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For Kim

Hi Kim (the Kim that spoke to us of Dena’s testimony),

We have tried to locate you according to your husband’s name and have thus far been unsuccessful. We want to thank you for getting in touch with us and telling us what you did. If we appeared defensive, we apologize. If we are defensive and thinking we are better than anybody else, we are wrong, dead wrong. While the Lord has done things for us, there is nothing to be proud of, as if there is any virtue with us, and if we are defensive, then He hasn’t done as much as we need, or perhaps as much as we think He has.

Please do not be afraid to tell us what you will, and thank you for being honest. We think you are right that Dena came across as the wronged one, without fessing up to all her wrongs, which is what a true and decent testimony is more about, and less of telling the sins of others. Because of your input, we have taken measures to tell “the rest of the story,” and Dena has now revised her testimony.

If you have more to say, please e-mail or press the chat button again. The Lord give you the grace to do what is right. We hope to hear you out in all patience, honesty, and without bias.

It is my desire that Truth be served and nothing else.

In Christ’s Name,


– Victor Hafichuk (March 8, 2008)

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