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Human Rights?

The Human Rights Commission in Alberta, Canada has had its way and its day. Their apparent goal or at least evident result? Shut down all expression that runs contrary to Acceptable Speech. Even if one speaks honestly and truthfully, yet offends Muslims or homosexuals, intentionally or otherwise, that one will need to watch out lest he (or she – lest we offend feminists) be dragged before the HRC, caused to pay fines to the offended party, and issue a public apology. No trial, no qualified judge, no jury, no justice, no appeal for the defendant, and no cost or risk to the complainant. The commissioner judges the heart and motive, and her judgment is irrevocable. Freedom of speech and religion in Canada are now Passenger Pigeons.

Watch a few of the segments of Ezra Levant’s interrogation, because he ran the Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad in his paper, Western Standard:

This is no different than that which took place in the days of the Inquisition and the Reformation under the dominion of the Catholic Church. I guess there is one difference – that being that, back then, they could burn a person at the stake for their contrary viewpoints. (If given power to do so, do you really think it would be different today? Obviously, you have good cause to think again).

We have recently become aware of one saint who was burned at the stake not under the Catholic Church, but by the “Reformer” John Calvin. We will be writing more of the implications of the death of Michael Servetus in days to come. Keep watch for it under “What’s New?”

– Sara Schmidt and Victor Hafichuk (February 15, 2008)

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