hate us for it, yet pretend you are so socially and mentally adjusted?

Perhaps you think the unborn don’t have life but they do – God says so, as declared in His Word. The proofs are all there in nature as well – evidence you choose to ignore that you might have your cake and eat it too – selfish lawless woman!

As we speak the truth, it is for all concerned, including you. In essence, we are telling you not to destroy yourself. You reap what you sow.

Truth is Truth; Truth applies everywhere, at all times, to all things. God’s Word is Truth, He is Truth, and we know Him personally, and speak by, from, for, in, and with Him. We come to say that you are wrong, not because it says so in the Bible but because He told us it is so, and He has told us to tell you, so there.

It is you who insists on selfish and unjust rights, presuming to have rights never granted you in the first place. You are not your own. You were created by God and His Law stands. You do not have the right to take away the God-given rights of others, like our preference to not pay our tax dollars to support murder, which act is entirely against God’s Law and against our conscience. You don’t have the right to kill, not according to God. He is the One Who decides who has what rights, not I, not you, and not any government.

Of course, if you wish to fornicate and commit adultery (more acts forbidden by God) and destroy the effects or consequences of those selfish and ruinous behaviors, go for it, be our guest; exterminate any fruit that would propagate your thinking, but don’t presume to do it at our charge, and don’t tell us or fellow citizens who believe God and the Bible that it is an innocent act.

As pointed out, we also do the business we do for the sake of all. It is all one. You conveniently divide matters, which is Satan’s modus operandi to destroy. Following his will, you are his child and as a child of the destroyer, you will destroy yourself. If that is your choice, we won’t stop you; it is not our business. It has only been our business to tell you that you are not right.

Finally, we also recognize that God reigns supreme over all things, both good and evil. His sovereignty wields a two-edged sword. If He has ordained destruction for wickedness, we can rest, knowing that there is purpose worked out in men’s evil deeds. While we have been given to shine the light and declare right from wrong, the proof of the validity of our words will be proven both ways – whether people obey and reap reward or ignore us and reap consequence. Both must be manifest to teach mankind right and wrong.

So ironically, Ms. Hagemann, you are God’s chosen vessel of dishonor to prove He and we are right by your doing wrong. Does that confound you? In your calling, you will despise us for what we have to say. Fine, do your thing. We will survive, and you will not. On that, God is clear.

Ms. Hagemann,

You are most welcome to our answers, and we do not mind if we do not convince you to change your position for now. That is not why we speak, as Victor has written to you.

Where do you see “indignant judging and righteous telling of others” in our sending out a phone number to register a “no” vote on something that everyone was forced, by proxy, to vote “yes”? You are the one who wrote back indignantly. You are a hypocrite, doing the very thing you condemn.

Furthermore, we have every right to judge you by God’s righteousness, Who is indignant with your ways and the ways of all those who justify murder and serve themselves while castigating truth-tellers who point out their evil. You need to know that He is angry, and is finished winking at your impudence, with swift judgment to follow. That is why He has us here speaking on His behalf. Consider it a kindness that you have heard; which it is.

“Expound on our theories”? That is a very foolish and stupid thing to say. We are living what we speak and teach others to do the same, taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. Just as your letter came in I was speaking to a man that told me he had a three-year-old daughter that was the product of “incidental baby-making.” Would he rather have aborted her for all his inconvenience? Are you kidding? It would have been absurd to ask it. He recognizes this human being as his daughter and loves her as a parent naturally does.

But for those parents who would murder their children, no doubt we would not wish to oppose or stand in the way of their self-extermination program. That does not mean, however, that we will congratulate them with awards and take responsibility for their chosen destructive deathstyle.

And for those that choose to do the right thing, we will encourage them to go all the way. Just because we tell them of God’s Law not to kill does not make us their legal guardians. According to your logic, because you preach organic farming (not killing) you are now indebted to support chemical farmers (killing) when they hit tough times because their soil is depleted and they have fallen behind on bank payments.

