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The Lord Stands Up for Israel

At the end of 2006, we raised the flag of Israel, a representation of the spiritual stance the Lord gave us towards that nation. Now, two years later at the same time of year, when gathered together again at Harvest Haven, we prayed for Israel in its current war in Gaza. Victor, in the Name of the Lord, cursed Hamas and all those who stand with it against Israel.

There is much misinformation and purposeful obfuscation of the reality of the situation in Israel with its hostile neighbors. The world is asleep and blind to its hypocrisy in condemning Israel. Here are two pieces that offer some reality – a writing on the moral clarity of the war in Gaza, and a short visual presentation on the facts of the history of the Middle East surrounding the Israeli-Arab conflict.

The writing: Moral Clarity in Gaza

The presentation: What Really Happened in the Middle East

Paul Cohen (January 5, 2009)

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