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Exposed by Self-Righteousness

When certain religious people hear us preaching Jesus Christ will reconcile all people to God, in the fullness of times, they wax indignant in their self-righteousness and often protest like Paul Carrington did in his recent letter: “So, live life as if there’s no God, and in the end I’ll be redeemed because, after all, there’s no eternal punishment.

We asked Paul (and all who leap to such unfounded and reckless conclusions), “Because there is no such thing as punishment that never ends, why do you presume there is no punishment?”

We look forward to the answer, but won’t hold our breath. What answer is there to “checkmate”?

– February 29, 2012

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The Lord shall indeed reconcile all things unto Himself. This writing exposes the foolish and pagan, God-vilifying doctrines of eternal torment and annihilation which breed self-righteousness, fear and despair. It declares instead the love, power, glory and total sovereignty of our Almighty Lord Whose blood is infinitely more efficacious than most are led to believe.
Diabolical Doctrine: Never-ending Torment
According to this atrocious doctrine, a trillion years from now, the damned will continue to scream and writhe in terrible agony with no respite, the torment only beginning. In the meantime, the One Who laid down His life for them, and then put them in those circumstances, is at rest with His beloved, enjoying fellowship with them and they with Him.
The State and Fate of Hell
Some people think we say there is no Hell, because we preach that all men will be saved. But what is salvation, if not deliverance from death and Hell? As the father said of his prodigal son: “It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; and was lost, and is found” (Luke 15:32 MKJV). This letter tells you what you need know about the real Hell, not the fake one, in which men say unrepentant sinners (or all those who disagree with them and their doctrine) will be tormented forever and ever after they die. That’s a most gruesome and blasphemous fable, but the real Hell is something you are already familiar with, as every person born on earth knows it more intimately than his home.
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