Your defense of lawlessness has made you insane, Ms. Hagemann. No need to argue, because there is no argument that will support your kind of thinking. Isn’t that so?

Paul Cohen

Second String of Correspondence – Gail Hanrahan and Ronald Chambers:

Gail replied to our original notice:

I want organic products not politically biased information. I am registering my disapproval of your disapproval for Dr Morgentaler’s award of the Order of Canada by withdrawing my name from your email list and driving somewhere else for my organic products. And by the way I just talked positively about your farm to a large party in Lethbridge last night — I will try to reach as many of them as possible this week to register my change of heart.

Gail Hanrahan

Victor’s reply to Gail:

Ms. Hanrahan,

What you call “political” is much more than that to us. Does speaking against drug dealing and gangland shootouts on your streets, whether in the residential or business sectors of your city, constitute a political issue, whether it is the events themselves, the city’s questionable approach to the problems, or your speaking against them?

This is a life and death issue, and it does not take two brains to figure it out, or did they mistake your brain for your fetus when you had your abortion, or was it your daughter’s, or your son’s girlfriend’s unborn child ripped out that bothers you?

What kind of party did you have? Was it a drug party, an all-out drinking party, an orgy, a spiritual séance with devils, or a Satan worship service? Go back to your friends and do as you please. Any there with sense will not pay any attention to you. If they have any sense, they will cheer me and try to speak sense to you.

As for your “change of heart,” you need a much greater one than the one you claim to have had here. You need a new heart altogether. The nerve of you to demand that we relinquish all rights to freedom of religion and speech! Furthermore, this is a moral issue, not only a political one. It is a matter of life and death, especially when many before us have laid down their lives for the sake of these freedoms.

Think about it: They laid down their lives to give us all the right to live, while you take lives, honor those who take them, and condemn those who honor life. Have you ever heard of “Thou shalt not kill”? Who are you to tell us what to do? And who cares about your earthly business of eating organic apples for health while worshipping at the altar of murderers of the innocent and defenseless, taking away the health of many entirely? Don’t use our tax dollars for crime, and don’t open your mouth for evil’s sake, telling us we have no right to open ours for goodness’ sake.

Ms. Hanrahan, you are a butcheress, plain and simple, and you don’t even know it. We live in a wicked day and a wicked society – all going down the drain fast. Mark my words, it won’t be long, and you will not like it one bit. Good to lose your business. You don’t deserve wholesome product.

Try reading something perhaps more to your liking if you are all for murder of a fetus: Abortion

Paul Cohen of Harvest Haven writes:

Let me get this right: Ms. Hanrahan does not approve of us making public our disapproval of putting our tax dollars towards honoring an abortionist, so she goes public to let everyone know she disapproves of us? Who made her queen of Canada to decide what our role should be and that we are denied the right to speak freely in matters of life and death? If we are farming organically in the cause of supporting life, how is it we cannot speak against being forced to honor the murder of unborn children? Just because she is deceived into thinking that is a noble or worthy activity does not make it so and does not negate our right and duty to reject honoring a lie when it is publicly foisted on everyone. This woman is a self-righteous hypocrite. Good riddance!

Victor Hafichuk

Gail’s reply:

Paul Cohen,

I replied to and assumed that my email would be read by the owners and employees of Harvest Haven only. Had you replied to me, instead of about me, I would have had the opportunity to tell you that you made some good points in your email to Victor Hafichuk. In fact, I misstated my displeasure; of course you and I can personally say whatever you want as we all have freedom of speech. I feel however that as an organic products business, your email about Dr Morgentaler was inappropriate, particularly since you offered only the option of voting ‘NO’. This is why I will not be back, not because of your opinion on the Order of Canada for Dr Morgentaler.

Now I am appalled that you, again as a business, shared my name and email address with someone from an organization I have absolutely no association with. I certainly hope that I will never hear from Mr. Hafichuk again, since my email had nothing to do with him, or his organization, or even the subject of abortion.

