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The Issues of Life began, in 2003, with a reader’s response to our third Harvest Haven Herald. Victor, talking about the sad state of affairs in the world and Canada, mentioned the legalization of “gay marriages,” among other things. A complaint soon followed – “How bigoted you are to speak against ‘gay marriage’!” When sending his reply, it struck Victor as a God-given opportunity to share his answer with others, bringing to light the darkness of commonly held convictions and errors before many.

We recently passed along a notice from one of our customers, giving people the opportunity to register their disapproval of the Canadian government’s award of the Order of Canada to a doctor for his work as an abortionist. This time, several complained. Once again, the complaints have served as a backdrop for the wisdom and counsel of God to be heard by many, for which all saints are extremely grateful.

Pro-Choicers Despising Freedom of Choice

Paul Cohen (August 12, 2008)

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