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Correction and Exposure

The Path of Truth is about bringing things into the Light, the only hope for mankind.

This post is about someone who did business with our organic farm and health business, Harvest Haven. Eva Hemingway of Calgary has refused to pay her bill and the bill of another customer, Mario Borowski, who trusted her with his money to pay his share for groceries received.

We teach that nothing happens to us that we don’t deserve or need, and this event came about because those handling the business at the farm were acting in selfishness and disregard for others. God brought that to light through events that led to Eva’s reneging on payment, and thereby came correction. Judgment does indeed begin at the House of God.

Now we’re alerting you to the doings of Eva Hemingway, real estate agent of Maxwell Canyon Creek of Calgary, Alberta. She is not to be trusted in financial dealings. Here you can see why, with some principles of civic responsibility – “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

From: Harvest Haven Health
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 1:42 PM
To: Eva Hemingway
Cc: Mariucz Borowski; Dena Dahl
Subject: Your Outstanding Cheque

Hi Eva,

I am writing to you in hopes of clearing up your outstanding cheque.

Firstly, I want you to know that I greatly appreciated all you did for me during my Calgary trips for divorce court. I was very nervous, not knowing what I would be facing during “Discoveries” or the various court sessions.

However, thanks to the care you gave me, with lunch and a place to relax, my mind was put at ease. I found it very calming and settling to spend the time with you. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until it was provided to me, for which I thank the Lord.

Now, beginning earlier this year, Mark Benson and I have been in contact with you at various times about the cheque you wrote us on Sept 3, 2009, that had not been cashed.

You received goods from us on that date, for both you and Mario, which you said that you enjoyed very much. You wrote the cheque for both orders as you were collecting money from Mario for his bill from Harvest Haven.

I realize that it is my irresponsibility and lack of caring that led to this situation. I understand, too, that I put you in an unintended position, at least at first, of having an unpaid bill with Harvest Haven.

Now that you are well aware that your bill was never paid, as shown by the cheque I mailed back to you upon your request, you are refusing to pay for the goods that you received. In essence, you have stolen from us.

Harvest Haven isn’t some nameless, faceless corporation, Eva, but is a small farm run by people you know. Instead of doing the right thing and paying for goods you already received, you are perpetuating wrongness against your neighbours and friends, not that you would be justified doing this to a corporation, either.

You may think it doesn’t matter and that it doesn’t affect anyone, but it does, starting with you. Besides you and everyone at Harvest Haven, you are also negatively impacting your friend Mario. Perhaps he doesn’t matter to you, either?

Your decision means that Mario also has an outstanding bill with Harvest Haven, even though he already paid you for his produce. Why should he have to pay for the same goods twice simply because you are refusing to make good on your cheque?

We don’t want to take further steps to clear up your bill but are willing to do so if it is necessary. Why not work with us to clear up this situation for the good of all?

Please be in touch with us soon and settle this affair in all goodness, justice and fairness.

Harvest Haven
(403) 329-9157

Eva never replied.

On October 12, 2012, Paul Cohen called Eva to give it one more try to see if the matter could be settled. Eva said she and Mario “figured it out,” and that Harvest Haven must have told her soon after receiving her order that the check was lost, and she then paid for the goods with cash at a subsequent delivery in Calgary.

Besides lacking a receipt or proof that such a transaction ever took place, the main problem with this theory is Harvest Haven didn’t know about the lost check for over a year after Eva’s last order. There was no notification or request for payment till much more recently, when several others whose checks were lost were also notified. Every other person given the same information Eva was given to confirm the facts were readily able to verify with their banks and paid their bills without hesitation or doubts.

Paul told Eva this, but it made no difference to her. She hung up rather than hear any more facts that refuted her made-up story.

– October 13, 2012

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