Gail Hanrahan

Paul’s reply to Gail:

Ms. Hanrahan,

Victor Hafichuk is the owner of Harvest Haven. Besides, is also our website. Our business is earthly and spiritual. God never meant for there to be a division between what we do (physical) and why we do it (spiritual). Dividing these two sides of the same coin has only been a stratagem of people who wish to escape responsibility for their selfish misdeeds, as with abortion.

As for only offering to vote “no,” you missed the point of the Order of Canada award to Dr. Morgentaler. The “yes” vote is already a given; the award has been made and you need say nothing if you agree. Only those who do not agree have not had their voices heard; yet the award was made on their behalves, with their tax dollars. What was offered by the note that was forwarded to us, and that we forwarded to others, was the opportunity to register disapproval. There was no compunction to do anything; If you did not disapprove, you need not have made the call. What could be simpler?

So, you can see that your email had everything to do with Mr. Hafichuk and abortion. You are trying to fool yourself if you deny your reaction has anything to do with the latter. Are you trying to tell us that if we sent a notice to voice your approval for the Order of Canada for Dr. Morgentaler, that you would have conducted yourself in the same manner, although you call it a political issue in which we should not be involved? Come now, Ms. Hanrahan, you cannot fool God. Why try? You are only spiting and harming yourself by dissembling.

Paul Cohen
Harvest Haven Health

Gail’s reply:

Thank you for clearing up the connection with The Path of Truth — I was not aware.

Gail Hanrahan

Gail forwarded a reply from Ronald:

I was asked to forward the following to you. Gail

Hi Gail,

Please forward the following to the people at Harvest Haven:

Re: Email to Gail Hanrahan

“What kind of party did you have? Was it a drug party, an all-out drunk, an orgy, a spiritual séance with devils, or a Satan worship service? Go back to your friends and do as you please. Any there with sense will not pay any attention to you. If they have any sense, they will cheer me and try to speak sense to you.”

As host of the party that Gail Hanrahan attended recently that you mention in your email to her, I would like to confirm that:

1. There were no drugs at the party.
2. No one (including the many children who attended) became “all-out drunk”. (I don’t drink at all.)
3. There was no seance–although my neighbor does have a Ouija board–and I certainly don’t remember any devils (but who knows what form they may have taken).
4. I had planned on a Satan worshipping service, but decided not to go ahead as my supplier of “goats blood” was out of town on holidays.
5. It will be a cold day in hell (an analogy you should understand) before my wife and I ever set foot in your business again. (My wife was a good customer)

Ron Chambers
Associate Professor
Theatre and Dramatic Arts
University of Lethbridge, Canada

Paul’s reply to Ronald:

So, Mr. Chambers, you are a dramatist. Have you conveniently forgotten about how dramatic license is used to illustrate underlying truth? It is OK for you to do that, but God forbid that anyone else uses such to describe you and your ways.

However, in your sarcasm you say something true and applicable:

…I certainly don’t remember any devils (but who knows what form they may have taken).

Which is exactly the point: You don’t see or recognize the evil in and among you. That was what Victor was saying about Gail’s attitude and ways. With morals like hers, and yours, you may as well be doing all the things he listed, because it amounts to the same thing. You are destroyers.

Here is an example of truth that seems exaggerative, but is literally so: You are already in hell. Your attitude proves it and we know that you suffer as well as spread your suffering to others who have no light to see the error and poison that consumes you. But we are here as light from God to expose and remedy that. Your reaction of enmity and denial of the Light serves to rebuke you and will correct you in due time. Of that we have no doubt.

“A cold day in hell”? You may set your face in whatever direction you please, but God will have the final say about what you do and where you go.

As for your wife being a “good” customer, perhaps you have forgotten that we are a full service grocer, and more. She is hardly a “good” customer, unless you eat food only a few times a year. Though we do not disparage those who buy this or that from us occasionally, we do know a liar when we hear one, and you are a liar. You lie and exaggerate to suit yourself, but hypocritically condemn us for using poetic license to tell you the truth, which is your only hope.

