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A Demonstration of God’s Protection of Israel

Watch: Miracles in Gaza


The LORD honored the curse, and answered our prayers for the Israelis in the Gaza battle.

Only those familiar with warfare can sufficiently appreciate the fact of miraculously low casualties with the Israelis in this particular war. Normally, an operation like that could cost half the men going in. Instead, they likely had about 1% of the expected or the norm of those invading a dense population ready for them with booby traps everywhere, well armed, very hateful, and even using children and women, not only for cover, but also as guerilla combatants.

These tactics might not work so well against an invader without conscience, such as the despotic, atheistic regimes governing Russia and China, or the Muslim tyrannies in Iran, Syria, and several other Muslim nations, for examples, but they worked with those who have a conscience – the Israelis.

Add to this the fact that Israel was not able to use a major tactic of warfare, the element of surprise.

Add to these the fact that the Israelis sent out word to the populace that they were coming in, which is even more dangerous than losing the element of surprise. The Israelis were trying to spare civilians, many of which were dangerous.

The Israelis were on foreign territory, dense with a bitter populace, with very unpleasant surprises planned well ahead of time for them, and yet they walked in and returned, virtually unscathed. Yes, God was with them. Normally, one could expect much worse. I have no doubt many did. I did, and am so pleasantly surprised and elated at how God answered our prayers, cursing the enemies of Israel.

Shall He stop now in His favor for them? Of course not! Now that He has come this far for the Last Day, the Day of Wrap-up, why should He? The deliverance day for Israel is now historically at hand at long last. But it will be so good that the past will seem relatively short for the goodness of which Israel, and indeed all mankind, will be partakers.

– Victor Hafichuk (August 4, 2009)

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