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Conspiratorialist – n. – one who focuses his energy and attention on conspiracies, whether real or imagined.

The core of the problem with the conspiratorialist is that he refuses to see his own corruption. Instead of seeing the corruption of all men, he chooses to focus on the corruption of certain few. Thus, he presumes to escape the reality of his own.

Ironically, he demonstrates his own corruption by choosing to point the finger at others, while avoiding attention to, or diverting it from, himself.

Curiously, where does the conspiratorialist think to hide, if those of whom he speaks are so powerful? How does he propose to stop them, or does he hope someone else will do the job? And how does he hide from himself – the culprit within, the conspirator of conspirators?

And where is God in the mix of things? He is nowhere to be found, though mentioned never or seldom or often. A typical conspiratorialist seems to present God as running and hiding with him. What hope is there if God cannot find a perfect solution for His creation, or at least for those who might try to avail themselves of Him?

Conspiratorialists do not have their faith in God. They are escapists, rebels, vainly searching for a hiding place from themselves. Why will they not simply believe God and obey Him?

– Victor Hafichuk (March 2, 2009)

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From: Mervyn To: The Path of Truth Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 6:12 AM Subject: to the editor This man Veith that you speak of is the best information i have ever seen on the free masons  and there involvement in the christian churches of today , free masonry runes the world and this man revels that very well the hole religious world is wondering after the beast and they don’t even know it .I believe that God has rased up this man to reveal this to worn the sleeping christian world that they have been sold out.The only people that are offended by this man are people that are  free masons.I have a friend that was a mason and he is now a christian because of this man so just think things through when you say what you are saying about Veith.God has put this man where he is to worn the world of the tide of evil that is going to very soon come upon the world , our leaders are all high free masons,    what are they up to what are they doing why are they all masons .God bless youFrom: Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk To: Mervyn Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2016 7:03 AM Subject: Re: to the editorHi Mervyn, Walter Veith may have some good information (even as did the scribes and Pharisees, and as do many false teachers today), but he certainly doesn’t have the Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. Walter greatly errs in major ways. Read Seventh Day Adventism and The True Marks of a Cult. Also read Conspiracies – Who Cares? We aren’t free masons and we ...
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