In any case, whether a poor customer or a very good one, do you really think we will be dissuaded from, or regret speaking the needful truth for mammon’s sake? While that is very possible, may God forbid it (and He has), and by His grace we will speak regardless of the cost. One cannot serve two masters.

Do you speak for your wife? Does she approve of your stance? I understand Mrs. Chambers is Catholic. Shouldn’t she be following her avowed leader, the pope, who condemns abortion in no uncertain terms? How, then, can she agree with you and Ms. Hanrahan in attacking those who are not willing to support public tax dollars spent to honor a prominent abortionist? Let her answer us, if you will. Must she reside in hell with you by your choice and commandment?

Or are you one who favors women’s rights, as long as it is other women and not your wife? That would not surprise us in the least.

Perhaps you are “liberal” Catholics both, in that you may call yourselves Catholic and pledge allegiance to the pope by Catholic baptism, membership and name, yet come against the pope’s authority and doctrine. Either he is the Vicar of Christ or he is not. If he is, then you oppose Jesus Christ Himself. If he is not, then he is a fraud, wittingly or otherwise, and you need to fish or cut bait.

Your game-playing before God is over, associate professor. He has visited you by us and you will know it. Remarkably, it was by the party you hosted and our reference made to it in the letter to Ms. Hanrahan. He has come to you as a thief, as He promised.

“Therefore watch; for you do not know what hour your Lord comes. But know this, that if the steward of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched and would not have allowed his house to be dug through. Therefore you also be ready, for in that hour you think not, the Son of Man comes” (Matthew 24:42-44 MKJV).

Paul Cohen

Ronald’s reply:


Victor’s reply to Ronald and Gail:

No doubt to you we are, and understandably so.

Third String of Correspondence – Mrs. Dean:

We received this reply to our original notice:

Please remove us from your email list.

M. Dean

Paul’s reply to Mrs. Dean:

Mrs. Dean,

We will remove you from our mailing list.

The one thing we would like you to know is that we are very thankful that God has taught us right from wrong, the way of life via the path of truth, and that we can identify with Him in that new life by declaring what is good and right. That is why we are here. It is not to sell food, but to live according to Christ:

“And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word of God” (Luke 4:4 MKJV).

You can exist by eating the food of this world (some of it, some of it will kill you), but you cannot live without God.

Paul Cohen

Fourth String of Correspondence – Richard Chisholm:

Richard replied to our original notice:

And if we approve of someone who heroically provided CARE for Woman who chose it. Where do we call HUH?

Paul’s reply to Richard:

Mr. Chisholm, you seemed to have missed the whole point of our response: The Canadian government, on your behalf, is already approving and honoring the one you wish to, according to your estimation of his work. What we are saying is, “Though our tax dollars are paying for this, you are not speaking for us. We do not agree that helping people kill their unborn children is honorable.”

You don’t need to do anything to show your approval of this award. Your silence says you agree. But if you want to make your own petition to let everyone know you “really” agree, you are free to do so. That is a privilege that was bought for you by the blood of others who spoke out against the evils and tyrannies that some wish to reinstate on us for speaking on behalf of Light and Truth.

Furthermore, you use the word “care” quite recklessly. If someone were to arrange for easy, unnecessary mastectomies or amputations, would you call that “care” with capitals? How much more taking a human life? Besides, we have made it clear that if others wish to kill their unborn, we are not here to stop them, but please do not pay for it out of our pockets or presume to honor murderers on our behalf. The idea is utterly abhorrent and despicable.

Paul Cohen

Richard’s reply:

So we should let women who choose to have abortions die in a back alley with a coat hanger. Nice.

Paul’s reply to Richard:

Mr. Chisholm, you are arguing with a discredited cliché. Coat hanger abortions are an urban legend:

But what about coat hanger abortions?

Your authors have lectured nationwide on abortion on an average of one city a week for almost three decades. We frequently ask the audience to provide documented proof of a self-induced coat hanger abortion. In all this time no one has given us a single case. It may well be — there never were any coat hanger abortions.

