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Objectivity? Part 2

English – Chinese

It is said that one person’s “terrorist” is another’s “freedom fighter”; one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure; and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No two translators will give an identical message, and no two witnesses will report a matter identically. One may try to be objective. “I will see things from his point of view,” says one sincerely in pursuit of objectivity. Unless he is prepared to betray and deny himself, and be another, or be at another’s complete disposal, how can one possibly see anything as does another? Unless they are the same person, with the same input of influence, emotion, knowledge and experience, and, indeed, of the same nature, can anyone be truly objective?

That is why the new birth changes everything, if indeed a true new birth it is. Being born of God, one will begin to see things as God sees them, and to think as God thinks. They are now one in spirit and nature, the fruit more evident as time passes. There is no other way to see as another. Until that new birth, it is impossible for one to be “objective” concerning matters pertaining to God. One will have his perspective and opinions growing out of the varied knowledge and experiences of others, with limited information, misinformation, bias, ignorance, imaginations, and selfish desire. But when the person denies himself and dies to himself, accepting the mind and will of another, then he becomes “objective,” that is, he sees as another sees, not preferring his own way, but that of another.

Objectivity ought never to be adopted by submitting to how another human being perceives things, if contrary to how the one adopting has seen them. To do so sincerely would require nothing less than to put full faith in that other, in short, worship another. No human being on earth deserves that kind of trust or respect, not the best husband, wife, boss, religious leader or any other. Even if that person trusted remains true to his or her position, is there any guarantee he or she is right? If he or she is right, is there any guarantee he or she will continue to be right on that matter, much less be right in all? Only with God is there true guarantee. Only with God is there a sure footing to warrant “objectivity.”

-Victor Hafichuk (October 13, 2007)

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