A New Year’s Message to Our Group

Even though the Gentile calendar is not the one God would ultimately have, certainly not with all its elements like the months and the days named after other gods, still He has demonstrated to us that He observes and honors the dates, whether for Himself, for us, or for both. All things are in His hands, including the Gentiles and all that they do.

For example, the tenth day of the seventh month is recorded in Scripture as one of the most important days, if not the most important day, of the year. This was the Day of Atonement, which occurred during the Feast of Tabernacles in the Fall season of Israel. God has made special use of July 10th, the parallel day on the Gentile calendar for me, for us.

It all began to come to our attention at Lois’ in Stettler on July 10, 1986. I had a vision of a mare giving birth to a colt. Marilyn also received a Word and witness from the Lord about new beginnings that agreed with the vision.

The very day those things were coming to us in Stettler, people were breaking the ground at Moon River for their dream home, a log house that would be ours within two years. Since that time, so many things have happened on July 10th, many of which I am sure we are not aware, but many of which we are.

My physical birth date was April 1st. While this is now April Fool’s Day, I am told this day was once the New Year (a spring day, which makes more sense to me than starting the year on January 1st). Marilyn and I received the Spirit on January 1st, the present New Year. I see significance there, too. Though that may seem to be somewhat self-centered, I do not discount coincidences as purely accidental or without purpose; I have learned better.

I thought it fitting to write you today, on this present Gentile New Year’s Day, to announce, remind, exhort, and encourage you all to look to this year as one in which the Lord does a special work on all our behalves, whatever that may be. We have already entered this year “out of the blocks,” running, with so very much happening. We are busy here at Harvest Haven and in Helena, every one of us, along with those working with us to do what we are given to do.

My prayer has been that God would send many more workers. The tasks are overwhelming, but we are confident that God only requires of us that which we are able to handle. He gives as much grace as is needed.

Now let’s acknowledge that if we were all to take buckets, or large electric sump pumps and hoses, or even giant, super-efficient, Dutch dike drainage pumps, we would still have some difficulty creating a dry swath across the Red Sea or the Jordan River. So with what we have before us now – the work is impossible to perform, much less complete, be it the new building, the duties at the farm, the internet outreach to the world, or the necessary changes within us. So we must trust that God will perform all that He desires and that He will only use each of us as He sees fit.

We are not here to accomplish; we are only here to trust and obey in whatever He brings our way. That is our sole duty, and it is our joy to perform. Having done not our pleasure but His, we have a reward in store for us that is well beyond the present cost or the burden borne.

Let’s enter 2009 with more than willingness; let us proceed with alacrity and joy in the Lord. Has He not done great things for us already? He has indeed done great things – who can argue? We can do nothing, but He can do everything.

Let us then expect more; let us expect the impossible, as He declared and as Sara received. Let us look forward to the Lord destroying men’s works that have destroyed in Heaven and earth; let us look forward to His redeeming mankind, one by one, and Israel, as a nation beloved and no longer forsaken. Let us look forward with great anticipation to the Lord doing away with the enemies that seek to destroy His people and His work.

If God be for us, who can be against us? What can man do to us? What circumstances can possibly stop or prevent the Engineer of all things, Who does as He pleases?

We are in for a ride this year, folks. The noose has now tightened and the scaffold door drops open for the ungodly and the wicked. God have mercy on us. May we walk wisely and be found doing that which is right and just and merciful, as He wills and not as we might think, toward all.

Perhaps most important of all, let’s give thanks to the Lord in and for everything. Let us praise the Lord constantly, for therein is our victory. By faith we overcome; genuine and holy thanksgiving and praise put faith into action, and then we see the impossible we have expected by His command. And God is glorified! Praise the Lord!

Before you walk away from this letter, pray for Israel now to prevail over its enemies. Give thanks for what God is doing by Michael and the angels as they do battle on Israel’s behalf. As it is written, Michael shall stand up. This is that day. Praise the Lord!

– Victor Hafichuk (January 1, 2009)

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