Here are more interesting facts that dispute your evil rationale:

I’d still worry that if you forbid abortion, it will just go back to back-alley butchery and lots of mothers dying.

We’ve had an example of an entire nation in recent years. It was Poland. Under Communist rule in the ‘80s, there were consistently over 100,000 abortions registered each year as compared to about 600,000 births. With the establishment of some self-government in 1990, with both the Church and doctors discouraging abortion, the numbers fell to 59,400.

Let’s list the 1990 figures and then look ahead to 1994, the second year after abortion was forbidden except for danger to the life or health of the mother, rape and fetal handicap.

Total Abortions59,417782
Women’s deaths connected with pregnancy9057
Cases of infanticide3117

During this time the number of registered abortions declined to 176th of what it had been, and there was not a single death due to illegal abortion. All of these figures are exactly opposite of what International Planned Parenthood people in Poland predicted when the restrictive law was passed.

From What About Coat Hanger Abortions? (Link now defunct)

According to your perverse reasoning, people that are hungry should be given guns to shoot shopkeepers to steal food. “What, you want them to go back to having only knives? They might be killed by those retaliating shopkeepers!”

Who says the only way out is to murder your child? However, if that is what you want to do, go ahead. The world will be a better place if you were to abort all the children you conceived, should you raise them to have your mindset and morals.

Paul Cohen

Fifth String of Correspondence – Jackie Lanman:

Jackie replied to our original notice:

Please stick to organic foodstuffs in the emails you send and leave me out of your politics/morals.

Paul’s and Victor’s replies:

Mrs. Lammon,

It is by our morals, or more correctly, God’s instructions on what is right and wrong, that we do what we do. Without those, Harvest Haven does not exist. So you will need to take what you consider “the bad” with the good, or else, find other suppliers. You won’t hurt our feelings because we are not interested in doing business with those who sit in judgment of God, disdaining His Laws.

Really, think about this for one moment. Take off your knee-jerk “reject God and the Bible” hat, and put on your common sense one. We, because we do not believe it is right to poison you with chemicals, go out on our hands and knees and pull weeds in our garden. But you don’t want us to live by our morals? Can you begin to fathom how contradictory your stance is to all that is in your best interests?

We will continue to speak on behalf of truth, God, and our readership on any issue of life in our common sphere of activity. You have two choices: You can continue to receive our mailers, reading what you like, and skipping what you don’t like, or we can simply remove you from our mailing list. Let us know what you choose.

Paul Cohen

Mrs. Lammon, Victor Hafichuk here,

Have you ever heard the saying, “No man (woman) is an island unto him (her) self”? If you think about it, we all affect one another in everything we think, say and do. God has made it that way; it is inescapable reality.

Furthermore, do you not consider it a responsibility, no matter who you are, to speak up on matters of life and death when they arise (which is what this is)? Who will speak for the defenseless, like the unborn, if not those who grow food for their safety as well as that of their mothers? Who will speak for you when your time of injustice comes? And who is it that doesn’t need to hear what we have to say? You? Obviously not.

Is this not an astounding and horrific time in which we live that we should be censored for speaking up against murder of the defenseless? Where are you that you should defend so heinous a crime, sanctioned by the law of the land or not? Man’s law is one thing, but God’s is with a capital “L,” and unalterable.

Harvest Haven Health
Providing the Essentials of Life

Jackie’s reply:

I am not interested in doing business with people who jump to conclusions (“Take off your knee-jerk ‘reject God and the Bible’ hat”) without knowing anything about me or my religious beliefs and yet presume to know what is in my best interests.

Jesus said, ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged.’

Please remove me from your email list.

Jackie Lanman

Paul’s reply to Jackie:

Pardon us, Mrs. Lanman, for the wrong spelling of your name on our first email (now corrected).

As for jumping to conclusions, who are you to talk? We have no “politics,” and what precisely is the problem with sharing what our morals compel us to do in the matter at hand?

