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Message to Israel

I would like to make some simple points on Emuna Braverman’s perspective, which, it seems, is that of many Jews:

God – He it is that gives and takes away. He gave the land to the Jews many times and He took it away. When He takes away, no nation or people, Jew or Gentile, no matter how numerous or militarily powerful or superior in any earthly way, can keep anything or retrieve it once gone, if God determines to take it or keep it away. If they get it back, it will only be because He gave it back, not Herzl, Ben Gurion, Sharon, Meir, Weizmann, Balfour, Allenby, Churchill, Bush, or any other.

On the other hand, when He gives (and He has given the land back to the Jews in our day – and will give yet more) they need not worry or fear, because no nation(s) or people(s) can neutralize His will. The entire Arab/Muslim populace can do nothing; Europe can do nothing; China or Russia can do nothing, nor can any other, even if they were all united together as one against the Jews and Israel to withstand God’s sovereign will.

Israel, Zionists, Jews can be thankful to have America and Bush standing with and for them but it is not necessary. God can very easily do without them. If His choice is to do with them, fine; if without, that should be fine too, if not better. It also seems to me that if He has decided to restore Israel to the Jews after 2000 years (2500 without sovereignty), He is not about to let it go again.

The question is, where is Israel’s or the Jews’ trust placed? Where is the faith in the God of Israel (not that God needs it)? Believe in your God, Israel! “How long will you halt between two opinions?”

– Victor Hafichuk (May 20, 2008)

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