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“Everything You Are Against Weakens You”?

Victor responds to this quote by Wayne Dyer – “Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.” – Dr. Mercola’s “Quote of the Day”:

Can one wisely make such an all-encompassing statement as does Dyer? How is it Mercola posts it? Is not Mercola against Big Pharma, vaccinations, Monsanto, conventional farming, high fructose corn syrup, factory farming, the FDA, Obama’s “healthcare” program, GMOs….? He must be awfully weak by now.

Isn’t it a matter of what one is against or for? I think we understand what Dyer might be saying: He may be speaking of attitude. We have met people who are just plain miserable, against anything and everything. If we are negative and faultfinding, we become our own victims. Criticizing kills the critic; as you sow, you reap.

But he may be speaking from New Age philosophy, where apparent principles of virtue are praised and applied without understanding, discretion, or wisdom – “We are all Divine. Aren’t we all nice? Be nice! Love everything! Don’t judge!” Perhaps there is another reasonable interpretation of the quote, but that would depend on one’s reasoning and perspective, and not on the words themselves.

As the quote stands, Paul and I are not just weak, we are dead, dead, dead! So are all the prophets. So is God!

God is against pride (His pet peeve): “Behold, I am against you, O proud ones, says the Lord God of Hosts; for your day has come, the time that I will judge you” (Jeremiah 50:31 MKJV).

God is against political, economic, social, and religious tyranny and those who come against Israel (His people, physical or spiritual): “Behold, I am against you, O destroying mountain, says the LORD, Who destroys all the earth. And I will stretch out My hand on you and roll you down from the rocks, and will make you a burned mountain” (Jeremiah 51:25 MKJV).

God is against His own people when they walk in sin: “Therefore so says the Lord God; Behold, I, even I, am against you, and will carry out judgments in your midst before the nations” (Ezekiel 5:8 MKJV).

God is against vanity and lies (He will not tolerate any deceit or falsehood): “Therefore so says the Lord God: Because you have spoken vanity and seen a lie, therefore, behold, I am against you, says the Lord God” (Ezekiel 13:8 MKJV).

Again, He is against His own nation, people, and community when it sins (we are not exempt): “And say to the land of Israel, So says the LORD: Behold, I am against you, and will draw out My sword out of its sheath and will cut off from you the righteous and the wicked” (Ezekiel 21:3 MKJV). (Everybody suffers, even the righteous!)

He is against all sinners and against the enemies of Israel (God’s people): “And I will pour out My disgust on you; with the fire of My wrath I will blow against you, and give you into the hand of burning men, able to destroy” (Ezekiel 21:31 MKJV).

He is against the works, pomp, and tyranny of the world: “Speak and say, So says the Lord God: Behold, I, even I, am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt, the great dragon who lies in the midst of his rivers, who has said, My river is mine, and I have made it” (Ezekiel 29:3 MKJV).

He is against the things of the flesh (Esau represents the flesh, the unchosen – sow to the flesh and you reap destruction): “And say to it, So says the Lord God: Behold, O Mount Seir, I am against you, and I will stretch out My hand against you, and I will make you a ruin and a waste” (Ezekiel 35:3 MKJV).

He is against enemies far away – present day Russia and Iran and Ethiopia and Libya, all those who will, and already do, come against Israel (His people, physical or spiritual): “And say, So says the Lord God: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, the chief ruler of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal” (Ezekiel 38:3 MKJV).

He was against Israel itself for its sins (because they were His didn’t mean they could do as they pleased): “Hear this Word which I take up against you, a dirge, O house of Israel” (Amos 5:1 MKJV).

He once saved all of Nineveh, but then He turned against it and destroyed it (one cannot say, “I’m saved,” then go and sin, as so many believe and teach today): “Behold, I am against you, says the LORD of Hosts, and I will burn her chariots in the smoke, and the sword shall devour your young lions. I will cut off your prey from the earth, and the voice of your messengers shall be heard no more” (Nahum 2:13 MKJV).

“Behold, I am against you, says the LORD of Hosts; and I will uncover your skirts upon your face. And I will cause the nations to see your nakedness, and the kingdoms your shame” (Nahum 3:5 MKJV).

He is against all our enemies that are close at hand: “Woe to the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! The Word of the LORD is against you: Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will destroy you, so that no inhabitant survives” (Zephaniah 2:5 MKJV).

He is against lukewarmness: “But I have against you that you left your first love” (Revelation 2:4 MKJV).

He is most definitely and vehemently against fornication (physical and spiritual): “But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the teachings of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a stumbling-block before the sons of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit fornication” (Revelation 2:14 MKJV).

He is against all those who tolerate fornication: “But I have a few things against you because you allow that woman Jezebel to teach, she saying herself to be a prophetess, and to cause My servants to go astray, and to commit fornication, and to eat idol-sacrifices” (Revelation 2:20 MKJV).

Victor Hafichuk

– January 7, 2011

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