You quote Jesus. Do you not recognize that He taught and addressed others according to the morals of God? You hereby condemn Him for doing so, yet you use His words to condemn us. You obviously do not know Him or understand His words. He certainly was not saying never to judge, or He would have been condemning Himself. He was saying not to judge by appearance, or by your own standards, as you do. He commanded, “Judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24).

How is our judgment not righteous, accuser? You condemn us without proof. You speak as those who crucified the Christ, the One by Whom we speak. A murderer of unborn babies will readily kill the Son of God.

So now we find out you are a religious phony on top of being an amoral butcheress. It is no surprise. Religious hypocrites are legion.

You are removed, and with joy instead of the shame that those who abort their young experience.

Paul Cohen
Harvest Haven Health
Providing the Essentials of Life

Sixth String of Correspondence – Patricia Chuchryk:

Patricia replied to our original notice:

please remove me from your mailing list, as well as all other lists of yours I might be on.

when religion moves into politics, I lose all respect and I simply cannot patronize your business any longer.

Patricia Chuchryk

Victor’s reply to Patricia:

Hi Patricia,

We will remove you from our mailing list, as you request. This is despite the fact that there has been no politics or religion involved whatsoever from our perspective, as you suggest. If you differ on that point then you would, of necessity, in all consistency, condemn us for taking a stand against conventional agriculture, factory farms and for organics.

We are not into politics or religion. We have our life, our convictions and beliefs, and by our Creator’s grace, we desire to live according to His will and wisdom. We would not have been here as organic suppliers otherwise. We have found this path to be extremely rewarding for all those who have taken it, and quite tragic for those who ignore it. You are among the many who have ignored it, and the consequences for you have been tragic, have they not?

I find it ironic and perhaps revealing that your reaction to our old dog Cosmo’s demise was far more shocking to you than that of Ingrid’s miscarriage. It seems that an old dog’s life is worth far more to you than that of a human being. We are not saying that the miscarriage warranted any more of a reaction than yours but we merely remark on the disproportionality of your response.

Another irony is that you adamantly defend your convictions and right to them while condemning us to death (severing yourself from us altogether) for merely expressing ours without force. We speak for life, you speak for death, and you kill us for speaking up for life!

You, woman, are in all darkness and contradiction. Is it any wonder you suffer as you do, just as God, through the Bible and His ministers (we being among them) teach and prophesy?

Our door is still open to you, should you have a change of mind or heart. We are here at your service.

Victor Hafichuk

Patricia’s reply:

You have just demonstrated what an evil despicable man you are. Hardly Christian, in fact, not at all. And I responded to Ingrid’s miscarriage with many many I’m sorrys, more so than for Cosmo. How dare you? What a small minded despicable person you are. You have confirmed my decision as well as encouraged me to encourage others not to do business with you.

Please, anymore email from you and I will have you for harrassment.

Seventh String of Correspondence – Patricia Barkaskas:

Patricia Barkaskas replied to our original notice:


I have been thrilled to support your business. Harvest Haven’s business practices reflect my views on sustainability and protecting the environment, personal and community health and well-being, and concerns about local business and community partnerships. However, I will not tolerate receiving conservative political emails that, at their heart, strike at my rights as a woman to control my own body and my decisions about my reproductive choices.

Dr. Morgentaler has been of a few Canadians who has risked his person and his professional career to support the freedom of choice of women in this nation. I believe that he deserves the Order of Canada – I am not sending emails to your business asking you to support my personal political choices.

Please consider this my official request to be removed from your email list.


Patricia Miranda Barkaskas

Paul’s reply to Patricia:

Ms. Barkaskas,

You would have been welcome to send us emails asking us to consider what you think are good causes to support. That is how we ended up sharing the phone number for registering disapproval of the government’s award of the Order of Canada; a customer (included on CC line) sent us the number with the enclosed notice. We decided to share it with others, who also could decide whether or not to register disapproval as we did of an award that was made in our name, with our tax dollars.

