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Genetically-Modified Alfalfa Should Be Condemned

We sent this letter to the Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada, regarding GMO alfalfa:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You have been duped. Chemical agricultural companies such as Monsanto have persuaded you into supporting a monopolistic, tyrannical, pseudo-scientific agenda that punishes Canadian farmers and consumers alike.

Not only are measures such as approving genetically-modified alfalfa inimical to the present health of our environment and society, they are planting the literal seeds of destruction for the future.

There are many reliable and competent scientific sources that denounce genetically modified organisms with a mountain of valid evidence. These sources can provide you with data and arguments that prove the utter folly of your present course.

We urge you to fulfill your duty by fully searching out the matter and becoming responsibly informed, not taking only the fox’s word that he can ably guard the henhouse. As it stands, you are spreading destruction in your ignorance and negligence.

Victor and Marilyn Hafichuk

– March 21, 2011

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