So you are rejecting us for allowing you to make up your own mind whether you have anything to say about this matter? How peevish and sanctimonious are you in your complaint! What kind of politics do you favor? Those in which no one can speak publicly except that they agree with you? We like the sounds of “conservative politics” better than your brand of fascism.

However, our stance has nothing to do with “conservative politics,” any more than Jesus Christ’s did when He said, “You shall not kill.” Jesus taught the Law for Truth’s sake, because it is the way of life, but you prefer death for your unwanted fetuses and anything else that stands in the way of “your rights.” Primarily that includes the Son of God, because He is not silent on this matter. So you spill His blood rather than hear and believe what He has to say to you. Foolish woman; you tear down your own house!

It is a very wicked day when everyone demands their rights, but no one wants to hear about God’s Law or take on the responsibilities that come with the honor of being made in His image. You want all benefit with no cost. You want to sit as queen on your throne, with no one telling you what to do. We are here to tell you that the King, the Lord Jesus Christ, sits on His throne, and your throne does not count. Your body is His, not yours. He paid for it with His blood that He shed on account of your sins at Calvary.

Yes, He has given you your body for a time, but you will answer to Him for everything you do with it and in it. Better you should realize this sooner than later and repent. Repenting, you will be spared; continuing in your present chosen direction, you will perish, and are perishing even now.

We will remove you from our email list.

Paul Cohen

Patricia’s reply:

Thank you for removing me from your email list.


Patricia Barkaskas

In response to a segment in our farm newsletter about this issue, we received this note from Laury Carter:


There were an awful lot of women in ‘our’ generation who did get abortions when they were young. (Not me, by the grace of God).

I was just wondering how many of those negative reactions you got, were motivated by guilt or association. I was surprised so many objections came from women.

I believe, as always, that education and prevention are the solution, but even that can’t beat learning the right values at home. One of which is speaking up for what you believe in!

I think by now, I know that you will speak your minds in your newsletter. It certainly doesn’t offend me! If it did, I would just opt out of the newsletter. I wouldn’t judge you by it!

I hope those reactions are not disheartening for you. I think you are the best of people. Keep it up.


Victor’s reply to Laury:

Hi Laury,

As you likely know, those who disagree or get upset are most often by far the ones who respond. It seems that encouragement and support are not as important to most people as disagreement. Don’t misunderstand; I am not complaining or singing the blues, and we are anything but disheartened. We understand and accept that is the way it is. Nevertheless, your response is the exception, so I commend and thank you for your letter.

As you declare that you did not have an abortion by God’s grace (thankful to hear you say that), so whatever we have been spared or given has been solely by His grace. We have nothing to boast about at all, being no different in and of ourselves than anyone else, even the worst of them, whoever they may be (God knows the hearts). However, God has been super good to us, and, in return, He gives it to us to be good to Him, by living life as He intended it to be. Thus we speak and can do no other. For this privilege (it is a privilege) I am very thankful.

Thanks again, Laury,


Here is a worthwhile story to demonstrate the issues involved when contemplating an abortion:

A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said:

“Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I’m pregnant again. I don’t want kids so close together.”

So the doctor said: “OK, and what do you want me to do?”

She said: “I want you to end my pregnancy, and I’m counting on your help with this.”

The doctor thought for a little while, and after some silence, he said to the lady: “I think I have a better solution for your problem. It’s less dangerous for you too.”

She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request.

Then he continued: “You see, in order for you not to have to take care of 2 babies at the same time, let’s kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we’re going to kill one of them, it doesn’t matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms.”

The lady was horrified and said: “No doctor! How terrible! It’s a crime to kill a child!”

“I agree,” the doctor replied. “But you seemed to be OK with it, so I thought maybe that was the best solution.”

The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point.

He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a child that’s already been born and one that’s still in the womb. The crime is the same!

Love says, “I sacrifice myself for the good of the other person.” Abortion says, “I sacrifice the other person for the good of myself.” (source)

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